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  1. I might pop on at 21:30/22:00 (after L4D basically!).
  2. Yup! 20:00's good for me. 1.) evilwallpaper 2.) debsss 3.) giant_frying_pan 4.) VermilionSands 5.) noob 6.) snowbind 7.) Vemsie 8.) toonfool Full roster for one room, but why not put your name down for a second game?
  3. wretcherd, Otta and JPR - I should be around from about 16:00 this afternoon (Sunday). Should be free Monday evening also, after 18:30-19:00.
  4. It definitely is! I'm in. I've done Dead Air a few times and it's really, really good. Not done Death Toll yet though!
  5. giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan (Sagat) 3 - 0 Sabreman - Swabbleflange (Cammy) Sabreman plays a really cagey game like myself, which always has me worried since I'm never sure how to best move the match forward! I played basically to hit and run, which worked well. I thought sabre had the better of the close-up moments, including a really good comeback in the third match where he had no health but took it! I'm pleased with the win though...3/3 for the game week. I doubt that'll happen again! Round scores were: 2-1, 2-0 and 2-1.
  6. I'm on now and will be for the next couple of hours.
  7. Sabreman, I'm back around for games tonight and possibly tomorrow also, if you're free?
  8. Yeah you really need three actual people minimum I'd say. We were going pretty well I thought! Will need to investigate these disconnects. My line's normally rock solid
  9. D.C. - DevonCommando (Fei Long) 1 - 2 giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan (Sagat) I tried to keep my distance for the most part since Fei Long is really good on the inside of you. I took the first round 1-2 but in the next round, D.C. destroyed me in one of the fights by pinning me into the corner and taking the overall round 2-1. It was then trying to avoid that happening again at all costs and I just about managed it, winning the last round 0-2. Thanks for the games afterwards! giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan (Sagat) 2 - 1 Looper - InvaderSpluge (E. Honda) I hate Hondas, especially that bloody butt stomp move! I tried not to jump in too much here as Honda has the good throw move and can punish with the EX Stomp or Headbutt. I won the first two rounds 2-0 and 2-1 respectively, but Pusher pulled one back (hohoho!) at the end, 0-2. I'm glad that round wasn't one of the first two! Again, thanks for the few games afterwards.
  10. Bah, two nights in a row I've been disconnected mid-game! Not good. Did you both quit because I disappeared? ew: no problems! I'll probably be on Versus a lot post-update so a game shouldn't be too hard to find!
  11. Yep that's fine for me. When you see me on (I'm in the RLLMUK tag), send me an invite. Looper, I'll keep an eye out for you. I'll be on after 22:00 as well.
  12. Yep, once I get my SF 4 matches and dinner out of the way. I should be available around 20:00...maybe a bit earlier than that?
  13. It looks like you've got 5-6 swings before the little circle appears during which you need to wait for that to disappear and then you can swing once again. You only get your 5-6 swings back after a few seconds with no swings, otherwise it'll just be one at a time until you do wait. I haven't played the PC version lately, so I don't know for certain, but that's how I've seen it described and in that video.
  14. SDK isn't out tomorrow, but it won't be long after the update. You might be able to see all the environments after 4 or 5 hours of play and all the 'moves' within that, but you definitely don't see all of the game! Left 4 Dead is a refined and yes maybe a bit simplistic toolbox, but a toolbox that creates excellent experiences - in Campaign or Versus. I think Survival's going to add to that I'd love extra maps too, but I'd say it probably takes them six months to make a full campaign, which is how they would need to deliver them and not stage-by-stage. Anyone itching for new levels...get the Steam version when the SDK is released, or long enough afterwards for some good efforts to emerge.
  15. New content out tomorrow! (Or Wednesday...don't know what time exactly it'll be up on 360...possibly Wednesday morning). Videos here of Survival mode on the new map just for that and a video of Versus on Dead Air. http://g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/694858/L...LC-Preview.html Survival mode looks rock hard.
  16. Looper, D.C. and Sabreman - I'll be available Monday and Tuesday all evening, but not Wednesday. Free again on Thursday and Friday evenings.
  17. Ahhhh! I thought you were deliberately parking him on that level to try and draw us out of the elevator area! I was ready with molotov in hand but....no Tank!
  18. Good games chaps, even though it was just three a side. I still don't get how that petrol station could have killed us all indoors, but I'll know that for future reference I suppose! blip and I did some achievement boosting afterwards which was on expert mode and definitely not easy. Chalk up Akimbo Assassin for him! Patch and new mode is out on Tuesday/Wednesday so next week it'll be Death Toll or Dead Air in Versus! Register your interest today!!
  19. gfp evilwallpaper debsss VermilionSands VermilionSands (guest) snowbind blipwoo * * * Oh, so we do have one last spot! Any takers? blip: you can add the RLLMUK tag and still access the friends of friends to join them when the request is still pending (I think). Failing that, I'll add you if necessary
  20. No problem Gus. That makes room for Vermilion's mate in any case. Will you be around next week for the 'new' maps?
  21. I meant purely in terms of how many games of NM there are compared to BH. I love BH just as much!
  22. I'd love some new maps as well but really, the game was in development for well over two years and they launched with 20 maps. It would take an age to develop another batch of five for a full campaign and to balance them so that they aren't rubbish! For those itching for new stuff, the SDK will finally be out soon and you'll be able to play with homemade maps via matchmaking (and I think you download them on the fly, although I'm not sure). We should revive the Sunday Versus night this week ahead of the new content! The thread is here for the 360 version. When Dead Air and Death Toll are Versus-enabled, which one do we think will be the lopsided one, a la No Mercy?
  23. Time to bring this back before the "new" maps are out! (And the new mode!) I'm free all Sunday night so I could even do a back-to-back NM and BH marathon! If there's enough interest, we could fill up spots in two separate games.
  24. "No, half of four hundred and fi-shit." I have never laughed so hard at anything in The Apprentice than that line! I know a few others quoted it before me, but you need to get the nuances of it spot-on! The penny drops before she even says the full number! "Four hundred and fi...SHITTT!" Nick was awesome, as well...as usual. Ben unquestionably should have gone. He immediately and vociferously tried to worm his way out of responsibility for it because he knew he ****ed up and he knew it was one of his jobs to do. Of course his status as grade-A **** and therefore TV gold, means he's in it for the long haul.
  25. Damn, I should have replied to this with... ...like gentleman! * * * Heh, I was just saying the odd thing now and again in the off-chance you had headphones or something. I know it comes out quiet. Stuff along the lines of, "I was lucky to hit my ultra!" and "I was lucky to miss your ultra!".
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