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  1. The BBC showed this over Christmas and it was very good. Didn't expect any less. Shame I can't make it down there to see it as it's meant to be seen. giant_frying_pan
  2. Well, Nintendo UK have an annual operating budget of £6.50. On a GOOD year. giant_frying_pan
  3. Lees Lemons 4 - 0 g_f_p's losers Eric pretty much had a good 60-70% of the ball and chances, I didn't really have any say in the game g_f_p's losers 0 - 0 Lees Lemons I had a lot more chances, but my natural poor finishing shone through! Eric probably should have gone ahead from a chip, but the crossbar saved me Well I got my first point in the league, so I can die happy Tsunami: any time you want to play our games for this week, let me know giant_frying_pan
  4. Sorry Mr. SpaceEric! Any evening you can play the game, post here or send me an XBL invite and I should be available. giant_frying_pan
  5. Hello, sorry for disappearing over Christmas! Dukesy, Backdrifter I'm now free to play the unplayed games 'whenever'. giant_frying_pan
  6. It was pretty good, enjoyed the eBay bits and The Jackal. I would have prefered a Still Game special though, truth be told... giant_frying_pan
  7. >>> Just a quick question, what was the Jesus thing about Uncomfortable pad. That has nails for handles. Duh. giant_frying_pan
  8. When Molyneux turns up to receive this, The Queen should not present him with it and instead say that the award will be late, instructing him to come back in two-ish years time at which point he shall receive a lesser, but still functional, Blue Peter badge. giant_frying_pan
  9. >>>Even with a safe bet like Zelda, Nintendo still gave us the same old shit with Wind Waker, If/when they do two Wind Wakers in a row, then you can complain. giant_frying_pan
  10. GiFTPiA is about as close as it gets and is still on for a PAL release I believe giant_frying_pan
  11. Ince 10 - 0 g_f_p's losers Dunno who scored. There may have been a double hat-trick in there somewhere giant_frying_pan
  12. That said it better than I ever could giant_frying_pan
  13. I believe it's a resistive touch screen system. It can't be coupled capacitance because blunt non-conductive objects work with it and other touch screen technologies would be too expensive. Basically, there are layers inside the screen that meet at a given point and the information is registered by a point charge. The DS is pretty accurate so it's a good quality version of this. giant_frying_pan
  14. >>>When they should have been out drinking special brew. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the first scene in a pub? The Shenmue drinking game. giant_frying_pan
  15. I bet with the BBC in its' continuing insistance in devoting at least two hours of prime air time a week to a dead language, they make you have Gaelic subtitles. giant_frying_pan
  16. >>>Interestingly enough IGN were one of the few sites that have the sufficient number of brain cells between them to do a full battery drain with a log of activities on the PSP. Mr. Anoop, the freelancer, did that. giant_frying_pan
  17. Click For Spoiler Man, I should write Dingbats or something. giant_frying_pan
  18. g_f_p's losers's 0 - 2 Black Balloon FC My sheer unluckiness in this league is starting to annoy me Couldn't hear you drifter, think my headset's playing up giant_frying_pan
  19. >>> Well, I'm back early so Mr giant frying pan, what time suits you? Any time now, was just watching the Arsenal Chelsea game. Tag: giantfryingpan [EDIT - I might be in a game, so if you come on I'll make the room once I'm finished.] giant_frying_pan
  20. g_f_p's losers 0 - 4 ince Well I was happy with my defending up to a point, but I just can't convert my possession. Scoreline doesn't really reflect the game...maybe 0-7 would have! ANALYSIS: I need to score goals. giant_frying_pan
  21. PAL version on a NTSC GCN works fine with Freeloader AND with Action Replay's built-in Freeloader. Saving games works fine as well. giant_frying_pan
  22. Ince, ready to play our game? Any evening this week is fine with me. giant_frying_pan
  23. It's probably the perfect time to consider PSone retro, actually, since today is its ten year anniversary. giant_frying_pan
  24. Yes the party leader is the host, but only in custom games. The backstage hidden shenaniganary happens with ranked games. giant_frying_pan
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