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  1. After trying it myself I noticed the following: - The reticle stays red a split second after you switch from your zoomed weapon to the sword - The time the reticle stays red decreases if you are further away, so the bug does have a range. The closer you are, the more time you have to pull it off. - You don't have to be zoomed in for it to work, but you have less range. - You can't do it from across the other end of a big map. - You can do it against lower or higher opponents, but distances involved are larger obviously. - Bungie will probably patch it. giant_frying_pan
  2. Oi! Kayfabe, Mr. Lime! giant_frying_pan
  3. This is the new MEGATON. giant_frying_pan
  4. No, because the lineup is vastly inferior to the first. giant_frying_pan
  5. Culverhouse Cosmos 1 - 0 g_f_p's losers Dukesy pretty much dominated the first half. I came back in the second though when he had a man sent off but I messed up two clear-cut chances at the end to level it Well deserved victory though in the end for Dukesy. giant_frying_pan
  6. I don't read ANY Daily Records! Although I might be confusing it with the Sunday Mail. Hmm...nah they're both like the old Scot mob boss stuff. giant_frying_pan
  7. Why are we even giving Scotland's Daily Record the time of day here? And why are they reviewing games now? Shouldn't they be working on their next EXPOSED SCANDAL EXPOSED EXPOSED REVEALED BUSTED SHAMED NAMED EXPOSED MURDER MURDER DEATH EXPOSED? giant_frying_pan
  8. Got mine a few hours ago giant_frying_pan
  9. Don't expect Saturday delivery. Most of DHL's regional depots look like they're closed on Saturdays. giant_frying_pan
  10. I hosted two and played someone else the other times. No lag in any of the games. It'll be fine for inter-UK games. Europe you're asking a bit much. RoW no chance. giant_frying_pan
  11. Four games online, won two, lost two The controls won't take that much getting used to, I don't think. giant_frying_pan
  12. Got the game today. Dukesy and myself will probably be playing Sunday night. giant_frying_pan
  13. >>>it needs to go through an access point One of which I own giant_frying_pan
  14. Never mind Revolution for the wireless hub, the DS is 802.11 compliant, right now. giant_frying_pan
  15. >>>I can play Mahjong on my PC But can you play Mahjong Fight Club on it? giant_frying_pan
  16. Nobody's buying that, Pickford giant_frying_pan
  17. >>>Don't go with virgin. The customer service is appalling (really, really appalling) and the download speeds are constantly lower than the likes of plusnet etc. Virgin have been second fastest ADSL ISP for the past two months. Second to Zen in September and Nildram in October. I still wouldn't use them though giant_frying_pan
  18. Tronix. If they've got it in stock, you'll get it pretty quickly. With shipping (global priority) it's around £28, depending on exchange rate. I should note that this headset makes me sound noticeably louder on Live. giant_frying_pan
  19. Nothing here yet apart from the initial 'you get it this week' e-mail. But I'm a patient chappy. . . . [FAKE EDIT - OMGZOZOROOORZYIT'S STILL N0T TH4ERE!1 ENDSS SELF!] giant_frying_pan
  20. I got one for £28 from Tronix last week. I mainly bought it for better sound quality and I haven't been disappointed. Build quality is excellent, you'll have to really try hard if you want to break one. It's not as easy to slip on and off as the standard headset, but you get use to it. It's definitely more comfortable when you do have it on properly, although I didn't find the standard headset uncomfortable. It's maybe worth £30 at a push, but definitely not £40. giant_frying_pan
  21. >>> "Wow, this game couldn't been any better than it already is...nothing should've been diffrent", that is a 10 game IMO. Exactly. There's only one game I've played that I feel meets this description though (and for the sake of not causing offence, I won't mention it) giant_frying_pan
  22. >>>P.S. Am I the only one who beat Mizar? No I thought this thread was supposed to be about awful bosses rather than incredibly tough ones? Well I second Mario Sunshine. Far too easy and very disappointing. Yoshi's Story was a major disappointment since I consider Yoshi's Island to have the best end boss ever. Banjo Kazooie was excellent as well. Totally nailing the 'climactic feeling'. giant_frying_pan
  23. How on earth did I miss that :S It's a shame the real arcade one isn't for Xbox. Ah well, cheers for correcting me giant_frying_pan
  24. I've had it on order with Gameplay for an age. giant_frying_pan
  25. There's also the very real possibility that it will get a graveyard slot on BBC One as part of the "BBC Three on One" type thing where they have a couple of hours of BBC 3 stuff. All in all though, congratulations. A deserved oppurtunity giant_frying_pan
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