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  1. It’s not that I don’t want to watch it, it’s just fitting in a 3 hour movie with two young kids and a busy schedule.
  2. Yeah, there's very little on there for me. I want to finally watch Endgame and don't want to spend £13.99 on it so will watch it with the 7 day trial and cancel.
  3. A lot of the feedback from the US has been it's not the Netflix killer people thought it was and that there's not enough content. This year "pre-order" looks like a fairly cynical attempt to get people locked in (which is no different to any other yearly sub, I suppose).
  4. Combat demo starts half way through and takes a million years. All turn based.
  5. It looks wonderful, but turn based is a massive turn off for me.
  6. Certainly for Porco, the dub seemed better. Localised idioms and turns of phrase rather than what I imagine is a fairly straight translation in the subs, which ends up being a bit stilted in comparison.
  7. Yeah, the cores are what I’m talking about. You get them fairly slowly and they’re nowhere near as interesting as if you were swapping our weapons, but I understand a lot of that is probably constrained by budget.
  8. Thanks. I’m enjoying this, but it feels like a bit of a halfway house. It’s sort of trying to be a bit like Diablo, but the loot is crap and the levelling slow. This combat with Diablo style power levelling would be amazing. There’s no matchmaking either, or even leaderboards for Arena.
  9. It is quite odd that they’ve changed it and not given any sort of pop up to say so.
  10. Is it just me or does quick resume not work on this on Xbox? Does it save progress if you stop playig mid level? They’re really quite long sometimes and I have no idea if I’ll be able to resume or not.
  11. It’s mostly Creature Cores I’m jonesing after. Do I basically need to grind bosses to get their cores again so I can level them up?
  12. The only duff cables I’ve ever had are the ones that come with the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Couldn’t handle 4K HDR and I’d get the screen cutting out. I currently use the cable that came with my Wii U and have absolutely no issues with that. Microsoft provide nice HDMI cables.
  13. I just put the difficulty up for level 3 and despite the recommended level being 305 and Strife being about 212, didn’t have any trouble at all. I’m not a hundred percent sure it grants you any better loot though.
  14. I finally picked this up on Xbox and have completed the first two levels tonight. Is Strife just always more powerful than War? The creature cores seem to buff their stats equally but Strife is like 40 points higher than War. And what difficulty is everyone playing on? I’m on Normal at the moment and it seems a bit mindless. I’m thinking about trying the next level on shard.
  15. I wonder what the point of this announcement is, given they're not actually announcing anything in particular.
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