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  1. I got mine too, but I can't play you because I've never touched SF 3 before and I'm crap. giant_frying_pan
  2. As far as I know in one of the Bungie.net updates, they all but comfirmed that they wouldn't have online co-op. How far in advance it was...I dunno. giant_frying_pan
  3. Cheers Hoop for being the voice of reason. I fail to see how online co-op was the main draw for some people here when Bungie neither promised or hinted at the possibility of it. giant_frying_pan
  4. I really don't like DOA, but the deeply-featured live mode, compared with the basic XBL support of the superior SF:A and GG X2:Reload, may tempt me. MAY. giant_frying_pan
  5. Bungie never, ever, ever, ever, ever promised online co-op and the reason must be technical infeasibility. "Other games did it" isn't the point. The games that do feature co-op over Xbox Live tend not to be that demanding in terms of bandwidth and CPU power. Such as...'that crappy 'Nam' game'. giant_frying_pan
  6. I bet if Halo 2 or Killzone was "60 Hz only", there would be no disclaimers. giant_frying_pan
  7. Just PES 4, Halo 2, Street Fighter Anniversay and Guilty Gear X2: Reload. And maybe DOA:Ultimate if I bring myself to buy it. giant_frying_pan
  8. Okay I'm clearly going to regret this, but I uploaded the whole shaboodle to my web space. Kindly pace your downloading as I'm not sure how much bandwidth I'm allowed. Any of you break my hosting and I'm telling your mums. ALL OF THEM. Meteroid Prime rips giant_frying_pan
  9. The music reminds me of Bob's Bad Day even though it's probably nothing like it. goant_frying_pan
  10. No, Steam remembers that you entered an ATI code and at the checkout stage deducts the value of it from the package. So yes, Silver is just an extra $10. giant_frying_pan
  11. I'm downloading now from: http://www.filerush.com/download.php?target=POP2_Demo.zip giant_frying_pan
  12. I did forget that. An entire episode of stuff like that would be nice. giant_frying_pan
  13. The only joke even approaching good in that episode was Homer picking up and inverting Bart after telling him to turn that frown upside down. The show should have ended four years ago. giant_frying_pan
  14. Prett much spot on. the last truly great episode was Behind The Laughter and before that, the 200th episode. Quick reasons why I think know the Simpsons became crap: 1.) Slower animation (done to cut costs, definitely) 2.) Completely irrelevant sub-plots - main and sub plots should involve characters from both 3.) Homer became too stupid 4.) Decreased animation quality (more colours? WHY?!?!?!) 5.) Writing tried to be risque 6.) They brought in incidental (twee) music to join scenes when there was none before 7.) Too many guest stars playing themselves 8.) Charcter development just went to **** Series 3-9 comprise the best television series ever made. Nothing will ever take that away but very, very soon, if not already, there will be more bad episodes of the Simpsons than good. Five years ago I wouldn't have believed that was possible. [EDIT - What I will say in defence is that the past two series they have shown glimmers of hope. I'm convinced that the team do understand the problems they've created for themselves. I've said for a while now that the only way forward is to become self-parody. There I believe they can turn out some really good stuff for another few years yet. Episodes like Behind The Laughter (although that was more than a couple of years ago) is what I'm talking about. the song at the end of Gump Roast is what I'm talking about.] giant_frying_pan
  15. Damn straight. If those responsible for the cancellation of this series die a slow, horrible death, they should bring back the show and make the first episode about their slow horrible deaths. Not that I'm wishing a slow, horrible death on anyone. Click For Spoiler SLOW, HORRIBLE DEATHS TO FOX EXECUTIVES giant_frying_pan
  16. I'm not comparing the two!!!! My point is that Sega and Nintendo simultaneously develop both poor and good games, relative to their past classics. The trick is and the essence of biglime's argument is that nintendo doesn't currently and hasn't had for a while, a high enough ratio of hits to misses, creativly and critically speaking. My point is...I think this ratio will get better. giant_frying_pan
  17. I was thinking more from a commercial standpoint. If Sega had the PSX to drive Saturn's titles and likewise a PS2 for its DC repetoire, things would be different. For every Sonic Heros, there's an OutRun 2. For every Mario Sunshine, there's a Wario Ware. [EDIT - It's just that LATELY there have been more Mario Sunshines for every Wario Ware.] I just can't believe that Nintendo (or Sega) actually try to make disappointing games. Nintendo is taking a big risk with the DS and I applaud them for it. For me, the hardware has passes the test but the software hasn't. I'll need to play the games to see for myself, just as everyone else has to. giant_frying_pan
  18. I agree on Mario. Disagree on Mario Kart (SNES > GBA > GCN > N64 I'd say, but the original is TONS better than Double Dash, obviously) Mario Golf was a negligable fall in quality. Yes, Wind Waker isn't in the same league as OoT or M'sM. I love both Super Meteroid and Prime so I disagree here. You're spot on with Waverace. N64 version was miles better. F-Zero...well the only thing I think F Zero X had over GX was the random track generator. Other than that, I prefered GX, although the original F Zero is fantastic. --- You're pretty much spot on that is most cases, maybe two thirds or three quarters of the time, Nintendo games have deteriorated. But when the originals were so near-perfect, what do you expect? Nintendo is a company, but its talent are only human. Yes, I agree that Nintendo SHOULD take time to create new franchises. Pikmin is great, but Pikmin is not enough and when I say new FRANCHISES, I don't mean one-off games like Luigi's Mansion which could never become a thriving and creative lineage of software. However, it is definitely too early to count them out. You seem confident that the PSP will take the majority of market share? You're right about kids wanting games like GTA, but Sony doesn't have a behemoth like Pokémon and you can say what you want about the quality of the game and the lack of progression - it still sells and it sells big. That's why EA is so successful. they make some amount of crap (and buy up developers who actually make GOOD titles) but they SELL. Mario games still sell. Zelda games still sell. They won't sell as much as OoT if it isn't as good, but they sell regardless. Biglime...you won't be buying a DS at launch, totally understandable since Nintendo still hasn't proven conclusively that the software will be AAA. But would you give them a chance? A year after launch or maybe eighteen months when the 2nd and 3rd line of software comes round...would you reconsider your position on the DS down the line? Surely they are always deserving of a second chance, just as Sega did after the Saturn. giant_frying_pan
  19. Each existing world has one extra star on it, so that's 15 more there. There are at least two new stages according to the video with an indeterminate number of power stars each. There is at least one more rabbit to catch. Plus, you get to be Yoshi. giant_frying_pan
  20. You can speak ill of the game, of the DS & of Nintendo but nobody and I mean NOBODY besmirches the name of YOSHI giant_frying_pan
  21. You can purchase transparent plastic film to apply to the screen, protecting it from scratches. A similar device has been available for CDs for ages. giant_frying_pan
  22. Bullet time. Stealth. In-game advertisments. Random turn-based battles. Wicked graphics. Emotion. FMV. Pop-up. giant_frying_pan
  23. That video owns. Yoshi owns. New levels own. Giant Mario owns. Minigame music from SMB 3 owns. Owns owns owns. giant_frying_pan
  24. I noticed that too. I don't know. [EDIT - Maybe Touch Right & Touch Left?] giant_frying_pan
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