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  1. Note to self: must finish off the commentary for this.
  2. I wonder if they'll have cross-platform play.
  3. People have started to get their 800 points added to their account in the past couple of days (mine included) from that EA DLC offer a while back, so you might want to keep an eye on your points balance, those who believe they are due some.
  4. Hooray for references to the C4 show!
  5. Does anyone want/need a Killing Floor guest pass? I have one left to spare. PM me your e-mail address / Steam ID. First come, first served! [EDIT - Pass is gone!]
  6. Nobody should be buying anything outside of the daily deals until the last day of the main sale, at which point you can make your mass purchase without the fear that it'll be reduced again. For a week or two, at least
  7. DLC packs are still 400 credits if you're quick. Broken Steel raises the cap to 30. Then in order of goodness (according to consensus...not played any yet): Point Lookout, (Broken Steel), The Pitt, Operation Anchorage, Mothership Zeta. [EDIT - Also, there's an EA content deal on now - buy any three pieces of the following content before the 5th of January and get 800 points back: Product Name Points Price Content Type Shooters Battlefield Bad Company £19.99 Games on Demand Army of Two £19.99 Games on Demand Black £19.99 Xbox Classic Dead Space £19.99 Games on Demand Battlefield 1943 1200 Arcade Racing Need for Speed: Most Wanted £19.99 Games on Demand Need for Speed: Carbon £19.99 Games on Demand Need for Speed: Pro Street £19.99 Games on Demand Burnout Paradise £19.99 Games on Demand Burnout Paradise - Big Surf Island 1000 Game add-on Burnout Revenge £19.99 Games on Demand Sports Madden NFL Arcade 1200 Arcade NHL 3 on 3 Arcade 800 Arcade Fight Night Round 3 £19.99 Games on Demand Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 - Predator Golf Course 600 Game add-on FIFA 10 - Live Season 2 All Leagues* 800 Game add-on Madden NFL 10 - AFL Legacy Pack 560 Game add-on Family Friendly Sorry! Sliders 800 Arcade Sorry! 800 Arcade Yahtzee 800 Arcade Battleship 800 Arcade Monopoly £19.99 Games on Demand Connect 4 800 Arcade Action, RPG & Strategy Mass Effect £19.99 Games on Demand Mass Effect - Bring Down the Sky 400 Game add-on Command & Conquer Commander’s Challenge 800 Arcade Boom Boom Rocket 800 Arcade Dragon Age: Origins - Warden’s Keep 560 Game add-on Mass Effect - Pinnacle Station 400 Game add-on http://www.eagames.co.uk/news/xbox-live-offer ]
  8. The Fallout DLC is available for 400 points each now via the Marketplace web site and through the Game Add-Ons section in the dashboard. The calendar entry is still on the previous deal though.
  9. Don't be! Good games + good bargains = no shame in buying! Now the time to actually be disgusted with yourself is in three months time when you realise you've bought all these lovely cheap games and yet you've not even touched a good deal of them...
  10. I love how Steam's sales have set the precedent whereby those four games for £1.74 constitutes 'not that much'
  11. After stopping this early in the year due to a game breaking bug that affected all of my save files, 55 hours in, I've partially forgiven Bethesda and have started a new game. Despite that, I'm finding it very difficult to play it at all differently than the way I did before...forever always a goody-goddy, is me I'm looking forward to it though, there were a lot of quests I never did, although I got pretty far in the main story. This was my Christmas game last year....why shouldn't it be my Christmas game this year too?
  12. One of many in that particular game!
  13. H.264. Normally I'd use XviD, but Youtube wasn't having it for some reason and it wouldn't take any number of various compression attempts I was throwing at it. And still didn't take H.264, even though it wasn't a problem with any other video. It must be because of how overly boring the video is. Yes, that's it. VideoLAN will play it. It's the only version of it I had hosted at the time. [EDIT - And also, you're hearing grunts and not voice because I think we were all on Vent and I forgot to record the audio. Rest assured, it was hilarious. Imagine something hilarious and play it back in between grunts!]
  14. This is how I tend to attempt to play tanks: http://www.giantfryingpan.com/tankplayfinal3.avi (Yes, boringly) [EDIT - PC retail version is currently available from HMV online for £14.99 http://rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=218619]
  15. Pfff, we hang with the heavy metal hordes in the audience, not with the spoiled, roadie-worshiped heathens that are the stage dwellers with your fireworks and your PA's and whatnot!
  16. Reminding a little earlier this week: versus tonight to those interested! Get thee in the RLLMUK Steam Group chat room between 19:45 and 20:00 so I can easily invite you to a game! I realise the TF 2 update is in full swing, so if some people want to play that, we can do a campaign or a pub. versus game instead.
  17. Watching the episode again, those closing minutes really were truly outstanding. Two things in particular stand out. From when Trinity enters the building, I think this is the first time in the whole series that we're seeing the 'real' him. He had many different sides and disguises to him, even more than Dexter has, but the true, twisted essence of the character came forth as he walked the halls of homicide. The ease at which he slips in past security and looks so proud doing so. He had never really taken much pleasure in his work until this point, or at least shown any, but when he looked over his own incident room, we could see him for who he *really* was for the first time, much like Dexter in the moments before he kills. Secondly, and this was so well done, when Trinity walks directly into Dexter's department, and when they catch sight sight of one another, the tension that they build without a single word (Dexter's strained, 'Nooo', aside) is palpable. The scene then switches to a first person POV for both for the final seconds, driving home the rivalry between them and the power that Trinity possesses over Dexter despite his age. It's a remarkable confrontation and the only thing that really happens in the world around them is... "...Hello...Dexter Morgan." Can't wait for the finale.
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