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  1. For the games, get them into those stackable storage boxes with the lids. That will keep them dry and the dust off them when you are working. As for the DIY side, you'll need to stip the walls down and take out all the perished mortar and old paint. Find the source of the dampness and sort that out. You'll need to seal the walls before repainting. Depends how much you have to spend really. Whatever you do dont just paint over the top of it.
  2. 1st it's on an 800 points deal of the week, then a whole series pack for 2400 then the disc for 29.99. They can fuck off with the 1200 points selling to "Sonic fanboys that must have it day one" pricepoint.
  3. I worked for a big publisher and when they lost a major licence they were suposed to destroy any unsold stock. What they did was sell it "On consignment" to another distributor who continued to sell the game until it had all been sold through.
  4. That's the old Sega Europe building, before they moved to Chiswick. But that reminds me of something when I worked for Sega. The marketting department would book all the major billboards in Chiswick around the the Sega offices and make sure all the fly posters and lamppost stickering was concentrated near the office also. They even had one of those billboard vans driving round the block one day so it passed the office every 20 minutes. Pointless, but it was a good show for the SOE bosses to look like marketting were doing a good job. They claimed all major cities were getting that type of attention.
  5. It's Eyetoy without Eyetoy: Play.
  6. Lucky to even be a million units.
  7. My source is good, but my idea and his of "not that many" would be different from the layman such as yourself. Apeing the Wii's success would be easy on paper, "So popular they've all sold out!" Then engineering a shortage to keep demand up.
  8. I have it on good authority that Microsoft are not making all that many Kinect hardware. Marketing might be mouthing off bigtime, but behind the scenes they know it's too expensive and they are not taking a risk on inventory.
  9. That's worth buying, as long as it has all the care the Final Fight Double Impact had put into it.
  10. masterhand

    Tech Talk

    Could not agree more, even if it limits the next gen hardware to do it people willwant to transfer thier gamerscore and games. It's important in a way more critical that just allowing people to play thier own last gen discs. The hardware makers are selling a content service more then a game machine now.
  11. Nothing really unless you look at your profile. Anyway I've loaded you up with +'s also.
  12. No unfortunatly. Best retro packs ever.
  13. You're almost right. Big retail chain preowned started in 1994 by Future Zone, before the Rhino group was brought by EB. At that time is was racks of cheap Megadrive and SNES carts. Depending on your store was how prominent the display was. This was done becuase of the high price of cartridge software. The diffence was it was sold at used prices and not 5 quid less than RRP. From that point what really kicked off preowned was the fact that the new PS1 and Saturn were horredously expensive and would have got slower market traction if it was not for the "trade in your old console and 10 boxed games" promotion Futurezone ran.
  14. I was 18 when I got Sonic 2, It's still the best entry in the original series. Just because back in the day I was a child with only 2 games does not mean it's nostalgia at work.
  15. The other topic was retitled to include things like this. I dont see a need for another one, just state where it was purchased in that topic.
  16. Problem with that is the high prices of the games are factored into the development costs. Also if a game comes out too cheap customers think there is something wrong with it. Look at XBLA games, early on all nice and cheap. Now everything seems to be 1200 points. Ask yourself, why is that?
  17. bull mastiff cross called saracen, Bolton, Ginger kid..... bloody pikies. "Mrs Taylor said one of Ms Melville’s daughters ran to get her as she only lives a minute up the road" Why were there no adults in the house? I doubt the minute up the road is on the same timescale as Maddies parents checking her every 10 minutes. "She said that her daughter, who is still on holiday, knew about the incident but probably didn’t realise just how bad it had been." You know don't let anything important get in the way of your Jamacian holiday, like your kid being attacked by a dog. Your mum will make excuses for you. Let's blame videogames and not a dangerous dog that been kicked by a child left unnattended in a house.
  18. masterhand

    DJ Hero

    The hardware is the same, the only difference is that the top plastic cabinet is polished and either white or gun metal colour. It's due out on the 22nd of October.
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