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  1. I got a response, the guy that has a copy of the tape it going to try and encode it. Fingers crossed.
  2. Richard Jaques Sonic 3D bonus stage music if a really funky remix of the Sonic 2 bonus stage music. Great track.
  3. Digging through some old docs I have on a memory stick I found this series of odd emails sent to Bizarre during the Dreamcast days. I bet they were sent by probeater. ------------------------------------ E-MAIL 1 I bought 'Fur Fighters' the day it came out on the strength of the demo. I wasn't disappointed as this is one of the best games I have played. One thing I don't like though is the way you have to fight your wife at the end of each theme. This brought back painful memories of when I was little and my dad would come back from the pub and beat the shit out of my mum. I think this might encourage younger players to act like my dad did (before he got nicked) when they get older. Please can you remove this for the sequel (which I'm sure you're working on now). Cheers, Nigel. --------------------------------------- E-MAIL 2 Hello, I bought MSR when it came out on Friday. I think that it is a very fine game and I must admit that I like playing it a lot. There is one aspect of it that upsets me though. It's the London circuits, there is nothing wrong with the way they were built, they just bring back painful childhood memories of my dad driving my mum round London at "mad bastard" speeds with the sole intention of scaring the absolute shit out of her. Because of this I feel that a third of the game is unavailable to me. I'm a bit upset about this as you could have modelled somewhere else (like Basingstoke which has the big daddy of all roundabouts). Maybe you should take this into account when you design your next game as it is people like me who buy the games you make. Otherwise a damn fine job. Nigel. -------------------------------- E-MAIL 3 Hello again, I must start my email by thanking [snip] for the very nice email he sent me, it is always nice to know that people are listening to my concerns. I have now being playing 'Fur Fighters' quite a bit more now and the problem I mentioned about the bosses is not as bad now because I have reached the husband of Juilette the cat! The problem I had before with the bosses was that they reminded me of my dad beating the living shit out of my mum. The jet powered cat is different however and it brings back quite a happy childhood memory. This was when my dad came back from the pub as pissed up as a scotsman in a Glasgow beer drinking festival. This time however my mum was ready for him and before he got the chance to attack her she stabbed him in the right buttock with a frozen carrot (which she had been sharpening all evening). She then laughed for almost half an hour. So thank you again for this wonderful game which I'm now really enjoying. I'm still amazed at how much joy and sorrow this game has brought me. It's been an emotional experience. Nigel. PS. I'm going to Tokyo soon so I'll be comparing it to MSR!! -------------------------------------- E-MAIL 4 Hello there! I've justy come back from holiday in Japan with my girlfriend (she's not a pretty girl). While I was in Tokyo I had the opportunity to have a good look round, I must admit that the representation in MSR is very well accomplished. One thing I didn't understand was the lack of people in the game - there are loads of the little buggers in Tokyo! I can understand why you didn't put people in London (because it is a horrible city) and San Francisco (because everyone got killed in the earthquake) but Tokyo is cool. I've become quite a fan of your games now and I looked on your website to see what other games you had made. I bought Formula 1 '97 the next day for a tenner, unfortunately it reminds me of a time when I went to a F1 race and Michael Schumacher punched me in the eye. Now what needs to be made public is the Wiz, Liz and Me video. This guy in the US send Bizarre a video of a full playthrough of Wiz and Liz. As he still had some tape left he decided to make a short documentary about his life. He ran a cheap motel on Daytona beach, films the motel then walks along the dilapidated seafront into a scummy bar giving a great unintentionally funny commentary.
  4. I've got 1.5 treats I guess I can release for Bizarre fans now. have to wait until I'm back to the UK though, be a few months.
  5. I played a bit of this over Christmas, seeing as I had the game sitting there. It's competent but nothing great, too much music I was not familiar with as I think they targeted a younger audience. RB3 shits on it from a great height.
  6. No updates for over a month? Is it dead?
  7. Correct, it's one of those games that people keep hold of and will continue to play. I don't see too many copies of the good music games in the preowned bins for example. Part of the issue is that they include so many tracks with each following release that before the next disc is onsale people have not got bored or mastered the previous one. Sure the dedicated players will rinse through everything an perfect it quickly but for the greater number of players that takes a long time. The music genre is far from dead, it's just oversubscribed for this generation of hardware. What's going to happen is that when the new hardware generation starts they will relaunch into the new market. All new plastic instruments and games built in a way that actively supports DLC expansions or some kind of subscription service. GHIII was a hit, because of perfect timing. RB could have been the bigger game if the original launch was a lot smoother. It's a shame as RB3 really is the best of all those music games, it deserves more love.
  8. It's a Spyro game that uses RFID "collectible" (in-action) figures for the Wii. Kind of like that card game for PS3 EYE but with that Activision "Plastic shit" angle. oops spoliers.
  9. Europe got re-branded DJ1 decks for DJ2, the US got the revised DJ2 decks with a nicer finish and a non defective cross-ring. In fairness the re-branded decks did include a "free" DJ1 game. Out of the goodness of Activision's heart, and not because they could not strip out the discs and sell them solus for 40 quid as they were marked "not for resale" and had no UPC code. Oh No sir!
  10. If I told you, you (the forum) wouldn't believe it anyway. I didn't intend to imply that the music licensing costs killed DJ Hero, more that they were an added cost to it's development.
  11. Actually you might joke about this but the price of oil does affect the cost of the raw plastic. What manufacturers do is set a price for 6 months of what they expect plastic to cost and for that time they will pay that price, even if there are great rises in costs or great drops. It's like playing the stock market.
  12. I believe the UK SRP was 120 quid. But you also need to factor in the fact the each mix track payed double the royalty rate that a GH/RB game paid. Ripping greedy bastards bit them on the arse in more ways then you'll know...
  13. Actually the DJ controller is cheaper to make than a guitar. Smaller box so it's cheaper to ship as well.
  14. Densha de Go is the most chilled out game ever made.
  15. Hardcore gamer used to mean something different to what it does today. Now it means playing loads of COD or Halo for the most part.
  16. I'd have been more impressed if it had been PC Engine supplies. Oh, and Colin Dimmond...
  17. "Usually if a 13 year old is worried her lover has a hairy back it's because she's been trafficked" Another great episode. Great points made about "yoof" TV. I never saw the appeal in them, I felt they were too old for me or when I was older too young. It's like they were made for imaginary young adults.
  18. Bundles used to be a right little gold mine, you needed to watch the new auctions on a mid week evening. Often put up by someone that could not be bothered to list them individually and didn't research what it was worth. If there was not an undervalued BIN a quick message to them making an offer and and offer to pay in cash and collect. They were lazy anyway and that's why they just had the bundle offer, saving them the job of poorly boxing it up and also guaranteeing they'll get paid in cash avoiding fees sealed the deal every time. Good times.
  19. A fantastic catalog of music, I'll miss him.
  20. He's not the Messiah. He's a very naughty boy.

  21. Having read through the new information on this I cant shake the feeling that they are making the same mistakes again. It's not pocket size. It's so powerful that dev costs will be high. Even if there are cheap ports of current gen games they are not designed with portable bite size gaming in mind. There are a lot of what could be considered gimmick functions but unless 3rd parties work out how to use these I doubt you'll see much support from Sony to use these well much past the 1st generation of software. It's a sexy piece of hardware for sure, let's see if Sony have learned from the past.
  22. I think by now people should realize that developers are only employed as needed until a big project is completed and then they are cut loose. The good ones will be employed again for the next big project. Game development is in no way a job for life with a single employer.
  23. All I was thinking when I saw him was that he's hammering it a bit too much and is aging quickly. On the brighter side more Brooker is a good thing.
  24. The revised Wii is in development and will be out at the end of this year.
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