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  1. Wordle 217 5/6 That's a new one for me - 5 guesses no yellows, one letter gained at each step.
  2. On the website when it comes up with the results when you finish, just click the big "Share" button. It doesn't do anything actually social-media-ish - just copies the thing we're all pasting into your clipboard, so you can paste it elsewhere.
  3. BINGO (unless the word is BINGO obvs.) Wordle 212 3/6
  4. The problem I have now is that if I switch from "SAINT" it could be tomorrow's word. How awful would that be?* *It wouldn't be awful at all. It's a silly throwaway game, and there'll be another tomorrow. And at least I'd get bragging rights on some level, however small...
  5. I'm honestly not that good. I've just been learning how the game works, same as with the original. I'm rubbish at most hard games, and before Spelunky and Super Meat Boy came along I almost never played platform games. I did 100% the original, but it took me hundreds of hours of playing. I can't remember if I got the last achievement before I hit 1000 hours or after, but it really was a lot. I honestly felt the same as you about the sequel for a while, but I ended up going back, and now I'm in a much better place with it. I still haven't beaten the Sunken City, and have only ever reached there 3 or 4 times, but I reckon finishing that is manageable, if not all the other stuff beyond.
  6. It seems a bit unnecessary to me, since people are getting the guesses that led the poster to guess the answer next go... Anyhoo: Wordle 210 3/6
  7. I've only just seen this post. I get where you're coming from. I felt like that at one point, but I'm still playing the Daily Challenge, and often more. I agree with some of your points, and I definitely prefer the first game still. And yet... I'm playing this daily now, instead of that. Probably because there's still stuff to do, and I'm still learning, whereas I'd pretty much rinsed the original. To address your points: 1: The timing on the whip thing - I dunno. I can just about see it, but it's minimal to me, but the overall point I do take - there are things that feel slightly off, and I get hit more than I think I should. The throwing stuff over enemies is a pain in the arse, but I've learnt to jump and throw downwards, which seems to work most times with stuff that will bounce at least. 2: Grabbing the wrong dice is again, an arsey thing, but easy to spot once you know it's going to happen. I find I know better which item I will pick up in 2, because they are usually layered better visually. It doesn't mean I'm happy with what I get - it just means I'm expecting to get it, and ready to ditch it elsewhere. It's still not good. And I'd love an option to disable the push-away ledge-jump move because I've never even considered using it on purpose. 3: Disagree. That's what makes the game sing, but only after you think you know most of it. The reason I played the original for over 1000 hours is because it still kept finding ways I'd never seen of fucking me over when I thought I was in control. The problem is when it does that when you've still got loads to learn. Having said that I do stick to going the jungle route, simply because I find the lava stuff really annoying. 4: I agree about the exploding backpacks - that's a terrible change I don't like the cursing and poisoning either. I actually find the shopkeepers much easier to fight though, and there are more fun options to do it - the shield, the bear-traps etc. I'm genuinely disappointed if I don't need to rob the Black Market because I like the added spice of having the angry ones about. (On a non-Daily run I will just pick a fight at that point to spice things up.) To add my own gripes, I just ignore certain levels. I really don't enjoy the volcano levels, or the Egypt ones, and the City Of Gold is awful. The main problem is I really don't enjoy the Neo-Babylon levels either, and I can't dodge them (assuming I get that far). As I said, I definitely prefer the original, and I do have a love/hate relationship with this. But I think if you loved the first, there's enough good stuff here that makes it worth sticking with. I had a moment today on the Daily where I got in a situation where I'd put the cursed pot down on a narrow ledge, but was being attacked by a bat, and had no avenue of escape, and couldn't attack without breaking the pot,when I realised that actually the best course of action was to get hit by the bat, and use the temporary invincibility that gave me to get to safety, and then work out a proper plan. Normally I'd have panicked and smashed the cursed pot, and fucked the entire run, but taking a small hit was a much better move. Always learning - that's why I still play.
  8. I used an analogue joystick in Rumbelow's back in the 80's. It was awful because it didn't self-centre, so it drifted unless you could put it back at zero manually. The tech has been around for ages. It just wasn't very good. Everyone is just evolving what came before.
  9. Robotron did twin sticks on an arcade cab back in 1982, so they have prior claim on that. And analogue sticks have been around since the 70s. Sticking both of these on a gamepad is finessing existing ideas, basically. Which is probably why the best controllers learn from everything that came before, rather than do their own thing.
  10. I hated it. I never owned the console, but borrowed one off a mate for a while. The analogue stick was one of the worst bits about it. Despite the concentric circle pattern on it, my thumb slipped off it so many times when playing. It needed to be concave, or more rubbery, or both. I don't care how accurate it is if my thumb won't stay on it.
  11. I got as much coverage as I could. Just strangely didn't use J, B, H, W or M, before R, S, T, D, P, N, L, C, F etc... Knowing it uses plurals I probably would stop playing hard mode, because there are words where you could get 4 letters in the right place first go and still lose. I guess the same is true of Wordle, but it hasn't happened yet (and I got there so quickly in Word Master). Edit: I'd also start with a word that ends in S, because there must be a huge number - almost every four letter noun must be possible. You'd be mad not to.
  12. Nice find. But it uses plurals. I've not failed on Wordle yet. I failed on this within 5 goes. I got to _AILS in 3 guesses, then it wasn't HAILS, BAILS, or MAILS. I still had JAILS to try, but it was WAILS. (I'd already eliminated SAILS, RAILS, TAILS and PAILS with my early guesses).
  13. I accidentally saw the answer in the Off Topic pictures thread, so didn't bother today.
  14. STERN may be better. Wordle doesn't seem to do plurals so the S at the end isn't too high value. S at the start is great though, and ST there is pretty good, and the E in the middle gets you a green light if it's a double E in either 2 and 3, or 3 and 4. I'm definitely slightly obsessed with this. OK, actually obsessed. It's like catnip to me. Must switch off. I'm out of here now (until tomorrow).
  15. That's my thinking - I'm still going for a 3/2 consonant/vowel split. If you're using the common ones, even if they miss you whittle the options down a lot. With MIAOU as potential second guess I'm thinking about chancing a 4/1 split perhaps as first guess. CERTS, CENTS, DENTS for example. Worth a try, perhaps...
  16. HOURI gets rid of the rest of the vowels if that's your plan, but it's using that R again (useful if the R is present but incorrect). FOLKY would be OK too. If you hadn't got a vowel yet, but the Y hits, then you have options of _U_ _ Y words perhaps, and you'd have already elimated BULLY, DULLY, SULLY, PUFFY, FULLY, LUCKY, MUCKY and loads of others with that guess. FWIW, if getting vowels is your thing, I've just found MIAOU (variant spelling of MEOW) works on Absurdle, so should work on Wordle too (I just remembered it from a recent cryptic crossword).
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