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  1. Are all episode available on the UK Paramount+ now? If so I'll have to try and binge this using the weeks free trial.
  2. Yarr, to the high seas mateys Not paying for another service, anything good will be otherwise seen.
  3. About half way through this episode I was starting to lose interest in the whole thing, but the ending brought me right back aboard. Really looking forward to the next one now.
  4. Sadly the trailer for the next episode was the best thing about this special. I feel sorry for Jodie Whittaker, she's a good actor but she has been hampered by some awful scripts from Chibnall.
  5. I'm glad RLM are making these reviews as it means I don't have to watch Picard any more.
  6. Cautiously optimistic here, doesn't seem to be a galaxy ending event the crew have to stop so that helps. I gave up on Discovery and Picard but enjoy Lower Decks so hopefully this will be some good live action Star Trek to watch. Any word on who will be streaming this in the UK?
  7. Been really enjoying this but had my first major glitch. Was fighting the main boss in a cauldron but I died, and when I respawned I was put outside of the cauldron area and I couldn't get back to the main fight. Had to load up an autosave to continue.
  8. Well that's a pain. While I gave up on Discovery after season 2 I really enjoyed Lower Decks so I'll have to sail the high seas for season 3 of that. No chance I'm taking out another streaming subscription
  9. Is Paramount+ not due to be launched in Europe next year? If so Star Trek could possibly move to that.
  10. This nonsense just proves that there is still a market for physical media. Just wish we could get a proper blu ray release of DS9 now.
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