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  1. Harmonix are not a good buy, they don't have the cut-throat business ideals of Activision or the organisation. They do make the better music game though. In the bidding war with Activision over the Beatles they won. Only in so much as Activision looked at the numbers and walked away. They paid somewhere in the region of 31 Million for the Beatles licence PLUS royalties on each track. They opened up tooling for all those Beatles instruments and they were poorly distributed. Beatles was a brand builder and nothing more. I think a few months after release I picked it up for 15 quid (game only). As a game it's great, as a money maker it was very bad. Rock Band 3 (what happened to Platform?) did what I expected as I know they have not fixed the organisation and distibution problems from the previous games. The really nice hardware might be coming but good luck getting that unless you preorder becuase seeing the RB3 sales no retailers going to take any risk on stocking it (if it ever gets released) without a 1 for 1 guaranteed sale. I think what happens to Harmonix from here will be very intresting and I don't think there will be an obvious outcome like they will be brought by EA or Microsoft.
  2. The Tilt Shift boat race was the Fincher shot of this movie.
  3. We do have a large group of "I liked it when the Snow base exploded" making up the members here.
  4. He was in CEX Retro one being interviewed and talked about all the consoles he owned with such gems as staying up for 2 days just to finish Ghouls and Ghosts on the Megadrive. The shop was cleared of customers but I was allowed to stay as I was browsing the Neo Geo carts and chatting with the staff. After he was finished being interviwed he went over to the counter and asked to look through the PC Engine games. The staff seemed to be somewhat star-struck and just drifed to the back of the counter and I just asked him what he was looking for on the PCE. He said he was looking for some platformers for his son and didn't know what was any good from the japanese covers. I picked out a few(Overpriced, but I guess he was good for it)good ones for him. The guys really into gaming.
  5. Well, like the People at Nintendo they only ever looked at it under flourecent tube lighting in the office during development and it was fine. However a lack of real world testing showed the screens flaws. I brought mine from a shop with flourecent tube lighting and it looked good. Until I got it home and found I needed to be directly under a spotlight on my landing to see anything. Sunlight was also OK but not much of that in the UK during the winter.
  6. Make sure it does not get damp in the garage. Put it back in the loft when you can.
  7. Just one, Fantasia for the Megadrive. There was a reason it did not get a review before release. Never regretted any console, if in doubt buy used and late.
  8. Last active 17 Aug 2010. Sure you're off.

  9. That's a great find though, I've not seen those cases before but I'm sure you can clean it up.
  10. masterhand

    DJ Hero 2

    I find myself getting better at the freestyle crossfading sections now. I'm able to experiment and find differnt ways to play those sections. It feelslike I'm really DJing in the same way GH is just a big air guitar.
  11. The Wii and Move are not the topic for this thread. I can play Wii fine anywhere, can't comment on Move as I don't have one.
  12. Really? Apartment 2, Not Kinect compatible. House, Not Kinect compatible. Apartment 1, yes! Kinect compatible. Different houses have differnet layouts. Only my shitty apartment fits the Kinect specs and none of them have a slalom course to move about in. Most people don't live in an Ikea catalogue home.
  13. It's Vay for the Mega CD. Nice little RPG, still sealed so you should get a reasonable return for it if you wanted to sell.
  14. Micorsoft are trying to position the Kinect into the marketspace that they think the Wii 2/HD will aim for. That's why there is such a massive push. It's cheaper than taking on the Next Nintendo console head on. It's not "me too" rather than "Me next". The tech has real world problems and needs time to find the right use for it's abilites. Unless they can get a decent install base then that won't happen.
  15. 1)Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2)Lost in Translation 3)Memento 4)before Sunset 5)Napoleon Dynamite 6)The Wrestler 7)Zodiac 8)American Psycho 9)Black Dynamite 10)Panic Room 11)Superbad 12)Clerks II 13)Kill Bill 14)Kill Bill vol2 15)Downfall
  16. Looking at those space requirements I could play it in one of my apartments, but not my house or 2nd apartment. If that minumum distance is really required I can see a lot of people not having the room to play it. Have too see what the US buyers have to say tomorrow. I guess it wont be as big a deal as it's made out to be.
  17. It I think it will follow GH6's downward sales trajectory too. Very dissapointing.
  18. Stalemate. I'm not going to post my CV just to win an internet discussion. Suffice to say, I'm behind the curtain and I've worked behind the counter in the past. Based on the experiance you have and information you have been told you are right.
  19. You've been lied too, in fact not really all they did was convince the person that told you that is was the truth. Console margin is about 5 to 10 quid. Those Platinum games can cost a minumum of under 5 quid. They are not always brought from Sony directly. Secondly those unnoficial controllers no way cost them 3.50. More like 2 quid at most depending on the quantity ordered. I work with consumer products in China so I've seen the real BOM's. Chain Retailers may cry about the margin they are making, when in fact it's a case of "we're not making as much profit as in the late 90's"
  20. Was the SRP of the PS2 £159.99 at the time? How did you get to the 50P margin?
  21. Venkman as a non-malevolent ghost with inside knowledge of the techiques of the Ghostbusters who've been sent to "bust" him? The comedy possibilities are endless. That's a great idea.
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