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  1. Not just because of bundles, it was constantly selling on the Platinum range. I was a software buyer back in the day and it was always guaranteed to sell. It picked up a lot of sales from people wanting a sonic/Mario type game on the PSone. Mickey Mania also sold well once they decided to re-release it.
  2. Damn, I'm going to have to re-download Game Room just for Detana Twinbee AKA Bells and Whistles The awesome Twinbee game.
  3. I fondly remember the times my mum would come to my room and complain to me about how I was addicted compuutor games while I was playing my Master System. How they were like a drug and bad for me. A few years later my Dad started having ago as well, in one of his attempted motivational speeches, how I should do something with my life like he thinks he did at my age when he traveled to Belgium once or when on camping trips. He even did the classic "It just makes beep beep beep noises". Yes, the sound chips of a SNES really was that crap. What they failed to see that I was working a lot of hours, six days a week, often with whatever overtime I could get. To be even to afford that nice TV, sound system, pile of import games and consoles. Work hard, earn money, buy games. Parents should actually take and interest and encourage their children hobbies. Never know, might end up with a good career in the game industry.
  4. It was covered in Emaps C&VG in the 90's.
  5. It will be way low in the 1000 list but having played it AND been a fan of Hong Kong Cinema it's worth playing. From an industry POV it relevent as a case study of licence and massive development budget. Personally, I live near HK and seeing a game based on what I've seen in real life gives it an extra edge. Similar way as MSR or Getaway for people that know London.
  6. masterhand

    DJ Hero 2

    Hopfully well enough for a sequel or better DLC support.
  7. I've seen unreleased games with full boxed packaging for the SNES. Personally I'd rather have a bootleg cart that's had some effort put into making it look real than as file on my PC. Am I willing to pay 75 quid for that? Nope. But some Nintendo fanboy will.
  8. It's showing as 1200 on xbox.com for me and on the Marketplace. Gold members only?
  9. Each pack does contain several weeks time locked releases.
  10. masterhand

    DJ Hero 2

    You've got a worn out cross ring. Go to a menu and spin the platter back hard and fast. If it activates a button then you'll need a new deck.
  11. masterhand

    DJ Hero 2

    Not sure what you mean by compatible in the future. I don't think you're going to get a GH/RB guitar compatability problem with the decks. I'd go for the 360 version. At least you don't need a wireless dongle with that.
  12. masterhand

    EDGE 222

    The Guitar Hero drums support MIDI, maybe they can be used intead of the RB MIDI adapter?
  13. Depends how easy it is to actually find a Keyboard to play.
  14. It sold steady throughout last year particually well on the Wii. There's a lot of people that look at the 1st month NPDs and write something off as a massive failure without considering the long tail on stuff like this. Shred was even cheaper to produce this year that the pervious as they had the game engine and hardware already in place. A quick reskin and new PP tape on the board and it was good to go.
  15. I think in summary Bizarre Creations made great games that didn't always fit the market. No Love for Boom Boom Rocket?
  16. It says 3000 in the article. There have already been layoffs at Robomondo. http://www.shogungamer.com/news/tony-hawk-ride-developer-robomodo-hit-layoffs-due-activisions-ruling
  17. Whenever I see a film or TV show that has a crosshair aiming at a target I flick my thumb as if hitting a fire button when the crosshair is in the right place. I'm much better at it than the actors, I get a hit every time while they are just wobbling about for dramatic effect.
  18. I really wish I could find that post I made on whatever forum at the time of the Activision purchase that's basically predicting what this is now.
  19. Can someone better at searching find the topic where the move of Bizzare to Acti was discussed?
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