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  1. giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan (Balrog) 2 - 1 cale - Cales Moog (Dan) cale's got a lot of the Dan tricks under his belt and had me rocking slightly in the first two rounds of the first match, but gradually I used my ranged power and armour breakers to beat his focuses and air kicks. The last match could have gone either way, although I was just happy to take the first two! sithlordx - cosmickillerdyl (Ryu) 3 - 0 giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan (Balrog) Okay I now officially hate Ryu I just didn't have an answer to his very polished cross-up into EX hurricane. Or more accurately, my answers didn't work! Somehow I need to replicate my one winning round in our return leg. And find a cheat code to counter that EX combo [EDIT - I'm remembering this as 3-0 to you, but I've written down the last round as 2-1 to me? Can you remember who took the third round sith?] * * * Dante: I hope to be around tomorrow at a normal time. Wednesday I'll be around, but not until late-ish.
  2. I'm available from now to 00:00-ish if anyone's around between now and then!
  3. Sorry for disappearing on Friday cale. Something came up. Anyway I should be around tonight. I'll confirm for sure when I'm actually in and ready to play!
  4. Giant Bomb are live streaming the final hour (well, final two hours, but the first is done) and if any of you are up at this unGodly hour, you can watch it here: http://www.justin.tv/giantbomb/ People who don't like their podcasts and quick looks probably need not apply. Also: fans of The Matrix Online. They'll likely have it up afterwards via their site. If you're reading this after 08:00 AM UK time, you're too late! The Matrix is dead!
  5. I'll be available Friday and Saturday evening for games. Failing that, Monday evening.
  6. Played the demo and liked the pitching and fielding but not the batting. I'd probably buy it if I could find an HMV that stocked it (I have MILLIONS of credit there.) Also off topic, but I'm probably joining a softball league! I didn't know one existed here! Yes! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpmcHxhv2zg
  7. Don't worry about it! You're doing a bang-up job on the server and it was just a minor thing! The fact that I could initially download maps through the server (the smaller ones) just confused matters.
  8. I'm not on this (although I'm on that TA league thing) but I'd just like to mention/boast that I finally got 1000 on Left 4 Dead (thanks to the prolonged and excellent help of the electricant) and I'm chuffed to bits! Now to do it all again on Steam
  9. Still not downloading for me, this time cp_glacier_b2. I found cp_glacier_rc, but I can't find the former on that site or anywhere else. Could you post direct links to new maps when you add them?
  10. They could help matters by allowing Unlimited customers to book tickets in person in advance again like UGC used to. I don't know why they changed because the majority of people just wait until the day and queue up rather than phoning the booking line (thus inflating their queues and perhaps putting off casual cinemagoers).
  11. Congratulations! Hopefully you didn't already have Puzzle Quest...!
  12. Earlier I was in changing maps to download them and I changed it to Cyberpunk, but a BSP error came up and it kicked me out. I couldn't get back in (or change it to another map). Trying it again now... ...nope, no good. Same error. I'll get it separately (even if it is useless!)
  13. Animated shorts at that. * * * I knew I shouldn't watch the trailer, but then I also know I wouldn't survive two whole months of more waiting, so I got it over and done with and watched it three times. It was inevitable.
  14. Nah, I just lost four games in a row and had to try a drastic change in strategy. I would have stayed for more games afterwards, but my dinner was nearing fire-hazard levels!
  15. I love in table tennis when a rally gets to a certain length and the music and crowd noise fades out and all you hear are echoey sound effects going back and forth. Really adds to the tension!
  16. Result confirmed. I gots pulverised At least I avoided any perfects (although they came later ) Once you got inside of me it was game over, man. No worries about the mic. I was just talking rubbish throughout the friendlies Polmon: if you're on tonight, give me a shout and I'll host our game!
  17. Looking like closer to 20:00 now, although I'll try and get on as early as possible!
  18. Okay, I should be around for my games tonight from around 19:00.
  19. Dam It is pretty good, albeit just one (long) level. Then again, it's the only one I've tried. Once I get 1000/1000 GS on 360, I'll be playing more custom campaigns.
  20. I can lose to you tomorrow before or after the weekly 20:00-22:00-ish Team Fortress 2. Same goes for you, Polmon! Failing that, I should be around on Friday evening as well.
  21. Mud Men sound evil. Day #1 on Xbox for me. Day #whenever the first sale is on Steam as well. And you should have used have instead of of!
  22. I take it Noginthenog isn't from on here? If you're out there though, STOP SPAWN KILLING YOU TWONK! I feel better now.
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