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  1. I'm surprised they haven't addressed the pickup priority thing. It would be a simple matter to give each item a value, and go for the good stuff first. Or at least designate some items special and the rest not. In the first game I'll often find myself at the bottom of a snake pit having to shuttle a number of broken arrows, a rock, and the damsel out of the hole where the mattock is before I can get it (and if the damsel does its occasional quick get up I might need to do it twice). I wonder if it's been left in intentionally though, because whilst it is a mild annoyance occasional
  2. I agree about the decision to not have the goals reset being a rare wrong move here. In the originals, once you'd learnt where everything was, picking a new skater, and then trying to rip through the goals as quickly as possible was great fun. Whereas last night I completed a couple of the goals on Downtown. I spent a fair while trying to find the last skate sign, and finding the rooftop gaps, and then realised that I'd never need that knowledge again. It seems like such a daft move.
  3. Good if you have the Kapala (in the 1st game at least). 3 hits equals 3 chances to collect blood for extra health. Also good for getting the Kapala in the first place. Two chances to get them to a Kali altar alive and therefore worth more as a sacrifice.
  4. Does the ghost still turn loose gems into diamonds when it passes over them? If so it would be a way to summon it (something that I would have liked in the first game once I'd got good at it).
  5. MarkN

    Cricket Thread

    Was just about to say pretty much the same. Almost stopped listening earlier. But suddenly it's right back on. Great stuff. Edit: And then it gets better! Sam Curran on a hat-trick.
  6. It took me so many attempts to get through the doorway to hell. Even when I'd do everything right I'd get to the door slightly too late, or get hit by a magma man coming up out of the lava, or end up underneath Olmec as he fell etc. And then when I finally got there it generated the worst level I think I've still ever seen - I started surrounded by loads of spinning balls on chains - I think I lasted less than 20 seconds. I got through it all in the end though... By the way - the scepter can survive being dropped in lava, so if you know where it went you can always use a bomb to ge
  7. You can do Flamelurker really cheaply, if you're that way inclined (I was, after several epic failed attempts):
  8. If you're looking for in-game goals to go after you could try to do what this guy did, and eat the Pope:
  9. I really didn't get on with Celeste at all. I just didn't find it anywhere near as much fun as Spelunky. Celeste is a tightly designed set of levels that always play exactly the same, so if you fail you have to keep trying the same thing over and over until you get it right. Spelunky is different each time you play it, and it's more about learning how everything works and using that to your advantage. (Also if there's a particularly tricky bit you can just throw bombs at it until it goes away.) Celeste requires you to make perfect sequences of moves. Spelunky is more about making things up as
  10. Blaming powerful consoles for poor performance on less-powerful consoles seems to be putting the blame in the wrong place. Blaming the console with the poor performance for not being able to run the high-end application would seem to be the way to go here. You wouldn't expect a PS1 to run No Man's Sky, and no amount of arguing about lazy developers will cut any ice here. As someone who worked in the games industry for 20 odd years I can say we did our best with under-powered hardware, but it's an absolute pain in the arse supporting something that is significantly behind the curren
  11. MarkN

    Cricket Thread

    That deserved a crowd roar - a great way to seal a victory.
  12. MarkN

    Cricket Thread

    Should chase this down. Unless we do an "Australia" of course.
  13. Nice work! One thing to remember is that you don't have to kill the shopkeepers guarding the exits. It's often safer to just nip past them. Once riled, you can often hang on a ledge above, watch how they move to find a pattern, then drop down and nip in when there's a gap. The moment you hit the button to enter you're safe, so you only need half a second to squeak past them. In the first level the ones in narrow channels can be by-passed by stomping them on the head by dropping down the centre of the channel, then nipping through while they're briefly stunned (there is a chance you
  14. MarkN

    Cricket Thread

    Yeah - that's a belting start from Archer and Woods. Great stuff!
  15. Out of interest, is Skate Heaven included? I remember that being such a great unlockable in THPS2. Actually - there was the unlockable one on a boat too wasn't there? *Nips off* Google tells me it's Chopper Drop. Is that here too?
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