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  1. All of the above is my guess It'll be some sort of Fallout Anniversary edition: Remaster of Fallout 3 VR Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 Switch port
  2. IIRC "yes" it was limited in some way, (might have been a pre-order bonus or something? or tied to a specific outlet) It was Europe only though, which angered a lot of Americans
  3. Looks a bit like they've taken Mad Max and mixed it with Doom a bit
  4. Polytopia: It's quite like CIV, but it's absolutely brilliant and monetised absolutely perfectly. (You optionally pay more money to unlock new civilisations)
  5. Remedy's project 7 is absolutely not going to be platform exclusive. It's signed with 505 Games who are a multi-platform publisher.
  6. Oh our Unreal Tournament server, we renamed all our bots to be BBC newsreaders. It was extremely powerful from a frustrating point of view, getting your ass handed to you by Andy Peters... Made it a lot more personal.
  7. A mate of mine was "Minging Bint" on Xbox Live. He was actually heralded as an example of "good gamer tags" by Microsoft in a newsletter once... that made us all smile a lot.
  8. Yeah it does, but in a really vague way., "there's 5 cards left to collect in Novigrad" the problem comes that some of the merchants (i found) are time based, so if you're not in a particular village at 4pm, the merchant isn't even there.. I didn't know this, until like, 3 gwent cards from a full deck.. I'm definitely 3 short of full deck myself.
  9. I really like Gwent, (for a barometer of how weird I am, I also loved the card game in Rage years ago) - but the trophy to 'collect em all' can go f**k itself, I've had to mark down every bloody card in the game and tick them off as I find them. I've finished the main game, but my quest to platinum the entire game and DLC is on hold. I need to play some other things before going back to blood and wine etc..
  10. Driveclub is still by far and away my most played game on PS4 (And the best racing game)
  11. *Ahem* That may have been my fault... We played the original vita version of the 2048's with a PlayStation 4 pad and it was super easy.. (Like.... every race we were winning with 30-40 seconds lead) So we enlisted the help of some veteran QA testers to increase the difficulty. There'll be definitely some "spotty" races which are unnaturally hard. My big of advice would be, stick to the Feisar speed for nearly all the races. The game is tuned against that ship primarily, and all races are all "comfortably possible" with that ship.(Elite level maybe not so much) Except the combat races - use the Qirex for those, but they are actually exactly the same as the Vita (which must have been insanely difficult.... Anyway, "soz" and that...
  12. Yeah, I know what you mean sadly, it does seem that "some people" are just massively incompatible with the existing technology. You wouldn't believe the amount of research has gone into it and found no real clue why some people just can't tolerate it and others can. My only advice is Wipeout is definitely not going to be a good VR starting point! - You can build up a tolerance over time, but it takes a lot of acclimatisation The first time I ever played VR, I was like "Oh hey! great! I can do it and don't feel at all sick!" - and then I played RIGS. .....
  13. The only thing I didn't like about the witness was the ending(s) - everything else is a masterpiece.
  14. I've heard there's a bug with this particular combination of hardware set up: VR A PS4 Pro A non-4k Telly PS4 Pro set to "Super Sampling mode" This causes the game not to boot up in VR / Crash. The way to [temporarily] fix this is to turn off super sampling mode (or alternatively, buy a 4k telly - a good excuse for the partner if needed) I think it'll be fixed in another patch soon,
  15. Thanks, but we (Clever Beans) had nothing to do with the VR mode (beyond watch it be developed and a bit of cheering) - the awesome EPOS games studios did the VR version. They've done a smashing job though, as always.
  16. Hands up who's got PSVR and doesn't own Wipeout Please post your PSN tag so I can check you don't own it. (First come first served, etc etc) Edit: Oh you need to be UK based too. (Soz) Edit 2: One down, one to go Edit 3: All gone!
  17. See THAT's the kind of exact post I read and think "god damn it, i have to go back and try it again" - to be fair, I tried a lot more with the souls games... just something about bloodborne i don't particularly like. Maybe it's the setting.
  18. Bloodborne The recent PS+ happened, and I'd bought bloodborne originally (and traded it) because the loading times were shocking. So I downloaded it again recently after feeling like "I must be wrong, everyone says it's amazing!" - well, it's not. Sorry, it's just not. The repetition is just, why would you play it? I don't have the patience, or mindset to bloody-mindedly re-attempt the same thing over and over and over again, its just boring and dull. Yeah I know the problem is with me and my compulsion to see "new things all the time" or whatever, but I just don't know how anyone can get beyond the boring repetitiveness of it all. I always get these feelings with japanese centric games that the story is just random nonsense that is meant to feel "deep" - and the difficulty being set to "downright unfriendly" is a right of passage, I get this. I appreciate these are my flaws as a gamer, but they just aren't for me. I play games for enjoyment, not endurement.
  19. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2018-wipeout-omega-collection-psvr-out-today It's out at 10am UK time today... It's.. intense, don't say I didn't warn you.
  20. I found myself always getting stuck on the last one of the sequence one's because it seems to introduce another totally unrelated "rule" - so you wander off, and all of a sudden you'll see a puzzle you've previously wandered off from that you now understand the rules to... At least that was my experience... it's such a clever game,
  21. that's kind of the point: you're not really meant to know what the "rules are" for any given puzzle... but eventually you'll figure out the language and the puzzles become easier. The one you've spoilered, for example, took me a while to solve myself and i've finished the game a few times, because I'd forgotten what the square boxes mean.. (the second puzzle will teach you the next 'rule' in these boxy puzzles) The witness is a masterpiece.
  22. I guess some people just can't remaster very well...
  23. Just because other platform holders haven't done them as aggressively as Microsoft, does not mean they don't intend to. (Both Nintendo & Sony have done Micro-transactions on plenty of games.) Microsoft are a massive corporation with the infrastructure to "do" MTX on their service, (it's not just plugging in paypal, but legally, there's an unbelievable amount of diligence a corporation needs to carry out) - because of their near unlimited resources they can just get there first, it's not because they are any more evil* than the rest - just more capable. "Evil" in this case meaning "making money" which everyone likes doing, lets face it.
  24. Cinemaware Psygnosis Treasure - (yes i know they aren't technically dead) Ancient Corp. AM2 Bullfrog Bizarre Creations Maxis Valve Looking Glass (but only if we can keep all the awesome teams that team breaking up created) EA (The Road Rash / Desert strike era) Too many others to name.. Edit: Oh and Strangelite obviously... duh.
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