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  1. You mean executing a cunning and deliberate diversion strategy?
  2. 19:00. We rarely did back to back full versus games in L4D 1 as they lasted so long (and I think it works well enough so as to not burn out the nights) but when we're done I'll be around for a bit more afterwards if you want some Vs/scavenge with/against randoms.
  3. I'll tell you one thing that really takes it out of you...hot !
  4. For a complete beginner, you're pretty damn good! Versus is a different matter entirely though. For tonights games, how about one game of Scavenge best of 5 to start with, random teams and then after that if the teams seem balanced, we can plough ahead with the main versus game? Will probably last 19:00 - 21:00 all in. I'll send out reminders to you all via XBL about half an hour before. I think we should host the game locally today and from now on until the dedicated server congestion eases or improves (which I'm sure it will). Lanky, if someone doesn't make it and we need an 8th, I'll keep an eye out for you.
  5. You read my mind! (But not my post )
  6. Well since you've missed out on the pre-order discount, you can probably wait 4-5 weeks for the Steam sale. Last year, L4D was 25% off at Christmas.
  7. Yes! Either or is fine May or may not have a 2nd IGN'er in for a game, but his disc was a dud and is winging his way to the shops to replace as we speak.
  8. Not at all! You can be on my team! 1.) Vemsie 2.) electricant 3.) noob 4.) debsss 5.) evilwallpaper 6.) Fudge 7.) giant_frying_pan 8.) CraigO Maybies, aye, maybies no: lankysanchez * * * Keep the interest coming and we can work towards a second set of eight!
  9. How about Easy or Normal Realism? I doubt any balance patches will be targeted at campaign mode.
  10. In single player, not really. It is harder, but there's A LOT more health available and melee weapons scythe down hoardes better than anything before. There's melee cooldown now, but not with the weapons. If advanced is too hard...switch it to normal! No sense in sacrificing enjoyment at any point in favour of attrition. There's no achievement for doing them on Advanced anyway. There's maybe two things that need balancing as far as versus/scavenge is concerned. One, spitter acid destroys/resets the fuel cans a bit too quickly - play the Dead Centre final on versus to see why that's annoying. Secondly, the stun/stumble radius and duration for those next to someone pounced is much longer than it was in the first game. That could maybe be reined in a little, although I'd be fine with that staying.
  11. Do I get a 40 point bonus for fulfilling all my fixtures? Obviously you'd get the same bonus, so the best I can do is second
  12. Game has arrived so I am in 1.) Vemsie 2.) electricant 3.) noob 4.) debsss 5.) evilwallpaper 6.) Fudge 7.) giant_frying_pan 8.) One more! lanky still a maybies.
  13. 1.) Vemsie 2.) electricant 3.) noob 4.) debsss 5.) evilwallpaper 6.) Fudge 7.) 8.) Maybies: giant_frying_pan lankysanchez I'll know by tomorrow's post if I'm in or not.
  14. Was it not Asura managing that tag? Or snowblind? As of now, there are 34 free spots on it. If someone does makes another one, put 'RLLMUK' at the start please
  15. It was fine whenever I was playing, although I didn't play it after the demo was opened to Gold/Silver members. Was it just lag issues or not being able to find a server?
  16. Yep. Totally wiped. Probably that latest update that did it. * * * Well, I don't think my 360 copy has arrived today so I won't be around there for games. Instead, I'll probably be around on PC. This Sunday and every Sunday, there will be regular Xbox 360 Versus/Scavenge mode games. Go here to register intent - 5 spots left for the first group of 8 and if demand is there, there can be another group of 8 as well . As Morrius mentions, the regular PC games should hopefully be happening on Thursdays at 20:00. I think the best way there would be to gather in the group chat 10-15 mins before hand and group up then? Had some AWESOME versus games yesterday which I should hopefully have some nice highlights on the Youtubes for those that like that sort of thing! Hello.....anyone...?!
  17. Running tally of people in for Sunday: 1.) Vemsie 2.) electricant 3.) noob 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) I won't put my name down yet since my 360 I don't think has arrived today so no point hogging a slot if it won't arrive til early next week. Them's the breaks when you chase pre-order bargains from Tesco (although I think it's my sorting office being a bit dodgy/lackadaisical!)
  18. Cheers for setting up the events! I'm in for Thursday and since it appears my 360 copy hasn't arrived today (grrrr) I'll likely be around on PC tonight instead. Campaign, Versus, Scavenge, whatever! ... ...what's that about a Survival mode...?
  19. Spitters will F YOU UP if you corner camp too much. That and melee cooldown now in campaign mode means it's not a viable tactic for the most part since the melee weapons are deadly to friends at close range. You can only for brief moments. And of course, you can't just last out the moving crescendos like this. I've not played that much proper versus yet, but the first few minutes of any given level are utterly mental. It's a lot harder to survive with all four intact, if the teams are equal. * * * Here's a couple of videos showing off bits of Scavenge mode. Strangely, it's mostly me doing well and not falling flat on my face! Weird, that Remember and click 'HD' for 1080p goodness! You won't hear me nattering because I forgot to switch voice loopback on.
  20. This crashing thing seems to be a fairly common issue, but it never happened with the demo so must be related to the final build. Didn't they delay the game an hour because of a last-minute crashing bug? I would have joined that game, but it was full before I knew it.
  21. I'll be on at 20:00. I just listed my info for anyone else that wanted it.
  22. I'm assuming plenty of the old 360 Versus crew are picking this up this week, so why not continue the Sunday evening Versus tradition, maybe with a Scavenge mode game before or afterwards? Or maybe every other week should be dedicated to to Scavenge mode? So who'd be in for Sunday at 19:00?
  23. Yes. Yes I am. I'm in the RLLMUK group, etc etc etc. Steam ID giant_frying_pan. Like Morrius, I'm experimenting with capturing video. Youtube's just about to roll out 1080p support and I have a few test clips that are looking nice! I'll try and capture some of any games that take place tonight. Also, I propose we make Thursdays the designated 'Versus / Scavenge' night, filling the spot that Team Fortress 2 once occupied. That is, once everyone's done playing this every single night
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