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  1. Right, I'll try and make myself available from 18:00 for a solid two hours tomorrow night. After that, it's L4D time, but send my a message if any of you see me on and I'll nip out of the game ASAP.
  2. Tuesday should be fine for me. Ideally, before or after the footy (19:45 - 21:30) but I'll play during that if need be. Apologies for being awkward this first week, but I should be around tonight after 22:00 and all tomorrow night, hopefully.
  3. I should still be in for tonight, regardless of how many we get. Maybe if we only get 3 or 4 we can just play some randoms? I think in future some aggressive PM-based badgering is required (unless electricant already tried that)! No-one looks in Online anyway. Can't wait for the DLC. And the sequel. Want it now. Need it now
  4. Not seen this week's yet, but last week was the best of the series so far. Loved the Bond puppet show bit.
  5. In. 1) the electricant 2) nequest 3) giant_frying_pan Was going to send PMs to past participants, but I'll leave it to you, electric!
  6. I love Eddie's subtle head bob when he realises he can blast the nuns with his guitar.
  7. To me, this looks 100000000000000000000000000x better than Gears of War 2 or Ninja Gaiden 2 (or the like) and I don't care how the look is achieved, be it more a result of the talent of the artists, or the talent of the engine programmers.
  8. Haha, a true classic that: http://www.bash.org/?835030 * * * I might be around tonight, but more likely is I'll want to get more used to Cammy a bit first. Will definitely be around for games proper on Friday/Saturday/Monday/Tuesday.
  9. Right probably going to be Cammy this league (apologies for adding to the already plentiful amount of them - but I'm a crap Cammy, so I'll be adding something different to the table!) so pencil her in as my character in the unlikely event that I change my mind. If I don't, that's who I'm going with.
  10. It was due out this Friday, but has been pushed back until the 9th of October.
  11. Yes! I may even leave the relative comfort and safety net of my pad and switch to the stick this time! Not decided on a character yet though. Can I be in a league without Ryus? No? No
  12. Well boo ****-ing hoo. Valve gave them the runs. Valve made them wait in an airport before their flight instead of picking them up via chopper that landed on their front lawn. The sense of entitlement in these guys is utterly sickening. But at least I don't have the runs
  13. That was the video they used to announce the game at E3!
  14. Whoops, voting null vote to see the standings and forgot you couldn't re-vote. Add one to the 9th of September pick for me. Although I think the deadline should be longer than that. Sure most of us are a bit late, but games are still getting played. Maybe we should wait until there's a sustained period (a week or so?) where no (or few) new matches per league are being fulfilled. If it's a case of getting the third season up and running asap, we could start registering for that now...?
  15. Normally I dislike bumping topics without any new info on an upcoming game, so apologies in advance to anyone eager for some new stuff. But to excuse that and before I get to why I bumped this, I'll mention that the third campaign in L4D 2 will be playable for the first time at the Penny-Arcade Expo in two days time: Dark Carnival. According to l4d.com, it'll be shown in both the Valve and MS booths, so maybe both versions will be playable...? Anyway, the real reason I'm bumping this is I'd like to re-jig the Sunday VS. games this...Sunday, and just announcing that here as it can occassionally go unnoticed in the online folder. Click here for the thread. Six spots left currently! I'd like to get some games in before the new campaign DLC is out (no date for that yet other than September...maybe they'll announce a date at PAX) so anyone interested, please feel free to register interest as was done before. If anyone wants some games before then, I might be on tonight and again on Friday. Versus, expert, survival, achievement boosting...360, PC (custom campaigns?)...whatever! The proper L4D 2 thread is here. Again, sorry for lack of new stuff. I hate it when people bump threads only to say, "Any news on this???????" so I suppose that's proof that I hate myself :lol:
  16. Next generation could be five years away for all I care. Last generation ended a few years too soon, I think. I value a long run of sustained development of titles of a consistent quality more than the novelty of a new console feel (not that that isn't nice in itself, of course). Iteration of a platform should only be done when the majority of developers are struggling to get anything new out of the hardware, or new ideas are getting prohibitively harder with the current technology. We shouldn't be clamouring for new consoles just because a handful of the higher end (in terms of power hungry and not necessarily quality) developers are lobbying for more horsepower.
  17. My sorting office decided it didn't want to deliver it to me on Friday or the Saturday morning. And hey, England and Wales are having a holiday on Monday, why shouldn't we have one here as well?! Got it today - was posted on Thursday :/. [EDIT - But...not much love? 16 people in the table played it! (Or at least got one achievement or more...).]
  18. I love meta game types like this, although I've not played any on CoD 4. There were a few on RS3 that I loved. Man, the best one I can't even remember...this is going to annoy me. It wasn't Mexican Standoff, although that was a laugh as well. I think it was best suited to City Street Large. Dammit, what was it?!? [EDIT - YES! I remembered! Predator! One guy had a normal assault rifle (The Predator) and everyone else had D. Eagles. The Predator could *equip* a D. Eagle to blend in with everyone else, but you weren't allowed to fire it! Cue hilarious encounters of people trying to prove or bluff who they were (shoot your D. Eagle buddy! I already did! You must have missed me. Now if you'll excuse me, we have a Predator to find, because it's not me, honest...) It was everyone against the Predator and if you managed to kill him, it was your turn next round. If you were the Predator, you had to be careful to pick everyone off and not find yourself up against 4 or 5 guys with Deadly D.Eagles! Damn I wan't to play that again now. I don't know if it would work in many other games because the balance, maps and not being able to reliably remember who people were made it perfect.]
  19. Dante Sigona - Mega Drive II 2 - 1 giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan Really enjoyed this match-up. Some close rounds, but the difference was when Dante had me in the corner a couple of times and made that pressure count. Cheers for the games afterwards!
  20. Right then! New content is out in X number of weeks so let's get some versus going before then! How about this Sunday at 18:30? Earlier than normal to avoid clashing with other gaming things that night and comes post-football for those watching that (unless you're at any games...). Same as before, copy the list and add yourself to reserve your spot. 1.) giant_frying_pan 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) Also, if anyone's interested in some Steam versus, I'm up for that too.
  21. Sorry I missed you last night. Couldn't get on until late. Free after 20:00-ish tonight, if you're on. I'll keep an eye out for you as well, Dave!
  22. giant_frying_pan - giantfryingpan (Balrog) 0 - 3 sithlordx - cosmickillerdyl (Ryu) I was much happier with my performance here than in our first match. Round scores were 1-2, 0-2 and 1-2 and I asserted myself better this time. I still made a few mistakes though, and sith duly punished me. That cross-up into EX hurricane was once again the difference maker, but my blocking wasn't up to snuff tonight. Cheers for the games and hopefully the tourney goes well tomorrow!
  23. Yup well done! I finished 4th in the same pool...with the same number of points as #3 How will I survive without Poker Smash?!
  24. Result confirmed. That Guile/Abel simultaneous Ultra was interesting!
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