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  1. I almost like the actual design elements (for the most part), and I almost like the colour scheme for much of it (I love garish), but it's that last 10% each time that's killing it. It's easily fixable, and they'll be getting a lot of feedback right now on this, judging from comments I've read (how much of it as actually constructively useful I'd hate to guess, but I think they probably know it needs a tweak or two). But yeah - it's a new format, and it's trying to break barriers, so if it's working there that's all good, IMO.
  2. It's the splash for the 4s and the 6s. I guess it bookends the highlights shown, but with naff graphics, showing them twice makes it worse.
  3. Yeah - they're pretty nasty, and the repetition is really odd. Trent Rockets playing a blinder here. Someone's going to have to start firing to post anything even remotely competitive.
  4. Whilst crisp sponsorship isn't ideal, I do like the fact that it gives me two teams to follow. Birmingham, because it's local, and Hula Hoops (Wales) because they're my favourite of the snack options.
  5. This really is very good indeed. I'm hoping it sticks around for the duration, because I haven't got time to do it justice right now. Did the skateboarding though, which was the main thing.
  6. Genuinely laughed out loud at this a few times. "It's not because I'm a cunt."
  7. Some of these sound great. Will chase them up, thanks. I wondered if me saying I wanted a Bingo plushy (rather than a Bluey one) in the OP was odd, but no - it seems I'm not alone. We are clean out of Bingos at work:
  8. In this first men's match Hartley continued from the very first over cause he got Sam Curran out. 10 balls for 10 runs and 1 wicket - not too shabby a start.
  9. No the decision is taken after 5 balls. The umpire raises a card to signal that, and they can decide there and then to continue or not. So if a bowler is all over someone, or just in good form and fancies it, they can crack on. As I said - I think it's a nice tweak. It's giving a little back to the bowlers.
  10. I enjoyed it. Despite my initial reaction to the loss of 6-ball overs, I actually like the 5 or 10 ball over thing - it's an interesting tweak. And if nothing else - I'm getting to watch cricket on the TV for a bit. Hopefully this will be good for the game. Having an exciting (if unnecessary) format on the BBC will raise the profile a fair bit.
  11. I beat the boss in Quake without realising how I'd done it. I'd never played a game where tele-fragging was a thing before, so it never even occurred to me to do it on purpose - even after I'd worked out where I was teleporting to. Just got lucky on a fairly early go. Awful bit of game design that, I reckon. Although admittedly not the worst boss fight I've had to endure by a country mile...
  12. A thread for kids shows that are actually worth watching even if you don't have kids. Hey Duggee is a given, and probably well known. It's charming and wonderful. I'm nearly 50 - it is still ace, and makes me happier when I watch it. "Bluey" is the latest. Oh by gosh! this is good. I've seen it mentioned elsewhere, but thought it should have a thread. The "Horsey Ride" episode had me creased up. It's so lovely. (I'm *this* close to buying a Bingo plushie). IPlayer link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000vkvb/bluey-series-1-8-horsey-ride Other recommendations appreciated. This is often joyful inclusive stuff and the more of that I can get the better, right now.
  13. I've not got back to it yet, but yes - I sacrificed someone I could have saved. And then felt awful. And then the game let me build a grave for them, so obviously that's a no-brainer, but as the time spent building it passes more calamities kick in, and make my life harder. It's really very good. Will take a long time to learn, but I'm happy to be in for the long haul.
  14. I'm one and a half hours in, and whilst I've enjoyed what I've played there's been a lot of text, and a lot of stuff to digest. The text has actually been pretty good (for videogame standards, at least) so I'm not begrudging it that, and clearly I've not got at all the mechanics yet. And I very nearly really like the art style of the comic book scenes (it's good, it just could be slightly better here and there). I think once I'm up to speed I'll love it, but I hate having to learn stuff (I'd rather there was a short tutorial that got it all out of the way, and then let me play the game with all the info, rather than drip-feeding it to me). There's clearly loads you have to learn as you go anyway - what's a good use of your time, what are your priorities, what are resources for, what effect are all my character choices having etc. So for this first game I'm resigned to screwing a lot up (even though I already feel quite attached to my little characters (I've named them The Band Of Muthas)). I'm not one for stories in games generally, but this definitely feels different, and I'm really intrigued to see how it varies from game to game. I've already made one decision I wasn't comfortable with, and suspect it won't be my last. I'm starting to get to grips with the core combat, and I really like it. It's a genre I like anyway, but there's some fresh stuff in there. I reckon I'll be playing this for a good long while - tbh. I just hope it hurries up a tad once it's finally taught me everything.
  15. I bought a Limelon, because it was there in my Sainsbury's. Cross between a lime and a melon, obvs. "How the fuck do you do that?" is the first question. "Why the fuck would you do that?" is the second question, after eating it. It's not bad, it's just not that good either. It is like a slightly citrus-y melon, it's just the lime element is giving it sharpness, but not really much in the way of lime flavour. I love lime as a flavour. I love every type of melon I've ever tried (until now). This is - I dunno - the worst of both worlds. Everything I like about melon has been compromised by the introduction of added acidity. I've only had one go at it - maybe I'll think better of it next time, but it does seem to be a bit unnecessary after my first go.
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