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  1. Xbox 20/20 is no longer a thing. Almost feel bad for them.
  2. Yes. But now people are used to it.
  3. Both Microsoft and Sony have sold at least two different flavours of their consoles and not run into any issues. Or at least not enough to deter Microsoft from using the S and X naming convention again.
  4. Unfortunately, TV manufacturers seem to call 4K TVs whatever they want, including 4K UHD, UHD TV and Ultra 4K HD. But I think people will be able to figure it out. If you’re not bothered enough to know what 4K is, you should probably just buy the cheaper one.
  5. I’m not sure. But batteries don’t last forever and being able to replace them easily is good.
  6. Presumably you’re talking about the modern devices which commonly are not being designed to be user serviceable. Note there’s no one complaining in Xbox threads that their controller doesn’t hold a charge.
  7. Oh, I 100% agree with you on narrative. I thought when you meant challenging you meant in regard to the gameplay rather than just trying to decipher the lore. I'm just waiting for the Xbox Remaster to be cheap and I'm definitely going to jump in. Also: which was the troublesome optional boss you didn't bother with?
  8. I might well be misremembering but when I played DS1, it didn’t really explain anything about itself either, so you pretty much have to either figure stuff out or look online whichever way around you play them, no?
  9. It’s the 360 version - BG&E HD. Will stick with it a bit longer but can see what you mean, Rayn. The controls feel quite clunky.
  10. This is quite the bump, but I have this installed on my Xbox One X for some reason and have just started it. It seems to be patched to run in 4K. I’ve never played it before. Is it worth playing or does it not really hold up these days?
  11. I'm hoping that when it leaves Now at the end of August, it'll pop up on Game Pass shortly after.
  12. At 9:50 in that last developer walkthrough video, Matt Kuchar looks not a day under 70. Even his fingers look arthritic. Incredible.
  13. The magic price point is free with Game Pass.
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