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  1. Perfect time for collecting, enough preowned piles out there and clearance of new stock and those last releases that are often some of the best printed in limited numbers. I think I started collecting GBA in it's last 18 months life and managed to find everything worthwhile quite easily and often for a very cheap price.
  2. Exactly, music adds to the the atmosphere. Why else would films have a soundtrack when SFX and dialogue are all that are needed?
  3. Just get a consolized MVS and forget about the cabinet unless you fall in love with the format. It's not all 2D fighters there is a wide range of genres on the Neogeo.
  4. Top 5? ReRave Game dev story Emilie's Flights Ridge racer Time Geeks The best thing about iOS is that you can find things that suit you for a low risk price.
  5. Not really, the reason is they don't know how to profit from Online or how to control it under Nintendo's terms.
  6. Do you think they would really get beyond just typing boobs into Google?
  7. JPN Mr Driller Ace makes Mr Driller 2 look like a demo. Get it, mostly playable to non Japanese readers apart from the quest mode.
  8. I only turn on my 3DS for the updates, even then it loses charge even with no use so I need to recharge it first. 20 free games, great. But I'll probably play through those more than anything on the horizon for 3DS. Nintendo's biggest fuckups were, thinking the market would pay a premium for 3D as it was the new thing and that was their main selling point. Having "DS" in the name of the machine and it looking like the DS range of handhelds making the general public assume it's just like the DS they already own but with a 3D screen.
  9. Yes, portable games we're never given the attention they should have. Most sites treat them as a side feature at least. There are so many great games and ports on the GB that need to be presented to a wider audience. Do it.
  10. Still a financial risk on inventory and the Royalties paid on each disc upfront.
  11. For the later good games on any system even more so with unpopular systems I do this. pays off well.
  12. A lot of people assume this is the case but if you know what to look for (USA Versions, flat packed for easy shipping, seller just sells 100's of GBA games, stock image and not a real picture) then you'll get the real item. I only ever had one pirate GBA game but as that was a Harry Potter game for a kids birthday neither he or I cared much. Also if you do get a pirate it will be free as you are protected by Paypal and the seller if they have any sense won't kick up a stink for fear of losing their Ebay account. I took a punt on a new USA version of that really good spiro GBA game on ebay for about 7 quid. Turned out to be real.
  13. Yup mine too, as all the gamertags I tried had gone.
  14. They have made the SDK available to developers so there is a good chance that additional support can be available for other non Atari games. If they built in a charging dock function then it would have a double value. I'd buy one if it was not just for Atari games.
  15. Import only, I got a US version and I'm surprised it does not get more recognition. It's the reason I did not buy the XBLA port as it was poor in comparison.
  16. I brought Ninja Cop blind on the day of release. I was in game and I spotted it on the shelf. The title the art, it stood out I thought that looks so bad it must be good plus it had the Konami Logo in the corner. Flipped to the back of the box saw the ninja platforming action and took it straight to the counter. Wasn't that much of a risk with Games 10 day returns at the time. Good to see it's one of the hidden gems of the GBA catalog.
  17. Gameboy Advance memories. I got my first GBA when I was at a game distributor office run by a good friend of mine. He'd imported 12 units to sell but ended up selling them to his friends and contacts. I was not interested too much at the time but when he put the white GBA in my hand and even though I don't like Mario Bros 2 all that much I HAD to buy it. I was unemployed at the time and living off a Sega redundancy cheque so could not really afford it. For a long time all I had was Mario Bros Advance, Mario Kart Super Circuit and Advance wars but for the most time I was playing original Gameboy and Gameboy Color games on it. I had a for a while shitty temp job in a corporate cubicle farm many hours were passed in the toilet with Advance was and Zelda Oracle of Seasons. GBA SP was released and I was still temping but on launch day I went to Tesco "Just too look at it". But as there was Sonic Advance 2 onsale it was too much for me to resist. I could not afford it but my credit card could. In fact I sold my original GBA on Ebay for almost close to the retail price so it was not so bad. The GBA got parked for a while after that, I got a better job but not much disposable income. Then there was the feature in Edge singing the GBA's praises. My situation had improved. I needed to give the GBA more love. I brought every game listed in that article and then some. I kaned the fuck out of the back catalog with discounted games and pre-owned. This was around 1995 when I had started being sent around the world for my job. Long Haul fights and GBA, perfect. Not only that but I was able to pick up hard to find import games on my travels and upgrade to a AGS-101 with the great backlight when I was in New York. I can remember being in Hong Kong Airport and finding a toyshop that sold GBA games and getting Car Battler Joe and Double dragon Advance. That was a great 13 hour flight. Finishing Warioware on an overnight sleeper train to Bejing. A weekly 5 hour coach journey from Shenzhen to Shantou was my Pokemon Fire red game time. Finished it. Finding out the Euro version of Boktai does not work with time differences so well even though I had more sunshine. Staying in some shitty shitty cheap Chinese Hotels, the GBA was my escape from the situation. I've never upgraded to another handheld because I have too many games yet to finish that are still playable today. Clamshell design of the GBA SP has yet to be beaten. Battery life is fantastic and the games are some for the best ever.
  18. My current "to hand" part of my collection.
  19. All that money on games but didn't get a decent camera.
  20. GBA is so great that I never upgraded to a new portable. I've got a big library of great games I've yet to finish. I did upgrade to an AGS 101 with the backlit screen and own a few Gameboy Micros. Great system.
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