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  1. MarkN

    Cricket Thread

    Such a shame the weather played up, but great to have cricket and TMS back - and highlights on the BBC too!. Very strange watching the highlights without the crowd present - whenever a boundary was struck there was just nothing. Was less jarring on the radio, perhaps because you're more focussed on the commentator's voice. The crowd hum definitely worked for me too.
  2. My Picross game (Picrastination) is 95p for the duration of the Steam Summer Sale. That's less than a 3rd of a penny a puzzle. I still haven't ported in to Mac though, I'm afraid, because I'm a shiftless wastrel. But if you've got a PC you'd be mad not to (IMO). https://store.steampowered.com/app/799110/Picrastination/ It contains perhaps the best joke I've ever made (admittedly not the best level ever, but worth it I think for the punchline) Edit - this is from the "A is for Anthrax" extra set of levels, where each letter of the alphabet represents a word that has never been used in a Picross game before - these are some of the very best levels (again, IMO):
  3. A funny one from The Death Of Stalin (said to the orchestra):
  4. I've got a three-quarter-finished Space Invader clone project (it's a project I may yet revisit one day, because it's a little different). It was actually trickier than I first thought. Normally with games you want enemies to take care of themselves - i.e you put a script on them that tells them how to behave, and let them get on with it. With Space Invaders all the enemies act as one, so you want one piece of code somewhere that takes care of all of them. Even realising this I struggled with getting the behaviour right - getting them to speed up nicely as their numbers dwindled. It was only after reading exactly how the original game worked that I managed to get it working correctly. If you want any pointers let me know.
  5. I noticed the Sainsbury's I work in had both the croissants and the pain au chocolat in stock today, so it looks like they're back up and running again. I'll have to get around to giving the croissants a go.
  6. Ooh - ta for that. As a C64 owner as a kid, Cyclone was one of the games I insisted my Speccy-owning mate put on when I went round his house.
  7. Ta for that. Will give some of those a go. I'd definitely echo the recommendation for Nelly Cootalot - Spoonbeaks Ahoy! I haven't played this remake, but the original is an absolutely charming point-and-click adventure, with really nice puzzles. I don't play many point-and-clicks admittedly, but this is one of my very favourites.
  8. Maybe try Dungeons And Lesbians instead? Seriously though, this is fantastic. There are a few games that were on my Steam wishlist, so it's a no-brainer from that point of view. But what a brilliant achievement by all concerned though.
  9. MarkN

    Perfect Albums

    Yeah - I'd agree with that I think. Not my favourite album (like Nick R I've not listened to it in ages - I think I need to be in the right mood for it), but as a whole it is pretty much spot on - and manages it with all sorts of changes of direction and mood. Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but how about?: At-the-Drive-In - Relationship of Command
  10. I think I remember the mission you mean - and I didn't enjoy it at all. It seemed to be that there was a "correct solution" to the level and deviating too far from it would get you killed. I don't recall there being too many other missions like it (hence the reason that one sticks in my mind possibly). The good thing is today you'll almost certainly be able to find a video of someone playing it through to copy, so it shouldn't be a blocker. This does sound tempting. I only ever played the demo of C&C, but loved Red Alert and the sequel. Will have to be added to my wishlist for now though - I simply don't have the time.
  11. MarkN

    Perfect Albums

    Agreed. REM are one of my favourite bands of all time. I'm much more into heavier/weirder stuff these days, but they're still up there. But yes - they've always managed to ruin a potentially perfect album with at least one track I don't get on with. My favourite of theirs, Murmur, is bookended by Radio Free Europe (which I like as a track, but don't think it fits here), and West of The Fields, which I'm just not that keen on. Fables of the Reconstruction starts with Feeling Gravity's Pull, which is a no no. Automatic is almost full of belters, but a couple let it down. (I think their most consistent album might be Reckoning - it's by no means my favourite, but it just works as a whole for me.) My nomination: Catherine Wheel: Adam and Eve Am I allowed to ignore hidden "bonus" tracks? In which case Orange Goblin: Time Travelling Blues (the hidden bonus track is kinda fun once, but the rest is a perfect stoner rock album). I'd actually forgotten the bonus track existed until I just checked - I simply have never let the album play that long in years.
  12. I love the films - the first one especially - it absolutely nailed the look of so many locations that I'd imagined from reading the book countless times as a kid. I remember seeing the trailer for Fellowship and getting goosebumps from the bit where the crew are climbing up the snowy mountain to Caradhras - it was like Jackson had been in my brain. The other two don't do the same for me quite so much, but I love what he did with Rohan in particular, and despite some niggles (Shelob should be a bloated nightmare beast, not just quite a big spider) they're still a cracking watch. I would have liked Tom Bombadil in there though. I think he's an ace character. Not because of when you first meet him, where he's being a daft old hippy. But because at the council of Elrond they say that he's the one creature in the world powerful enough to keep the ring without being corrupted by it. It's just - y'know, he can't be trusted not to lose it whilst skipping through the daffodils or chatting to squirrels. I'm now wondering if he could've punched Sauron's lights out given the chance (maybe if Sauron had trampled some bluebells to get him properly riled).
  13. Have you tried the alternate control system? I'm absolutely fine with the default, but this feels like one of those deep issues that's really hard to deal with if it's not the way you're wired (see me and non-inverse y-axis in FPS games).
  14. Re: Beat Saber (I was going to add this as an edit to my last post, but think it's worth slightly more than that.) What I found when trying to play the campaign was that it drained an awful lot of the enjoyment out of the game. Not just because I was being set these odd goals that required me to stand stock still, or wiggle my wrists like a twat, but because it robbed me of the enjoyment that I'd get from playing the game the way I naturally do - to strike poses, to scrape a saber (or both) off a wall in a quiet moment just for the sake of the sparks and the rumble it elicits - that sort of thing (which never got old). The basic game feels like it wants you to perform and to let rip, but the campaign wants to hobble you. It's piss-poor design, IMO.
  15. This exactly. Stop playing the campaign when you start hating it. I like the occasional quirky optional achievement or two that get you to play differently, but to lock progress down to doing really well using sub-optimal play is just daft. Better off without it, and there's loads of fun to be had just playing the tracks you like hunting down better ranks.
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