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  1. It was an official trailer, so shouldn't be long before it's posted by Housemarque
  2. Bloody hell this is looking good. Only 2 and a bit weeks now
  3. Not sure about that, but it changed my pro controller from being utterly useless to functioning perfectly. It's a terrible design flaw but easily fixed.
  4. If the problem is sensitivity of the inputs (e.g., pressing left and getting up), it can be fixed pretty easily. I did it a couple of years ago and have had no issues at all: https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/How+to+Fix+D-Pad+Sensitivity/124493
  5. Is this "boss_deals" ebay store any good? Anyone used them before?
  6. When a man is tired of Souls, he is tired of life.
  7. The ones on Facebook Marketplace have been coming down. It's about 550 now for the disc. I suspect this is the final throes of the scalping, although that stuck ship might be a factor!
  8. I'm wondering if the "game" they are "removing for good" here is 3D all stars, and that they'll pop up as single games at some point.
  9. You're pretty close to the end of the level, or at least the end of the difficult bit. When you get to that corridor, wait and kill the first phantom, then lure the other phantom out without startling the reaper. Then nail the reaper (I think running at them and stunlocking works).
  10. OK thanks. Am I about 1/3 through?
  11. I've been playing this and enjoying it somewhat. Particularly the combat. But I'm starting to feel my enthusiasm waning a bit. I've just arrived in Blackrock something, to collect some rocks or something. Did a puzzle with 5 symbols. I guess I must be 4 or 5 hours in. Does it pick up soon? I find I'm now starting to ignore most of the collectibles, given they are so numerous and pretty obscure. I'm playing mainly because the combat is interesting, but even these bits are becoming a little repetitive.
  12. Could you do one where they are spread out a bit and staggered? That would probably solve the issue. I'm thinking something like this: - - - - - - - - - - -
  13. I don't get the comparisons to Netflix subscriptions. So because there is a million hours of (shit) content on Netflix I should think my 50 hour game isn't good value? Why don't I just watch free view TV then, or just stare blankly at the wall? That's pretty good value.
  14. I'm very much in this mindset now. I didn't think twice about spending £50 on TLOU2 knowing I'd sell it for at least 30 a month or so later. I would love to go all digital, but this way of doing things is the only way I can justify spending on any new releases.
  15. Yes, and that's the point I made in the Returnal thread. This isn't the first time we've spent (the equivalent of) £70 on a game.
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