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  1. Just a minute ago I finished What Remains Of Edith Finch - it's really very good.
  2. It would be nice if they weren't quite so rubbish a bit more often though, surely? I'd be happy with inoffensively ignorable as opposed to eye-rollingly bad. It's one of the reasons that after 40 years as a gamer I'm still genuinely surprised if I actually think a game story is even half-way decent. Also, a new theory - is a lot of the problem the quality of the story-telling in games, rather than the story? I don't mind the story being bad so much (I watch films with rubbish stories all the time). I think perhaps it's the telling of the story that needs to be good, and that's mayb
  3. I'd be interested to hear what you think. I actually went and read the reviews on the store and they're all over the place. Some complain about the heat, some don't like the spicing, some complain about them being too sweet (I really don't have a sweet tooth, and think they're fine), the rest think they're 5 star-worthy (like me).
  4. Coincidentally I finally started playing Edith Finch yesterday to try to clear some accumulated GamePass games. I didn't think it would be my thing (I like having a lot of play in my games, and normally couldn't care less about story). I've thoroughly enjoyed it. It's short, varied, and the story's actually rather good. Will be finishing it off shortly. It might convince me to finally try The Stanley Parable next...
  5. MarkN

    Xbox Game Pass

    Just for future reference, this is 4 polygons: Superhot uses massively more. I'm not saying it's pushing the envelope, but you know - there's a bit of a difference. EDIT: Just realised this was a response to an old post. Would not have bothered if I'd known.
  6. Bought these on a whim today, after spotting them when someone ordered the product next to them. They're fairly hot, so avoid if that's not your thing. But I'm a big fan of the other spices they've used, and they're not massively over vinegary. Really tasty. I'm, going to go through these at an alarming rate, I think.
  7. My MP3 player will start the next album after finishing the current one - even if it's from a different band. It's a feature I'd rather it didn't have usually, but today I was listening to an album I've not listened to in ages, and then it shifted on to an old 4AD demo compilation that I'd not played for even longer, and then this came on. Gorgeous:
  8. Also Things To Do in Denver When You're Dead, which I have a soft spot for. A great list.
  9. I immediately thought of Denholm Elliot when I read this, and there are a few corkers (Trading Places and Raiders Of The Lost Ark), but not quite as many as I expected. But yes - probably a good plan.
  10. Clint would probably be my choice for male too. So many great films, or just iconic performances. It's not for acting ability, just sheer presence. Otherwise probably Robert Redford. He's in my favourite film ever (The Sting) and also Butch Cassidy, but also in lots of other films that I think punch above their weight (Sneakers, The Hot Rock (an absolute favourite of mine) and many others). Also seems to be a really nice guy. There are definitely better actors, but these guys are just in films I love. Female, Frances Mc Dormand. So very good. Absolutely adore her. Edit
  11. "Did you regret not fortifying all of your loo roll?" This is why, hit or miss, this show still rocks. That and Sarah Kendall's hair, obvs.
  12. You managed to pick one of the few systems I couldn't give the first fuck about. Never owned one. Couldn't care less about Nintendo games, even now. Think NES games look ugly as sin. I've not got a single one. I've got ROMs for almost everything else mind. And yet I think on the whole I am against piracy (I worked in the games industry for 20 something years). It's such a grey question. Most of my pirated stuff is arcade ROMS and Commodore 64 games that I can't easily get in such an accessible format. It's an excuse, I know. There's a difference between that and ripping off somethi
  13. It would also cut down on the number of people asking me where the eggs are. (Or since our store refurb last year, where the cleaning products and bin bags are). Before the refurb I was half-convinced aisle 7 had a cloaking device on it. There are 54 aisles in the store that I have to deal with and well over half the requests I had were in that one aisle - eggs, sugar, tinned fruit, pudding rice, Marmite, peanut butter, those little sponge fingers you put in trifle... I kept on toying with the idea of interrupting someone before they said what they were after, and saying "At a guess aisle 7, n
  14. The system we use at work to pick the shopping is very good on a basic level (also immensely flawed on many smaller levels). However, the gist of it is that we pick up to 8 different orders at a time, and the system keeps us moving forwards through the store, because in theory it knows where everything is. So we snake along the aisles going from the back of the store to the front down aisle 7 picking everything for all the orders, then up aisle 8, back down aisle 9 etc. When it works, it works really well. (My major beef with it is that if an item is in two locations it will often pick from th
  15. Bruce Lee feels like something way before its time. I haven't played it in years, but I recall it basically being like my (much) earlier version of Spelunky. I kept on playing it well after I'd beaten it. It was just fun to play over and over again..
  16. This is one of those things that I think more people are realising. Having perhaps been forced into using online delivery, and maybe resenting the delivery charge at first - that hang about - this is actually pretty good value. Even if you pay 4 or 5 quid for a one-off delivery that's probably saved you a quid or two in petrol and at least half an hour of your time (my time is worth at least what I'm paid an hour, double that for things I don't like). The thing that was noticeable after the first lockdown ended was that there was just no slowdown of orders. People who'd done it out of necessit
  17. This is a fun read: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/apr/05/it-had-to-be-slghtly-weird-how-we-made-gamesmaster
  18. I never got around to playing that. I have friends who tell me it's a blast (if you take your brain off the hook, which I am more than happy to do). Must get around to it some day.
  19. I genuinely want games to be as accessible as possible. But it's hard. It's really hard. I'm a solo game developer. I've been trying to kick a game out of the door for months. A big sticking point is the front end. I want to make the controls as customisable as possible but that's a ball-ache. It's enough of a pain in the arse to implement the controls screen, but then that has to actually filter through the game, so that whatever key a player presses is used instead of the one you wanted at every level. That's easy for gameplay usually, but then you have to update the tutorial and any text th
  20. I don't know what split of personnel they have - there are probably a few HR staff and admin folk to take into account, but, at a guess, you're looking at basic wages of at least a million a year, and then you can pretty much double that when you add benefits, costs of employment etc. (although they weren't always that big, so earlier costs will be much lower). They must still be earning enough from selling it to justify the updates though. Lots of new buyers still. There will be people who now own multiple copies. That will help. I only own the one PS4 copy, but I could grab it n
  21. They're a really small team. Fewer than 30 people the last I heard. Compared to most games of this magnitude that's tiny. It must have raked in a fortune over time (and all power to it - I love it to bits). Edit 1: My guess is it's basically in credit - they've already returned far more on an investment than most games would have I'd imagine. On a cynical level, if this update strategy wasn't making even more cash it wouldn't be being followed. It's that simple. Edit 2: The updates have to be generating more sales, possibly many through good will social networking each time a new u
  22. I've never flown anything like this so bear than in mind with my feedback. I've also not looked into control configurations, so the feedback below is based on the two presets. I'm not sure how much use it is. In Radio control mode I'm largely useless. I can get the craft close to the ball, but by the time I get there I'm rarely in a state to do anything useful with it. I can understand what I want the craft to do, but I've got many years of FPS controls ingrained in my system and so I really struggle to achieve anything. I want all my "look-around" controls on the same stick, basic
  23. Haha. You'll still find some dicks that will make you swear, though. Even with everything tipped in your favour, the real bastards are still proper bastards.
  24. Yep - it's definitely too difficult from the start. From the Wiki it seems you only gain XP when you catch something, but catching rubbish (which is automatic) still counts. Also once you've unlocked crab pots (which happens early) you gain XP from them, so making a load of them helps a lot. (I made a shedload of them, because it basically means just collecting free stuff each day, which I'm all for). Edit: Also chuck at least one of each fish you catch in storage. Fishponds can be very useful for various resources, and can be started with a single fish, so having them all availabl
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