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  1. At this point, I was basically shooting anything that moved to kill spies. ... ...well, almost everything
  2. That's right, you can't use the cursor with anything other than the mouse and there's no button or key to cycle through hotspots in the world. Apparently, time was spent developing the click and drag movement system instead of having fully functioning controller support. I don't get on with the arrow controls or the click and drag for movement, so I'm using a program called Xpadder to map the mouse onto the right stick of my 360 pad, and it works well. I suppose if you wanted you could use a 360 pad in your left hand to move and use the mouse to select objects. Hopefully they fix this for the next episode, but point and click to move is not coming back.
  3. giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan - Balrog/Boxer/Punchman
  4. But the ending of Curse won't?
  5. But Thursday is the 9th?! I'm in for tomorrow.
  6. I'd recommend you include it in your pass if it's not too late. DisneyQuest is a great time killer - we spent a lot more time in there than we thought we would. Whether it's a quick half and hour after parks, or waiting for a dinner reservation, or pre-night out or whatever, there's plenty in there to entertain yourselves with. Everything inside is free play and we spent a lot of time on the basketball machines and air hockey. The 8-way Daytona is always great (normally has a little bit of a wait for it too, which says something about how classic Daytona is!). As for the bigger stuff, you might find it hit and miss, but it's mostly interesting. The coaster simulators as mentioned is great fun if you like that kind of thing and out of all the VR stuff I enjoyed the lightsabre deathmatch thing the most. They do character workshop things where you sit on a digital easel thing and you're taken step by step on how to draw various Disney characters. For someone with no artistic skill at all such as myself, I highly appreciated that! They do rotate in some modern arcade stuff, but that's a small proportion of everything else in there. Basically, if you're every stuck for an idea of something to do (difficult in Orlando) or you have a small window of time to kill - disneyQuest is ideal.
  7. An old and a new 'un. I don't think they've been posted in the thread...
  8. Well I can be on from 20:30 onwards. But while the server reads 0 / 22...
  9. He's got a blood disorder.
  10. I'm concentrating on finishing off the last few achievements I need. That means expert runs aplenty and anything else is just delaying this! Once I've got them, I'll play anything, anytime (when I'm available).
  11. That's the place I mentioned earlier that runs Friday Night Magic and such. It's in a little office block on Darnley Street, near Pollokshaws Road (near Tramway Theatre). I've not gone along yet, but it's more of a 'club' than a shop, although he does sell stuff it seems.
  12. The tennis is over, so I'll be on in 10-15 minutes maybe.
  13. I believe it may have been addressed during either the IGN or Gamespot stage demo at E3. Can't really check at the moment, but both videos should be available.
  14. Hawk Eye went Gonk Eye. I actually thought Murray was going to challenge the serve there, rather than the tramline call. I thought the serve looked long.
  15. Henman himself did it on the radio earlier on!
  16. I couldn't make last night unfortunately, but I should be on today, if I don't fall asleep from the heat. I'll keep an eye on the server from 18:00 onwards-ish.
  17. http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/download...category=Gaming (can't link direct because you need to choose OS and stuff)
  18. Yes, the distinction between phases isn't totally clear, so it might not seem obvious that you can still make such decisions. Just pay close attention to the clock resetting during the block phase and there may be another subtle signal (aural or visual, can't remember) that your opponent has chosen not to block anything, at which point you can play any instants without your opponent being able to respond, other than play an instant itself.
  19. Are there any good third party maps I should be stocking up on? I know you can download them from the server, but if it saves a minute or two of waiting it's worthwhile.
  20. Probably not, but me and electricant had a lot of 1v1 arena games after everyone left and it was good stuff.
  21. Well, I played through Dam It last night with AI. It's only one map, but it's quite long and after a samey first couple of minutes, actually gets quite good. It has a full finale at the end with a helicopter. It's got two crescendo events also, the second one being quite interesting. http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=896 I've got some other maps that I'll maybe try out later today.
  22. That was a good while after you got like 5 sniper kills on me in 3 minutes!
  23. Yup, I enjoyed it. Good work on the server. Apologies for my sheer ****ness
  24. Me!!! I'm not expecting any amazing custom levels, but hopefully there will be some interesting ones to mess about in.
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