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  1. I don't think so, remember this was compensation for a quick 100 quid discount of the console, basically Nintendo sold them a game for 100 quid. I worked with a guy that was a THE (Nintendo's UK distributor) at that time. He told me the calls of complaints were so constant that call Center staff were taking sickies rather than deal with a 8 hour day of abusive phone calls. There were 2 levels of compensation, if you could be easily fobbed off you got a memory card. If you complained more you got a game.
  2. That does not make sense to anyone that does not know you got them free off Sony (I assume)
  3. Day one imported Japanese PS1s, and by day one it meant the time it took for the consoles to fly from Japan on launch day and arrive in the CEX store cost around a grand. Importers were raking it in during the 90's. So glad the internet killed them off.
  4. "You've only been in that job for 20 minutes and your posting on UKR already?" "Do a Doree" "No Crown Brown" Don't anger a hardcore gaming mother "not like a real journalist" *Patsplode* Stuart Campbell gets in an argument, banned and comes back as an alt. Gaming Illuminati Shenmue Essex "You said that to the teacher? you're well cool" "and he (Richard leadbetter) even gave her his Saturn!" Great mailing list, like a busy forum with all the posts delivered to your inbox where a topic could go off topic and remain ontopic at the same time. Lost and I don't think there's a backup. Many times it had me in tears of laughter at my desk.
  5. I'd have never got that job at Sega if it had not been for UK Resistance. Sad to see them go but their source material has dried up in recent times and I'd have to admit, they've not been funny for some time. JFC with Extra large coke forever! She's not Japanese but Chinese. I worked for the company that made this gun at the time. It was our attempt to cash in on "Lad culture" Kenneth lockly was in London because he used the excuse to hand deliver the final build of Fighting Force 2 to Sega where all other publishers would just use a courier. he invited my boss to the hotel he was arrested in for a drink that evening. My boss turned him down fortunately. My boss had this porn mag in his drawer because it had some Sega porn in it. He allowed me to take it home to scan and give to UKR. Now and again these pictures still make it onto "Pictured that make you laugh" topics http://www.ukresistance.co.uk/images2/snogging.jpg NSFW, unless you worked at Sega and had this as your desktop wallpaper. I wasn't letting this fax end up in the bin without sharing. and a whole bunch of text based stuff I can't be arsed to cut and paste. You'll be missed UKR.
  6. Storm in a teacup instigated by website looking for controversy hits.
  7. For sure, Retro games look great on a CRT as long as there is an original output option. Something the SNK games failed to do.
  8. It's not about the cost, it's the reality. Well sorry he can't afford an upgrade but to use that as a reason to dismiss the quality upgrade is not relevant.
  9. Right let me get this straight, your dismissing my opinion based on the differences between a HD format and and SD one and your the one that only has a SD TV. You can keep telling yourself it's OK in SD just because you can't afford to upgrade even when HD TV's are so cheap now compared to their CRT counterparts back in the day.
  10. I sold off a lot of my AES stuff a few years ago when the value was high and the cash was more important than the amount of time I'd ever play the games. Just kept my favorites. I sold loads of my Gamecube games when they spiked in value due to the popularity of the Wii just after it's launch. In the last couple of years I've managed to buy all of them back for a fraction of the price I sold them for as they were not rare just in demand for a short time and I knew it.
  11. This has always happened at boots since Ebay got popular, Old videogames are seen by some sellers to be very valuable just because of a few items that are. They don't have the understanding and as I'm sure many people ask how much they want for that old console it makes them think it's actually valuable not realizing that people only want to pay a few quid for them, especially the resellers. When I first started booting 15 years ago there was so much stuff for cheap I'd be turning stuff down. Since Ebay, gaming items were snapped up quickly. The bargains are still out there, I only went to one boot last year arrived after 11am and managed to get It's down to luck and arriving early.
  12. Even with RGB scart most modern games look like arse on a CRT. I had CRT for 2 years before upgrading the TV.
  13. retro tends to get interest in phases towards the end of a console generation where people are bored and want to look at something different until the next machine comes along. A lot of the retro fans have been here for a long time and have had most of the conversations before or have already found out about machines they may have missed out on. A retro topic posted in gaming often gets a lot of responses until it's moved to the retro folder where it dies as many posters don't come here.
  14. Have any pictures been released of these game cards?
  15. As far as I know the patch pool was enlarged during one of the dash updates to account for larger hard drives. Now some updates are put into the game save file for Example Rockband 3 does this. When you hit the limit the oldest patch files will be deleted sequentially. I lost by backwards compatibility update recently and had to re-download. All games in the future will remain playable because even if the XBL service is stopped the game won't have any way of knowing there was an update. Refusing to update a game just means you wont be able to play online. The only issue is with some game saves they know there should be a patch so if it's been deleted you'll have to loose the save to play.
  16. I was on my bike rushing to my mates house bringing my imported SNES copy of SFII with me as we'd arranged to get the best players from the local arcade round for a tournament. I didn't wait at one junction and rode right through, unfortunately being stopped by a passing car. Hitting the front wheel of the car and me flying over the bonnet. Picked myself up, found the dropped game, checked my bike was till OK. hopped on the bike and told the woman driver (who was freaking out she nearly killed me) that it was nothing I'm OK. Carried on to my mates house and had an awesome gaming session for the rest of the day. I did find a few bruises that night though. Everyone at the time has a SFII story of two. That's how big the game was, a cultural phenomenon that even with all the sales of things like Modern Warfare can't match up to.
  17. That was a good article, I enjoyed reading that.
  18. He's a Racing game fan, was given an early preview copy (That always makes you feel special) and It's a competent Ridge racer game but.... It's just like the PSP games as in it's another remake of all the tracks again. As a Ridge Racer fan I'm happy with it, but it's not the second coming.
  19. I'm pretty sure most of that happened after Bizarre was brought by Activision.
  20. I got my 3DS this morning. It's ridge racer I found had the problems with the 3D. When set to maximum the image will often split into 2 particularly on the driver ID badges over the cars. If you turn down the 3D just a fraction the problem goes away. Street fighter is good but they need to clear the playscreen of all the menu clutter as much as possible as it's a bit too busy to see what's going on on the smaller screen. The non animated background characters are a non issue as they are just 2D cutouts and not models, even animating them wont make it look better. Nintendogs works well, but it's not something I'll play much. The AR card games are fun and have potential but really so far all they do it use the background the card is on to make a transformable texture map. Overall it's a good console but I think you'll get used to the 3D quickly and not notice it as I did. Then all you have is a more powerful DS at a high price.
  21. Looks real to me, I heard that M2's were used commercially as interactive kiosk units at car dealers and I think classroom teaching equipment. Canned as a console but the hardware made it out there in another form.
  22. Bigger plan = selling Atari and Intellivison roms for cheap to mobile users.
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