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  1. It's also £9.99 on the HMV web site. And now, because this thread has been bumped and the game is fresh in my mind, I must now listen to the Let's Tap song, 10 times in a row...
  2. Scavenge mode is a laugh riot. Rage quitting abounds though as it is NOT a mode that you want to get too split up on! ...or SPIT up on! The ol' spitter goo at the fuel tank / hunter pounce combo
  3. You'll be in a bit of a pickle if Left 4 Dead 3 is set in Yorkshire!
  4. dood - robdood (Chun-Li) 3 - 0 giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan (Cammy) I was a bit too quick comboing the ultra in the first match (again) so couldn't take the inititive in a pretty crazy first match. From there, Dood's Chunners baited me with great success.
  5. giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan (Cammy) 2 - 1 gozaimas - gozaimas (Ryu) When he hit his FADC -> Ultra I thought I might colapse, but I held it together and took the first two matches, making score of the victory. gozi took better controlled of the third match, pulling it back to 2 - 1. * * * robdood: I'll be around today from mid-afternoon and tomorrow evening. I noticed you on Borderlands last night, but didn't want to bother you!
  6. Damn. My only hope now is that Polmon goes into administration or fields an ineligable...character?
  7. As of time of writing, it will unlock at 05:00 UK time on Tuesday the 17th of November. But we all know what Valve is like. 360 release (and PC retail) is on the 20th. Incidentally, silver members can now get the demo for...offline co-op fun?
  8. I am on NOW and available until EIGHT for games! "Holla" [/whiterthanwhiteboy] * * * carltio: it's doomed. [EDIT - giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan (Cammy) 0 - 3 cale - cales moog (Gouken) Thanks for the games!]
  9. Note to self: replace tank music with theme from Bottom
  10. Pre-loading on Steam is a go! It's around 6.1 GB, according to the internet. Dunno if that includes demo files or not. No problem! Play me on the 360 version and I'll regale you with tales of just how epic IGN Boards's fall from grace is/was! ('grace' has a very broad definition here...)
  11. Enjoyed those games, ta and Jonster! The three-way we finished was pretty epic, even though I blundered massively by running out of time during a late block phase. I think I would have finished second best to either of you still though. Sorry about the disconnect on the second game. Was gutted since I had a promising hand and everything was going my way, seemingly. Although as the first game proved, nothing is certain until the last damage is dealt! Will very likely get the DLC, so I'll need to build those decks up a bit for next time!
  12. I'd be interested in a tourney or some games. I've not played it in months though and I haven't unlocked everything (or bought the DLC). I don't mind having that kind of handicap though. If I'd need the DLC, that's no problem.
  13. With this gizmo, it'll be weightier than 99% of all other FPSs out there.
  14. Round 10 carlito - Dollarez v giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan That's been played. carlito won 3-0
  15. The first time I pulled it off against an incoming hunter was a sweet, sweet moment indeed I'm certain the animations are just absent from the demo as they're likely unfinished.
  16. strawdonkey, stefcha, Dante, (and for 'next week's games: gozaimas, dood (your modem issues acknowleged!), cale...) I'll be around tonight at various times for games from around 17:00 onwards. Won't be around tomorrow and probably not Saturday, but Sun/Mon/Tue should be good.
  17. I've got a good feeling about this hour, guys!!!
  18. Holding one's breath for Steam releases seems like good training for joining the SAS! 99.9% of pre-loaders need not apply...
  19. Combat Shotgun is THE gun. Loved the demo. The first map is really like...like, No Mercy 1 short (well, maybe not quite). But the second map is superb, lots of varying paths and a great example of one of the moving crescendo events. There are instances of missing animations, for example the witch just glides towards you when chasing you and the tank doesn't move much when he's pummeling you, but hopefully it's just inherent to the demo. Framerate seems a bit smoother on the 360 compared with L4D 1. Tomorrow: PC demo time!
  20. 360 demo GET! Will be on in 15-20 mins for a game, after some food.
  21. Gold members get the demo next week. Silver members, the week after. Both come before release. Where's the problem?! (other than wanting things NOWNOWNOW.....)
  22. PS3 doesn't have L4D 2 so as far as I'm concerned, Sony is still in its LOL phase. LOL! (Also, 360 demo is being uploaded to usenet currently).
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