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  1. Was ready to double-dip, but £11.99 is a little bit too much. Will certainly rebuy at the first sub-£10 price. Looking forward to the next announcements though. Psychonauts 2 would be insta-buy!
  2. Well, no takers in my Trading thread for this last week so...who wants my spare Steam copy of Portal 2 for £23.99? [EDIT (04/04/2011) - It's gone!]
  3. Woohoo, full 100%! Now to get that aggregate level time down. Eventually I'll get the PC version and go for those achievements...
  4. Woooooooooooooooooooooo! Okay, I got the Achievement a bit early because of the glitch, but just got six more levels til true 100%. WHICH WILL HAPPEN EVEN IF IT KILLS ME.
  5. The latest meta-challenge I've set myself is perfecting all 10 remixes consecutively. I've come so, so close...
  6. Well I forgot that 360 updates go up before Valve Time kicks in, so I'll probably be on this mid-afternoon ish, after some decorating is done.
  7. Should be on, on Thursday....mostly on PC, but possibly 360 later on.
  8. Might be on, might be out. Dunno! The Passing is out next week, so it would be nice to resume things tonight somewhat. If not, next week! (which I can't make because I'll be in England )
  9. Was in against the Giant Bomb people for a couple of games. Didn't get to do much, which is just as well as I'm rubbish these days, but I was on the winning team each time As of 09:04....still online! [EDIT - Make that three times - got to do in Drew! (although he got me back!)]
  10. Giant Bomb's second, DOUBLED-UP Endurance Run of Deadly Premonition has started! http://www.giantbomb.com/endurance-run-dea...-vj-01/17-2281/ (Vinny and Jeff) http://www.giantbomb.com/endurance-run-dea...-br-01/17-2280/ (Ryan and Brad) Separate playthroughs, same game!
  11. Will put my name down, but might have to pull out as I could be going out to watch the baseball. 1. nathan 2. Michael J Glocks 3. giant_frying_pan 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
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