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  1. This issue has been brought up before in the early run of the series. It's supposed to be family viewing, just because we've seen certain plot devices and stories many times before, for the younger audience it's new. Now the success of the series has allowed the writers to put in more higher concept stuff that the older audience can latch onto. However they must keep the appeal wide and so you get monster of the week stuff. You knew what you were going to get from this episode, Dr Who on a pirate ship. It did what is said on the tin.
  2. That's the lesson for the resolution of this story, Let the Siren take you. Let the spaceman kill you.
  3. Mansel, as in the daughter of the famous Nigel...
  4. Change your thinking, you didn't fail. What you did is give yourself a chance of success. It's like the lottery, you buy more lines of numbers. Yes, you might not have won but you had a higher chance of winning then if you only brought 1 line.
  5. Here's my speculation: Older Doctor is not technically 200 years older. More likely he's been stuck in a time loop like Groundhog Day / That episode of Star Trek next Generation for 200 years and every attempt top save him propagates the loop. So when he tells the others not to intervene it's because he's tried all other attempts to save himself before and the wrong thing to do (Let him die) is the right thing to do. So the burning of the body is to take that matter out of existence (I know this does not work technically because your only changing the state of that matter to another form at an elemental level, but it's TV). Younger Doctor is the current Doctor before he was in the loop and I'm sure his blue letter does not say what we think it does.
  6. There was a dedicated cabinet also. This was in my local Bowling alley, but I never played it.
  7. The problem with the 3DS is first, the price is too high. Second is that 3D isn't that great a feature, look at all the 3D TV advertising and it shows images popping out of the screen. The reality is that it adds depth to the images and nothing (I've seen) pops out. Sales have stalled because all the Nintendo fans have brought it day one and it has not captured the imagination of the casual market that made the Wii/DS a success. It's up against a fashionable I-device with free/59P apps.
  8. It's better than that, it was actually built from the base of the Dreamcast network.
  9. I've done that many a time. Get rare item move away very quickly just in case someone realizes what they have sold for a fiver.
  10. Braveheart HD is currently free.
  11. Well it looks like PSO, I would have expected something graphically better after all these years. I guess it's been made to catch the low hanging fruit of PC specs.
  12. This is Nintendo we are talking about, the reason they don't "get" online is because they don't know how to manage it, control it, profit from it and work out how to do that without effecting their boxed retail game sales.
  13. Good man, and correctly rated so highly. I think due to it's age is wont have been seen by many.
  14. I loved videoshops. The only chance to see films that you wanted to but could not because you were not old enough or your parents thought that 18 rated films were unsuitable. One time I waited outside the videoshop for "one of the older boys" with my membership card and 2 quid in hand to ask them if they would rent Die Hard for me. I really wanted to see that and it's still one of my favorite action films. Another time my mates parent hired a babysitter for him during the summer holidays as they were working. We sent her off the the videoshop with a big list of films we wanted, Commando, Robocop, predator you get the picture. Good times, and her life was easy as we'd be no trouble stuck in-front of the TV for most of the day.
  15. I did, just once. I was working in a cinema and the projectionist ran test screening of the new films in the morning to make sure the film had been put together properly. He'd only let his mates that worked there know when he was running through the new films. So we could come in early that morning and watch the good stuff. There was six of us sitting there in a row, no managers in the building and the cigarettes were passed around. There was something great about the plumes of smoke getting highlighted by the projected film. Made even better by the fact the film we were watching was Pulp Fiction.
  16. Well, they didn't pull Sonic remixes. I guess Sega are embarrassed that this is actually good and their E3 "Surprise" is a bunch of toss.
  17. In fairness, maybe someone else in control of the show could bring some good ideas to the format. It was quite clear that Endemol had followed a path of popular ratings boosting forumular until the public got tired of it. On the other hand it's Channel 5, it's bound to be shit.
  18. He can't die, but I think from the face of Boe it's possible for him to age.
  19. OOf, there's the stinger, I guess you learned by the time PS3 was out.
  20. brought one off a boot with a pile of games for 20 quid a few years ago.
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