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  1. #waffle310 5/5 streak: 20 #waffleelite wafflegame.net
  2. Finally broke the streak of 4s. #waffle309 5/5 streak: 19 #waffleelite wafflegame.net
  3. Happy with this, especially after having nothing in the NW until turn 5. SW was nice - I only had the 1st and 3rd letters, but in just enough wrong places that I was fairly sure where they had to be. Daily Quordle 306 quordle.com
  4. One addition re: vegan mayo. The exception for me for them all being good is any sriracha, spicy or garlic ones I've tried, where the supposed flavour is usually so weak as to be practically homeopathic. I've ended up adding big dollops of chilli sauce or garlic paste to the jar to get some pizzazz into them. YMMV, obvs.
  5. I'm veggie, so the food is generally safer, but I cook big pots of stew or chilli, leave them on the hob to cool overnight, stick them in the fridge in the morning, leave them for a couple of days, and then might decide to freeze some. It's always been fine. If I was using meat I'd get it in the fridge ASAP, but honestly once it's in there it's good for days, and if you freeze it while it's good it basically goes into stasis.
  6. #waffle308 4/5 streak: 18 #waffleelite wafflegame.net
  7. Starter played a blinder, but couldn't make it count. Wordle 524 4/6*
  8. Think I messed up the first move: #waffle307 4/5 streak: 17 #waffleelite wafflegame.net
  9. Had to get the SE from just one letter on the last go, but I'm not sure there was anything else it could given the letters I had left, the two locations I knew it wasn't. Daily Quordle 304 quordle.com
  10. You're doing brilliantly. Currently my meat sub of choice is Linda Mac's frozen Hoisin Shredded duck thing - if you can get it on offer it's a doozy. Mushrooms are basically made of magic - full of lots of good stuff, but fuck all calories. Don't know how they manage it. Absolutely essential. Other staples as a veggie are dried red lentils (they need 20 minutes in boiling water and bulk out everything - if I had to pick one ingredient I use in almost everything it would be this - stews, soups whatever, these will thicken and finish anything you throw them at) The one thing I'm never without. I'm doing a storecupboard challenge elsewhere on this forum. I've got enough red lentils to last me years. They're the best. FWIW most vegan Mayo is fucking nommo - really good. Hellman's Baconnaise is very good, and I'm not the biggest fan of bacon. I know it's expensive, but consider how much you use compared to staples. A jar lasts ages. Well worth a little outlay.
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