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  1. That was pretty rubbish. Animation is charmless and the actors they brought in from the live action stuff sounded like they did their flattest first take and called it a day.
  2. Luke looks like he should be an MMA guy, but it doesn’t look like he’s got any grapples in his moveset…?
  3. 1) Use the transporter to create a duplicate of Tuvix. 2) Separate duplicate Tuvix into Tuvok and Neelix. 3) Use the transporter to create a duplicate of Neelix. 4) Kill both Neelixes.
  4. I really don't like the art style of this at all. Feels like some kind of weird halfway-house between a Telltale game and one of those disappointing motion comics Netflix always filed under animation.
  5. Why do you bother watching it then?
  6. Lots of fun Easter Eggs this week
  7. Technically this Loki was only in two of those MCU films.
  8. The fuck is wrong with the shoulder pads? He's always had shoulder pads.
  9. Yeah, I’d agree with the some of it landing some of it not view. And as regards set up for future stuff.
  10. Didn’t one series of Netflix’s The Punisher open with an episode featuring nothing but Frank Castle fostering a tender love affair with a milfy barmaid for fifty minutes? I think I’d have to go some to find something more disappointing than that. Personally, I wonder how much impact the pandemic had on the finished product because there are certainly moments where it feels like they have to go with the take they had, rather than redoing it.
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