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  1. Are you able to pay the server quarterly? Would work out cheaper that way?
  2. Great games of N+, Chaz and Bill! Some truly epic levels (and epic number of retries :cry: ) but we got there in the end! Congratulations on the 200 points, Chaz! Now all I need are the competitive multiplayer ones...which are always lagfests in my experience
  3. Failed to answer? Pretty sucky way to end things [EDIT - I couldn't hear the host all night, either in the lobby or in the game.]
  4. It's the 'Barry Ferguson was punished for which infraction?' question that I think's a bit dodgy! Choices were singing karaoke, eating scampi or playing for Scotland...with the latter the right answer...?! Unless I read it wrong.
  5. I've always said we need more state funding for bacon cloning. NAAAOOOWWW.
  6. Sports World sell 'em! [EDIT - Or direct. Whatever that budget shop is!]
  7. What the hell at that Barry Ferguson question...?!
  8. Dave White - The Dave White (Ryu) 3 - 0 giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan (Balrog) * * * Never really had a look in here as my counters to the standard Ryu combos weren't working (or weren't coming off). The odd round was close, but the result, never in doubt. I have a lot of ring rust (or er...street rust...) to shake off :S
  9. Should be on this tonight! Sorry for seemingly not accepting that party invite the other day, radlord. I was fixing my mic and by the time I had, I think the party was full as it wouldn't let me in.
  10. giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan (Balrog) 1 - 2 carlito - Dollarez (M. Bison) * * * It was carlito's aerial game that did me in here! I knew I'd have to deal with it and had gotten quite okay at my anti-air with Balrog, but I just didn't produce in practice here. The last moments were pretty tense, but it was a purple fist that just caught me that finished me off. Good games!
  11. Send me a message once you're both done and we can have our match, carlito
  12. Asura - Kutai (Gen) 2 - 1 giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan (Balrog) * * * Verrrrrrrrrry close run match, up until the last round where Asura romped home. He only really gave me one opportunity to get a string of hard-hitting stuff in, the rest was combos and combo defence. The first match ended on a double KO as we traded with half a CM left on our bars. Unfortunately for me, Asura was already a round up, so he took that match with the DKO. Well played!
  13. Not at all, carlito. Probably got some Team Fortress 2 tomorrow so before 19:30 would be best for me...either that or after 22:00. If it's any consolation, I'm way out of practice too!
  14. I'll be around from 18:00 onwards for games. Even if I'm not online on Live, post here and I should see it.
  15. You can do this! It's easy! Play through the game with voices and new music and record it on MP3 somehow. Then, start the game again and play back the MP3 file, ensuring that you make exactly the same movements and dialogue tree choices at the same time to retain synchronisation! Job done! (yeah, they should have put this option in )
  16. I think you need to play for eight hours to get unlimited continues on the XBLA version. Yeah.
  17. I'm up for some co-op N+, sure. Or any multiplayer N+ for that matter. Any time I've tried it it's been prohibitively laggy, which I guess is the transatlantic factor. I don't know if it's poor net code or just a game that is fundamentally flawed when latency is introduced. Won't be around tonight, but can maybe play tomorrow night after my SF 4 games? That or Friday.
  18. I really hope Microsoft's next console has full hardware backwards compatibility because I can't see many 360s surviving long term and I doubt they'll keep their repair service going for very long. That won't happen though, I know
  19. I've got the GCN version already, but I'll probably get this too now. My display rotates into a vertical position, so that should be nice.
  20. Blah, I was having my best run ever during the 20:30 game, but after the Setanta question, live crapped out on me and dumped me to the dashboard. Wasn't a problem with my connection Didn't get any wrong up to that point, although burned through a couple of skips.
  21. Note that I don't know if I'll be able to accept everyone's requests as I'm hovering around 99 friends and I've purged the thing a lot in the past few months. I'm on the RLLMUK tag though and it's almost as easy to invite by entering the tag manually. Asura, carlito and Dave: I'll be around for games on Wednesday evening from around 18:00 onwards.
  22. No. Just try the standalone demo then buy/no buy on Steam.
  23. Episode 4 of the first series is permanently free: http://www.telltalegames.com/store/lincolnmustdie It's also the first where they really started to hit their stride. The season pass thing has always been been the main way and most pushed way to buy the games. Naturally when they started to delay the availability of single-episode purchasing with Wallace and Gromit, the five people who bought them all this way weren't too pleased.
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