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  1. Guy on the right, MASSIVE head.
  2. I'll give you another, Trigger Happy TV was popular at the time. The office (big open plan layout) was quiet. Nokia Ringtone goes off, the phone isn't answered. The caller keeps ringing, and although nobody says anything but you just know it's pissing people off. So I shout out. HELLO *pause* I'M AT SEGA *Pause* DREAMCAST! NAA IT'S RUBBISH! English staff crack up. Japanese staff just think WFT! was that about.
  3. I can get these made. I've got a Chinese electronics factory at my disposal with an electrical engineering team. If someone want to do the legwork and gauge interest get together enough preorders to cover the MOQ of the components then this can happen. Ideally you'd need one person to focus on UK and mainland Europe and one to cover North America and Canada. Please note, it won't happen quickly. Money will be needed to cover the costs upfront.
  4. I already found that and purposely left it out. Just to see who else would dig a bit further. Anyway I've pointed in the right direction won't be long until photographic proof is available. As an aside, one of my biggest regrets was not keeping a daily diary of my time at Sega. When I was there I didn't think it would be of any interest and it was new stuff and so a bit boring. Ten years later I realize that that was the wrong opinion. Blogs did not exist then otherwise I would have had one. Thinking about it I could probably accuracy recall 60% of the stuff with detail and I would not now be bogged down with my own personal feeling/life/perspective at the time tainting the story. "Hoshino is gay". good times.
  5. I'm aware I'm just words on a forum, and thus no more reliable than Wikipedia in that sense (Citation needed). From my spreadsheet, the one that shows PAL Sega games production numbers. SATURN 33201H THE LAST DYNASTY COKTEL Format, product code, title and publisher. Let's google the publisher. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coktel_Vision Yes, that game in on their portfolio list. released in 1995 so the timescale matches. Let's check Ebay France seeing as the game was a french exclusive. http://shop.ebay.fr/i.html?_nkw=sega+saturn+dynasty&_sacat=0&LH_PrefLoc=0&LH_TitleDesc=0 Nope, drawn a blank. Just the Japanese version. However that's not unexpected, it's uncommon and maybe the listing was written in french. How I know the game existed in PAL form. Long Time ago I worked for Sega Europe during the Dreamcast days. The development office was relatively untidy with the flotsam and jetsam of the previous Sega years stuffed into filing cabinets and store rooms. Every now and then I'd find a new pocket of "Sega gold". Stuff that should have been thrown away years ago if anyone could have been bothered. One of these Finds was last Dynasty PAL. Now I'd never seen it and wondered how I could have missed it's release so I asked my boss "When did this come out?" he said, that was one of the early games and was only sold in France. "Can I have it?" "yes". It was a curio and I took it home to see how it differed from the JAP version I had. It was still shit, so I traded it to someone in the UK for some JAP Megadrive games that I was interested in. Again words on a page but I don't doubt my memory. Here's another example. http://shop.ebay.fr/i.html?_nkw=sega+saturn+dragonball&_sacat=0&LH_PrefLoc=0&LH_TitleDesc=0 The list in the mag states the PAL version of this is rare. It's not, it's just a French exclusive as can be seen by the amount of listings. If you want a PAL Last Dynasty start looking through the French Saturn collectors websites and Ebay France.
  6. No I don't because in 1999 I didn't have a digital camera and was not thinking that it was a super rare game I needed to convince people it existed over ten years later. It's the Saturn equivalent of the Dreamcast Taxi 2.
  7. You know what? Wiki is often cautioned about being used as a source of FACTS without checking up on the validity of the sources. I had a copy of that game and traded it at the time for a few Jap Megadrive games I wanted.
  8. Saturn feature is quite good and I hope it converts more people to the Saturn cause. Of course there's a lot to cover but the rarity ratings and rarest games are way way out in most cases. All of the late GT Interactive stuff was made in very small numbers. Also the master list is missing The Last Dynasty, so 242 known PAL games now?
  9. [quote name='Pelekophoros' timestamp='1306142856' post='7898129'] I loved the series, but the film is fucking awful [/quote] Both of them?
  10. whens this issue go up on the ipad version?
  11. Digital Pinball on the saturn is my favorite, I really want to get the 9.2 updated version but it's rare and very expensive. I own my favorite real Pinball table the 1992 Data east Star wars one. No video game pinball matches the real thing. my favorite Pinball machines have been Party Animal Back to the future Robocop Lethal Weapon 3 Addams Family Mario Bros
  12. SATURN 81207 SEGA RALLY SEGA 471,450 SATURN 81014 VIRTUA FIGHTER 2 SEGA 227,080
  13. I've never made it public in over ten years. Not because of using it for my own personal gain but because it would fucking get my goat to see auctions profiteering from it stating exactly how many copies there are so it must be "teh rare".
  14. I've got the STV cart version of Radiant Silvergun. It's much rarer but not as desirable due to the format. I've actually got a spreadsheet from Sega that lists the PAL production numbers of all the later Megadrive games and 99% of Saturn games. Ebay rares and actual rares don't match up. Most of the time desirable = rare.
  15. Not really, the reason it didn't take off is because it wasn't any good and did not provide the experience it was marketed as giving. I tried the VR games in the arcades. It was not like "being there" it was like haveing 2 low res LCD screens inches from your eyes displaying a low frame rate polygon amiga game. Putting your face inches away from a big HD tv so it fills up all your peripheral vision playing a PS360 game and that is more like VR than VR was back in the day.
  16. The app store is a terrible set-up to find anything good that you might like. The Genius selections are quite good but you really need an outside source to find the good stuff. Popularity does not mean something is good.
  17. The whole 59P thing is a red herring. There's a lot more going on than that in regard to iOS. It's a game changer and not as it appears.
  18. My major issue with the 3DS is the incredibly short battery life. I feel like I'm constantly charging it.
  19. I don't think we'll see a female doctor, at least not until we've had a non Caucasian doctor. We've already had the Rainie (sp?)
  20. I so wanted them to go into a 70's/80's control room. To be fair that's not going to have the same impact to the new Who generation.
  21. His friends list is like the RLLMUK version of the Expendables.

  22. The 2600 had 3RD party wireless joysticks.
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