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  1. https://airtable.com/shrbKcJs2TV01EQu5/tbloa8L7cJbwxzp2M?blocks=hide there you go.. none .zippy version And here it is grouped by score https://airtable.com/shrbKcJs2TV01EQu5/tbloa8L7cJbwxzp2M?blocks=hide Some interesting stats (cos I'm bored) Total Number of reviews: 3667 Highest review count per issue (Issue 54: 30 reviews) Lowest review count per issue (Issue 14: 3 reviews) Average review score: 6.58 Score distribution:
  2. Also: I think that the film model of "you buy the DVD if you really love it and want to make sure you keep a copy of it no matter what and it'll work universally on your system" definitely will never happen in games. Ever ever ever. So that's always going to mean, "if you want zelda, you buy a nintendo". The platform holders need games to support their platforms, but their key reason for being is to sell their platform, software is secondary, and it'll always be that way. Playstations' motto (whilst I was there anyway) was "THE place to play", which is a good way of thinking about it for the future.
  3. It's basically this. ^^ the reason games is different to TV and movie (well one of the many ways) - is how it's funded. 99.9% of movies / TV are funded by the platform holder, a conglomerate of production companies, angel investors - and random other funds. Games, 99.9% of the time, is funded by revenue from previous games, seed investment, VC's, platform holders occasionally, etc etc. The way projects are funded, have a direct impact on their success criteria, and their sales targets to break even. TV and film is much more perpetual than games, games age badly (albeit, we're hitting an entirely new period in the games industry where backwards compatibility and forwards compatibility are assumed and expected nowadays) - we're hitting "the perpetual state" that TV and Movies hit many many years ago. So the business model will change, the funding methods will change with it (I hope) - the games industry will be absolutely fine, once we stop chasing hit-driven crowd following bollocks and start believing in our art a bit more. Genre's are being ring-fenced by major companies (you'd be a bit mad to release a crime game now = GTA, a bit mad to release a footy game now = FIFA, etc etc) - but once the funding changes and risks and failure don't necessarily mean the end of a company - it'll all be ok. Short term, the game's industry is in for a real polarising period, (big teams will win big, small teams will win small and occasionally win big, and lots and lots of people will go kaput - as it's always been really) - but after that period it'll be more like the book industry, where the actual item itself is worthless, and there's way too much to possibly consume but the "shit we need everyone to consume this!" success criteria will also have faded. I'll be dead/retired by then so I don't really worry about it. Edit: We're definitely in a golden period, I've never seen an industry this busy this close to a new generation. - However, I do also think there's a silver period coming where all the veteran programmers retire and go back to their bedrooms to work on that IP / game they could never convince the business men to back. With super-tools... now that's going to be an interesting phase.
  4. (lots of armchair sales and budgeting speculation flying about here... so lets just throw my opinion in the mix) The Kickstarter money is amortised into the project, *if* it cost 7m to develop (which is a big if) - there are various methods of accruing more money during the development period of the third game. Just having 7m on tap in a bank account opens up quite a lot of other avenues towards funding deals. Not least, Deep Silver / Koch Media who probably / possibly signed a first refusal on any sequel based on the recoupment of their monies down (an additional 5m, which to DS / KM is absolutely nothing) - I wouldn't be surprised if they agreed a sequel deal as part of the initial deal. Given Y.S's stance that he wants to make a series, I doubt he'd have signed away a record breaking kickstarter on a sales-dependent arrangement. He's not that desperate. So - they haven't necessarily even "spent" 12m developing the game, let alone any side hustles they had from Sony during the kickstarter announce, or VC investment shenanigans in the building of the studio. (Remembering YS himself is probably pretty wealthy and well connected himself) - throw in any Epic game exclusivity deal (which will probably go against Koch Media / Deep Silver recoupment amount) means that they've [KS/DS] already made a profit which triggers their "lets talk sequels" clause. Digital sales are a complete black box, but they're around 50% of boxed product (my data is a couple of years old so it's probably more than that by now) - so 30k physical sales isn't even half of what it's performed in a single region. It's very difficult to estimate a break even target sales figure for this game as it's so complexly financed, and without the development agreement, it's all just speculation anyway. My suspicion will be that the recoupment rate on the third game (and the royality he's making) and the future recoupment / royality rate of the sequel will be dependent on metacritic and sales figures in some sort of way. tldr; There's no point saying "the sales of this game equate to the likelihood of the IV getting made" - that's absolutely not how it works and is a really basic way of looking at game financing.
  5. Yeah.... Lan Di is so obviously Ryo's real father...
  6. The more bad reviews I read of this, the more I want to play it. Not because it's "bad", more because I think people are being 'disappointed' because it doesn't somehow meet their expectations, whereas I don't really have any expectations at all and am just a bit curious about it.
  7. Oooh Hylian's avatar reminds me, that bloody secret chamber in the witness was..... hard. very hard... I managed that after figuring out "a cheat"
  8. Half Life 2 Episode 2: Launching the gnome into space - without a doubt the hardest and silliest thing I can remember doing. Other random stuff: I used to be able to sub 40 second Virtua Racing 1st track lap with my toes. (Megadrive) I can beat Streets of Rage 2 on hard with 1 credit (3 lives), and have done several times. uber epic platinum's on The Witcher 3 (All DLC) , Skyrim (All DLC), Oblivion, GTA 5, RDR2, RDR, Fallout 3 (all DLC) and Fallout 4 (all DLC)
  9. Sometimes part of me wonders why Fifa hasn't gone this free to play route... it's absolutely perfect for a GaaS model (and not an evil one) - I can only assume it's making enough cash as it is for EA to be happy with it. They're currently charging for entry AND packets of nothing. Genuinely an impressive bit of business. If it was a service based model, they could realistically only sell one pack of nothing, at the moment it get's wiped "every season" - which is an infinite loop of revenue they're keen to never rock the boat of. Great you unlocked 2012 Messi!, now you need to rebuy a pack for 2013 Messi! literally a bitmap on a bitmap. They have killed the competition (A bit like Man City) by buying the licenses they need to ensure success, and starving PES out of business. No other publisher in their right mind will ever back a new football game, no matter how much better it is. Fifa is the lord of all computer game football forever more, it's completely moated the sport. And EA are attempting that with all the other sports in the world, Genres of the future will all be moated in this way, you want a racing game, you play Forza (or whatever) you want a shooter you play Fortnite, etc etc. There won't be choice any more because publishers won't be able (or willing) to compete. Indie will exist, but they will have to be independently viable to really offer any risky alternatives. And at the moment all I see in the indie space is fragmentation.
  10. Because factors: 1. Digital sales are eating into physical release month on month, It was at about 50% on PSN a few years ago, and it was only projected to go one way. Not including (or being able to include) these sales in a comparison with a game released many years ago is always going to make it look like it's commercially "failing". 2. "Time of the eyeball" - when you release a game now, there's just so much high quality competition vying for your attention. Free to Play zeitgeist Goliaths like Fortnite are basically sucking up every single under 14 year old at the moment, and sure there's a niche of people who want different experiences and away from the 'mainstream games' but that's a real niche... It can be in the millions and still be a niche market compared so some of the bigger franchises... 3. Raising expectations, Publishers are always raising their budgets, their dev and advertising budget, and creating an unrealistic expectation on return. If you're not selling 7m+ copies of BattleDuty XII then it's considered a commercial failure now. Whereas, again, 5 years ago 7m+ copies would have been a gangbuster success. This is down to the word "growth" that all shareholders are absolutely obsessed with, public companies are now absolutely optimised and incentivized by growth, this is the death of AAA originality or risks. 4. Mixed reviews, much less than it used to be because of the proliferation of opinion nowadays, but mixed reviews still don't help, it scores a metacritic of about 70%? it goes straight into the 'i'll rent it, i'll buy it cheap from CEX, I'll wait for it to be discounted massively because this is going to flop' bucket for most people (see point 2) - the industry is also not helping itself by insta-discounting a game that doesn't look like a runaway commercial success. This race to the bottom is murdering games. 5. Every "nearly" miss the industry has, where something doesn't meet expectations becomes a tentpole example for "why not to do that again" in the future. Make a shit Safari game? No Safari game every in the history of the future of the entire planet will ever get backing because someone fucked it up in 1991. there's others, but I've depressed myself too much to continue... tldr; The games industry is absolutely fucked, everyone is doomed.
  11. It's *definitely* over priced, I'd say hold on till it becomes available in PS+, which is a decent bet I suspect. It's just a bit boring.
  12. Oh no, I specifically re-started a play through to box it off on hardcore mode. There's absolutely tonnes of convoluted trophies that were quite difficult, (funnily enough, I'd done the "kill two monsters without using anything" trophy on my first playthrough, probably through not knowing what I was doing!") - the quest ones where you HAD to choose a path or outcome to get what you wanted were the worst ones, but they mostly patched those kinds of missable things out if you take it nice and slowly. The initial game section of death march is very very difficult, but when you min-max the melee skills, it's a breeze. Beyond keeping paper notes of the gwent collection trophy, I don't think any of the others gave me any real issues. I think there's one in the DLC for getting a gwent score +180 in a single round which is going to be.. hard. The platinum pops when you do the main game and not the DLC...
  13. Saturday night.. kids in bed.. sit down to play something, but what, what do i put into my PS4? After a quick look through my (very small) physical disc collection of games, I decide to dust off the Witcher 3 from it's special edition cardboard wrapper... I put the disk in, wait for the familiar loading, and the music, and that company logo.. how many hours have I put into this game? - I boot the game up, and see that my last save is over 16 months ago... I press "continue" and find myself in one of the DLC missions... What an utterly incredible experience this is, you forget when you're away how much this is still ahead of it's peers. Sure some games like Red Dead Redemption 2 have raised the bar in graphical prowess and world building, but the character and the charm, and the performance quality is absolutely ridiculous. I spent a good few hours wandering around a wedding generally causing chaos. Genuinely enjoying my time... and then it happened.... "pop" = a trophy.. but not just any trophy, a platinum trophy. I'd levelled up to level 35 and I've got the Witcher 3's platinum. It felt like a happy puppy trying to contain it's excitement upon my return and completely failing. What a bloody game. I'm so 'back in' and I have two whole DLC's to work through..
  14. Elite I've finally thought of one! - Elite, never been bettered by any of the sequels etc. (and don't be giving me Elite dangerous..)
  15. I use boomerang game rental, they're top tier £15.99 a month one is pretty decent. (two games, unlimited swapping for a month) - they do lots of decent customer support things too, like giving you free game rentals if someone goes wrong etc.. I really recommend them (and I'm not associated with them in any way! Don't want to sound like a walking advert)
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