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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rq-JkNpldQ "YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID, ZACH!" Enjoyed the new episodes but the second was way better than the first, with the Dipper/Wendy stuff and The Thing homages.
  2. Alpha House and Betas. Betas was canned after 11 episodes, but Alpha House is due a second season.
  3. Well, to be honest Molly solved it, I think Gus just realised what it meant in the context of Malvo's relationship with people.
  4. Man, Lester is an evil cunt.
  5. That was a bit like Planes, Trains & Automobiles but with Godzilla as John Candy.
  6. From the AV Club's Review:
  7. Yep. Although the final one is the Bill Finger version. Bob Kane was an asshole.
  8. They've just put the whole season up on Lovefilm/Amazon Prime streaming. I've watched a couple of episodes but I just can't get past the fugly CGI. I get the impression that the character designs would work fine animated traditionally but everything just looks barren, cheap and distorted when CG'd up. I think Cartoon Network pulled it after half a season and the rest of the episodes sneaked out on the blu-ray release. It's no Brave And The Bold, certainly.
  9. On a similar tip, new Batman Beyond by Darwyn Cooke. https://movies.yahoo.com/video/batman-beyond-short-film-192211473.html Can't get it to embed for some reason...
  10. The Following? Renewed for a third season. Bates Motel? Renewed for a third season. Hannibal? Sigh.
  11. Haven't watched Community since somewhere towards the end of season 3 but I had to tune back in when I heard about GI Jeff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Np5YQmK0kiA
  12. "And that's why you always leave a note."
  13. Holy shit, episode 8 is amazing. Rick fixes the cable box to pick up inter dimensional TV and... well...
  14. I like the Sea Cow, but I love Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! It's the old school Lego Space colours that do it...
  15. Yeah. I'm coming round to the fact that this season's the weakest so far. It's not bad, it's just, well, not as good as it should be. There's a sense that the stakes aren't high enough and although the Crowes are kicking around I can't get a handle on who the main antagonist is. We're eight episodes in too; by now we should have some idea of how every thing's going to ramp up for the finale. Contrast that with the first episode of the new season of The Americans: already feels like that show's going to be monopolising Graham Yost's "holy shit" quotient for this year. That said, as a big Elmore Leonard fan, even in his weaker novels (and boy, were there a few: Road Dogs read like Tumblr fan-fiction) there were still individual moments and dialogue that shone. I'm getting a similar vibe Justified at the moment. "OK, new deal. You're both under arrest since you're a fugitive and you're a dick."
  16. Chance The Rapper. His Acid Rap mixtape got great write ups, was on lots of best album lists and sounded like it would be exactly my kind of thing but the problem is his voice is just plain grating to listen to. He's also got this seriously irritating vocal tic which sounds part like a smokers' cough, part throat clearing, part Eddie Murphy laugh that I swear he does constantly on every track. It bugs the shit out of me.
  17. As a counterpoint I'd just like to say that Final Wars is great if you like watching Japanese boy band members in SS uniforms/BMX armour having matrix-esque martial arts fights on sound stages but if you want to see giant monsters wrecking shit you'd be better off watching something else. It's two hours long and the big G's on screen for, like, 10-15 minutes tops. After the opening credits sequence there's literally no sign of him for well over an hour. You'd be better off watching the highlights on youtube and downloading one of the better Showa or Heisei era films instead.
  18. Hold on a minute, atomic testing was the US government trying to kill Godzilla? So the Americans setting off all those nuclear bombs was justified and for the benefit of all mankind? Isn't that almost the exact opposite of the original film's moral? Apart from that, it still looks good...
  19. The first Neversoft Spider-man on PS1/Dreamcast was pretty great.
  20. Are they the original recordings or have they been remastered?
  21. Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock? OK. Now you have my attention...
  22. Doesn't she try bashing him feebly across the chest with a loaded rifle while he's unconscious? Then decide to watch some home movies before being on the receiving end of the spoilered bit mentioned above.
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