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  1. It’s physics. https://fly8ma.com/courses/pplgs/lessons/lesson-2-maneuvers-and-the-traffic-pattern/topic/left-turning-tendencies/
  2. Had the same experience of skill mods being useless before I hit level 30. After 30 and being handed a ton of new equipment in the last stronghold mission I quickly managed to get my Skill level to 1200 and could start equipping most of my mods.
  3. Had a couple of games yesterday with the premade decks. Initially a bit overwhelming with the three lanes, like having three games of Hearthstone going simultaneously. An extra layer of complexity is keeping track of heroes innate charged abilities (both your heroes and your opponents) as they can be quite powerful. Add a few pieces of equipment with activation effects and you suddenly have a huge amount of factors to juggle when it's your turn. Having played a lot of Keyforge recently (new physical card game also designed by Richard Garfield) Artifact certainly seems a lot less elegant designwise. I'll try to put together my own deck this weekend and do some practice games against bots to really get a feel for the game.
  4. If you die or if you loose the pelt you've harvested from a legendary animal it will be magically transported to the trapper so that you are still able to craft the rewards it gives you.
  5. How many Final Fantasy-games is it possible to release in 2019?
  6. Yeah, the Atalanta-D actually made me swap out the regular Origin Story/Nameless Midnight-combo in the Kinetic slot. It just feels so good to blast away with it. Could use a bigger magazine, though.
  7. You don't need Amiibos to unlock the costumes, they will become available as you play. The Amiibos only unlock them faster. Which is much better than actually hiding content behind Amiibos, like Nintendo did with Epona/Wolf Link in Breath of the Wild.
  8. I've played quite a bit of Destiny 2 on the PS4 (reached 300 with my Warlock), still looking forward to starting fresh on PC. Don't really know why. Found the raid a drag and the endgame dull, but it's just something about enhanced graphics, better FOV and running through the campaign again with more precise controls that has me almost as excited as I was a month ago.
  9. Hey guys. I once posted a tear inducing nostalgic essay on the old Edge forum about how the UK was my Japan during my childhood above the arctic circle in the 1980s. I think John Pickford made it a sticky for a few days. Then I went away and was a game critic for 12 years. Now I'm old and tired and just a regular player able to enjoy video games again. Good to be back.
  10. I'm certain that the melody that starts at 0:08 in is from some japanese RPG, but which? It's been bugging me all day, does anyone recognize it?
  11. I noticed this too when playing the full version yesterday. I dont use a plecter, but like to bang out riffs with my thumb, and sometimes streaks were broken for apparently no reason at all. I blamed the new guitar, but now I understand that the software is at fault. Surely this will be fixed with some software update real soon?
  12. It's like Solitaire in Windows with cool animations. After a while, the thrill of watching the onscreen action wears off, and you find you spend more time studying the small print detailing the cards characteristics than the TV-screen. A day later you won't bother to turn on the PS3, and rather work out the damage dealt by the cards in your head when playing a friend at the kitchen table. My impressions after having played it for a month.
  13. It's very confusing, and the tutorial doesn't really help. Minter has written a sort of walkthrough for the demo on his webpage (Linky), that clears up some stuff.
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