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  1. As a big fan of REM I find most of their singles to be amongst their weaker work. I've always loved Shiny Happy People though. Absolute pop, but very well done.
  2. REM were also on my mind when I started this topic. I don't think any of their tracks quite ruin albums for me, but there often seems to be at least one that really doesn't fit - and it is quite often the first track. I was thinking more of their early stuff personally. So Feeling Gravity's Pull from Fables Of The Reconstruction, which is kind of harsh and discordant, compared to the rest of it, and even Radio Free Europe from my favourite album of theirs - Murmur (I like the track, just not on that album). But yes, the others mentioned fit the bill too. Edit: As anothe
  3. I enjoyed it too. Feels like I missed a lot, though. The breaking of the fourth wall allowed them to suggest that maybe they were getting lazy/short of ideas. Everyone's expecting a twist. Then a main character says "Are you ready for the twist? It's a good one." Then right at the end you have a character who is shown to have had a double throughout. Needs a re-watch...
  4. Hopefully this hasn't been done before. I'm after the one song that ruins an otherwise great album for you. I'm pretty sure I can dig out plenty of these (often bonus tracks, especially remixes of an actual album track), but the example I'll give here, because I'm currently in a grunge rock kinda mode is "Wet My Bed" from Stone Temple Pilot's "Core" album. It just fucks the entire thing for me. You go from stuff like this, which is ace: To this, which I just find dreadful: I often play this album at the start of my shif
  5. The Radio Times overview makes it sound like it could be a belter. I'll spoiler it just in case folk want to go in with nothing...
  6. It's the free web-based game that predates West Of Loathing by many years. You basically create a character and run through a story full of daft adventures full of puns and jokes and other silliness. There's tons of great stuff in there - things I still quote from time to time. When you finish the whole quest you can ascend, pick a skill to make permanent, and then do it all again. Or you can hang around and do all sorts of other things instead. I think I must have had an account for close to 10 years now, so it's been around a while. It's much quieter in there now, but there's usually 2 or 30
  7. For traditional games the largest figure by far for me is Spelunky. On Steam alone I've got 1276 hours, but I played it a fair whack on 360 and Vita as well (maybe another 300 or 400 hours). After that I've got 683 hours on Stardew Valley. I've no idea how much time I've spent in Minecraft - I'm guessing that would have to be over 1000 hours. Civ 2 would be a monster too. One game that would beat those though is the web-based Kingdom Of Loathing. I put a daft amount of time into that back when I first found it, and for years afterwards. I completed 90-odd hardcore ascensions, spent
  8. I'm exactly the same. Played most of them back in the day, but have barely touched them in recent years. I did recently play through Titanfall 2 though, which was a belter, and made me think about maybe trying a couple more. Thinking about it - I've probably got some available on Game Pass - will take a shufty...
  9. Really nice video - superbly well made. Was expecting to see No One Lives Forever come up after Medal Of Honor - there's a very similar sniper section in that IIRC. I think I got all but the very last one, which was a bit of a pisser. I'm guessing a late COD, perhaps...
  10. MarkN


    I haven't watched snooker much for a few years, but I've tuned in for the final and am enjoying it a lot. But then I do like Selby. Heck, I started watching in the 80s so I'm used to slow play. I'll take a long tortuous exchange of snookers over frame after frame being settled in one visit every day. Murphy's playing some amazing shots here, but I think Selby is in his head. If Murphy can win this he'll have had to earn it.
  11. This whole post is a spoiler for the 4th and final expedition, so just don't read it if that will upset you. Anyhow - to get back to the randomness of this game (and I know I'm grinding the same axe). In my last 3 games I beat the final boss of the game, and did it easily. I think I'm quite good at this now. Apart from the third run, none of them were particularly lucky runs. I felt I managed to adapt and adjust to the cards I was given. Each time I managed to tackle the first boss at the end of loop 5. Look at the state of my last game at the start of loop 5. I've plac
  12. It was the title of the episode. A strange phrase, I thought at the time, but by the time it was put into context I'd forgotten all about that. It's honestly going to take something special to top that. It's the way his delivery was so subdued - so matter-of-fact - it just made it. The fact that it broke everyone in the studio probably helped break everyone at home too. One of those clips I'm just going to revisit again and again, I think.
  13. I've mentioned this before, but if I had access to Star Trek's holodeck I'd get it to replicate the arcade I used to love as a kid (Leisure 2000 in Paignton), from about the year 1985. It was amazing. Dark, and full of all the best machines of the time - both videogames and pinball tables - even rarities like I, Robot. The noise was incredible. I'd probably sneak a few machines from later years in there (I wouldn't need quite as many Defender and Pacland machines as it had, so there would be plenty of room). I don't even play these games that often now, but having that as a place I could visi
  14. MarkN


    As a follow up - the banana is surprisingly good. I was stupidly thinking I'd get the bland crispy banana chips you get in trail mix, but it's so much nicer than that - chewy, super-banana-y but very sweet. I don't even like bananas that much, and don't have a sweet tooth, but I'm going to do them again all the time. They're really good. The red pepper is surprisingly good too. One of the things I'm trying to do is create a range of savoury plant-based snacks for myself that are both long-life, and far more healthy than crisps and the like. I would happily scoff dehydrated red pepp
  15. MarkN


    Bit of a bump. Good grief my flat smells weird. I've just put in a mango (the first one I tried worked really well), a banana (a new one for me), some baby plum tomatoes, and as an experiment some slices of red pepper (this one's a little on the bland side raw, so I've not got high hopes for it, but I'll be interested to see what the texture is like). But yeah - the aroma from that lot is very strange indeed. I've got a pineapple to go in in the next few days. I might try popping a lemon and a lime alongside it. Thanks for the idea.
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