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  1. There's a great line in Crash Course where Zoey's getting increasingly annoyed at Francis hating everything...Francis says he hates birds and then Zoey just comes out with, "Yeah, birds are real dicks! " which I thought was hilarious!
  2. Realism mode...so the zombies are really slow but one bite and you're doomed? If there are any achievements tied to this difficulty, I can imagine them being a big ol' barrel o' laughs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :|
  3. Yeah the music's great. At first I wasn't sure on the mode, but watching the videos makes it look a lot better. Two good teams facing off against each other should be brilliant!
  4. Having a bit of a gathering tomorrow so might be on and off live, but not available for games. I think the earlier the better really so I'll try and be on around 19:30. gozaimas, dood and cale: I expect to be on tonight for the most part but after that, might not be free until Monday and/or Tuesday evening.
  5. A developer on Doublefine's forum said the audio issue in the demo would be fixed in the final release.
  6. Further to Sarge's post on the last page, here's the *360* demo info for non-preorderees... Pre-order demo access: 27th October (GAME orders only) Gold member demo access: 3rd November Silver member access: 10th November Game released: 20th November.
  7. A thread about arranging games on Left 4 Dead (even though it's for members of a guild for an MMO I've never played...)?!? Why has it taken me a whole three hours to see this?! If you ever need a 4th / 8th chap for L4D, I'm your guy! GT: giantfryingpan (game invites preferred...my list may need culling again )
  8. Result confirmed. I'm glad we got the connection issues sorted quickly! I think my first round performance was a result of me not being a typical Cammy (because I don't know her more than halfway yet ) so you got on top of me in the later rounds quickly. If my execution had been a bit better it might have been a bit closer, but the better player won in the end. * * * giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan 1 - 2 Dante Sigona - Mega Drive II Dante zoned the bejesus out of me here and his combo into piledriver worked all but one time. Shame I couldn't remember what I did that one time!
  9. That's everything sorted - cheers again, revlob! And to add some sort of non-mundane content to this post (there's a whole thread on GAF that's nothing but setting up four packs and filling them!) * * * So they ended up changing the boxart for the UK after all! US: UK: Peace, maaaaan The UK one looks a bit weird though. Like the asset is low-res, or something!
  10. Should be available most of the night tonight. Will keep an eye out for you all.
  11. Thinking about it. In fact, probably will. I doubt my Tesco 360 order will qualify me for any exclusive console demo. So yeah, put me down for a spot if you buy a pack! Can pay immediately.
  12. The prices seem to be better depending on what EU country you're in: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/show...ad.php?t=980183
  13. This wasn't mention yet: Next public showing will be at the London Game Show where we will be showing the as of yet unannounced new game mode. We really should announce that soon... We can give you one hint, the game is 4 v 4. So get your team together and join us in London on October 29th or 30th. Is that the Eurogamer show or something else? L4D site.
  14. I might be on after 20:00.
  15. My plan is to buy it at launch on 360 and then buy on Steam during the first sale. Although maybe if someone needs a 4th taker for the four pack....
  16. What's a piece of dynamite like you doing in a popsicle bottle like this?
  17. I'll be on! Not too late tonight though. Sorry GODZOOKI, I didn't see your post until we were finished . Was good, although there were one or two lag-based hiccups. And we forgot to close off our room. D'oh! Had some good games later after you all left. The maps are pretty well balanced and I'm finding some good spots to pounce from!
  18. Also, the game is half price on Steam again - £12.49 in the UK. It doesn't say when the offer is valid to, or if it's permanent. I'll play anyone on either version, but it's 360 version tonight
  19. I'll be ready in 5 mins if anyone wants a quick bash or two at Survival mode on the new maps beforehand
  20. Me, obviously! So is electric and Dante 1) nequest 2) giant_frying_pan
  21. giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan (Cammy) 0 - 3 carlito - Dollarez (M. Bison) Really only the second match was any sort of a contest - carlito took the other two easy 0-2, 0-2 each time. Thanks for the games afterwards! Polmon and strawdonkey: I'll be around for the next hour if you're available and want to face me when my morale is shot
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