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  1. Last week I tried frying sprouts for the first time, and they were the nicest I've ever eaten. I cheated a little too. They were big old buggers, so I trimmed them and quartered them, then microwaved them for a few minutes in a pot with a little water to break their spirit somewhat. Then I chucked them in a frying pan of hot oil, and added salt, pepper, and a little garlic, and fried them until lightly browned on all sides - only took a few minutes because of the pre-cook. They were really very good. I quite liked sprouts before, but these were so much better - they've maybe worked their way u
  2. The only console pad I can remember breaking on me was a PS3 dualshock, which seemed to somehow brick itself. One day it just stopped working, despite looking and feeling fine. The only console pad I've broken was, rather surprisingly, an Xbox Duke which I flung across the room after a string of spectacularly poor shots in Links whilst very drunk. The Duke hit the only thing in the room tougher than it - my dumbbells - and smashed. Thinking back though, I dread to think how many joysticks I got through on my Commodore 64. I had any number of Quickshots, Competition Pros, Konix Spee
  3. I was going to post a more general response about how what you think is "general knowledge" isn't actually that at all. We all have our own interests, and things you think "everybody" should know, almost certainly are things that only some people would know, but sure - there's perhaps a common language and people pick up bits of culture that are outside of their focus of attention through shared media etc. But then I read the bit quoted above. I'll qualify this with a big - "I know I'm fucking strange in that I just do not buy into mainstream popular culture at all, and
  4. This does sound right up my street. I love CK2, but have never actually achieved much in it. The tighter focus here, and Roman era setting makes it very appealing (and the extra info here is all making it sound more like my kind of thing). And it's been on my Steam wishlist for a long while now. The only issue is finding time to play the thing (I've had CK3 on GamePass for months now, and still not got around to firing it up). This thread has definitely piqued my interest though, so thanks for the heads-up. Very tempted to give it a pop.
  5. @K @Rubber_Johnny Both of those tips helped, thanks. Removing the icons above cars is sooo much better. And for now I have the announcer calling me "treacle", but she doesn't say it like Pete Beale so I'll probably try something else when I go back in. I'm really enjoying it in the 20-30 minute spells I get with it, although that means I just tend to bimble around the map doing a couple of races each time in the cars I've been given, ignoring everything else. I need to find a couple of hours to give it a proper play, and tinker with the vast amount of other stuff I've not gone near
  6. These are very good. Really nice corn taste, and highly salted, so they're eminently scoffable on their own, but also great with a bit of mature cheddar. Handily inside the box, the crackers are wrapped in sets of 3, so there's no hurry to eat them all quickly after opening. Found in Sainsbury's, may well be available elsewhere.
  7. I've just started playing this after downloading it a while ago on GamePass. I've been enjoying it for the hour or so I've put into it, but it's weirding me out. My gamertag is Stoatboy - that's how I think of myself when I'm gaming (despite being nearly 50 now). I always choose a female avatar if offered, just because that's what I'd rather look at, so that's at odds with my Gamertag, but whatever. But then this is doing that MS thing of spotting my actual name which is very common, and calling me by it, so the game occasionally refers to me as Mark, and that's just one layer too far. (I used
  8. To get multiple physics platforms to behave better you could probably use collision layers to ensure they don't interact with each other. But, yes, physics is fraught with issues. If you want to have nicely-synchronised platforms it can be a pain, because the ball will slow the platform it is on down a little, just through friction. You'd probably want to make the platforms enormously heavy, so that the ball can't affect them too much for starters. As I said, this is all guesswork. I've tried googling for solutions to this in the past, and there's so much conflicting info it's an a
  9. I'm guessing at what's going on here, because I don't know how you've implemented anything. However, if you attach an object as a child to another then it will inherit its parent's position in the world every update cycle, before you then apply whatever movement you need to based on player input. I'm guessing your ball is using physics, which means that its position is updated purely based on it's velocity, not in offsetting it from a position in the world, so it's constantly being respotted to the platform, and then trying to move away from it by a small amount each update. Not a scooby about
  10. Your best bet is probably to take a step back from doing what you want right now, and get stuck into a tutorial or two. I hate learning new software, so I know how frustrating this can be. The thing with all these packages though is that they are huge and fully-featured, and it looks like there's a mountain to climb if you want to learn how to use them - BUT, you can get decent results with a fraction of the toolset (honestly - I've used 3DS Max for 25 years and I've barely troubled about 90% of it's tools - there's 10% I'm really good with and that gets me by). So, dive into some tutorials to
  11. A complete aside, but - good grief - that run animation on Watch Dogs 2 is painful to watch sometimes. The character is animating running at full tilt, but is moving at a jog speed at best. That would do my nut in.
  12. To continue the Lao Gan Ma love-in, I get jars of their preserved black beans in chilli oil from the world food aisle in Sainsbury's. It's really good. I use it exclusively as the simplest stir-fry flavouring available - a big spoon of this in whatever you're cooking and you're sorted (maybe a dash of soy at the end if it needs a little more). Although I just stumbled across a review that mentioned using the oil to make popcorn, and now I'm intrigued...
  13. Well, that escalated quickly! Good luck with it!
  14. Something I meant to mention when I spotted it during Veganuary - Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles and Jelly Tots are both now Vegan. I don't have a sweet tooth much, but bought a pack of Pastilles on a whim, and because I haven't eaten them in over 30 years. Enjoyed them more than I thought I would, and ended up buying another pack today (they last me ages - I only have 1 or 2 a day).
  15. Always worth quoting the Ninety-ninety rule again: Things like aspect ratio are such a pain to have to consider when you just want to be doing the fun stuff, and often take much longer to get working. When I worked as a game designer I used to use the phrase "good enough isn't good enough" as a design principle. That's when I didn't have to deal with shit like implementing aspect ratios. Now (occasionally, at least) it seems good enough actually is good enough.
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