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  1. Cool. I'll work out roughly what it might be worth on ebay, then come up with something sensible.
  2. Sorry wasn't clear. I don't actually want it and was going to flog for spares on ebay. I'd prefer to sell here though. I have a fairly beat up box, carry case, and a few games too. Just wondered if someone was interested.
  3. Would anyone like to have a go at repairing a bust game gear? Discovered it in my parents loft. Turns on but the screen is shot and a new screen fix looks way beyond my skills.
  4. @Vemsie every time I see this bumped by you I get a little bit excited that DLC has been announced
  5. F-Zero 99. Every lap the last 10 cars explode.
  6. Star Fox GP is ready apparently. As is my body.
  7. It's risk / reward. You get an artefact and 5 ether I think. If you can do it well, consistently, then it pays off. But most of the time I rinsed the Biome, plus elite room if its going well, then on to B2.
  8. Nah... Bloodborne 2 Darks Souls remake Astros Playworld GT7 blowout Returnal DLC
  9. Stats are shown on the computer in the ship.
  10. I do think the no save system makes you play longer sessions and that's to your benefit. It's a game where "flow" is quite important and 10 mins here and there isn't going to work. Still, it's pretty mad there's absolutely no save option still (apart from rest mode).
  11. The game can definitely run into issues, particularly in Biome 5 I've found. Framerate can tank and it can be persistent until a restart. I seemed to notice it before when using the electroplyon driver.
  12. See also the climbing. They all were standing around talking to each other about how to approach the wall. Seemed extremely good natured.
  13. If you're going to worry about it, then at least up your chances. Use the twitch stream or the discord server. Otherwise you really are wasting your time.
  14. This was my experience during the PS2 and then Xbox 360 / PS3 era. The game never really got any better, it was just different each year. Every single year they tell you how the players all feel very different and a new physics system means more weight to blah blah blah. I gave up in about 2011 I think. I tried one version on PS4 and it was one of the worst games I'd played in a while. The genre is dead imo, because the masses want "realism" and licenses and player likeness etc. I couldn't care less about that. I think I'd probably be more interested in Mario Soccer or Sensible Soccer at this stage.
  15. I watched a YT video and I'm missing the 4 rare ones and possibly one other. I definitely haven't even been in those rare rooms in Biome 2. I'm collecting missing datacubes at the moment, but I suspect I'll move on and wait for dlc before finishing the glyphs. Looks like an exercise in frustration.
  16. I've got about 5 to go in Biome 2. I must have run that a dozen times at least and explored everywhere. Some of these seem ridiculously rare.
  17. Yes the red door will appear on the map and you can go straight in. Better to level up first though.
  18. I think the auto run gives a simple solution to escaping some of the bullet hell patterns, particularly bosses. It allows you to strafe quickly. Of course the pros just time their dashes through the bullets
  19. Had no idea you could do this (3+ days play time). Good tip! For balance, I've never had "always run" on and completed the game just fine. Lots of people do though.
  20. I finished Act 3 and I'm still playing. I just can't get enough of this game. Going after all data cubes, then will start on a Biome 1-3 challenge of no max integrity upgrade.
  21. I played several hours of Subnautica recently, struggling for food and water, dying several times. Then realised you can catch the fish, which is pretty obvious really.
  22. I believe one always appears in each biome each run. Yes
  23. After finishing the game (Act 2) the final story bit is
  24. Not entirely sure. My guess is the speed the secondary fire effects come out.
  25. The level translates directly to the number of blocks (count them!). So that level 9 does less damage than the level 8, but has far better recoil (stability). Base damage is fixed.
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