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  1. Geometry Wars 2: Retro Evolved is a much better game than 3. The latter is far too spread out and sprawling. 2 only had 6 modes to hammer away at and getter ever better and angrier at. @lewismistreated I don’t know if you’re still out there, but buried away in the depths of my soul is special hatred for you and your god damn Pacifism score.
  2. The protracted wait for tangible PS5 info has annoyed me more than I would have expected. It's good that we're going to be seeing some games and hopefully a demonstration of some things which can't be done on current gen - not least because they're going up against Game Pass. I think they'd have to try pretty hard to have a worse show than the last Xbox snoozefest, but if they don't give us more hardware details, I'm going to be be disappointed. I want to know what the thing looks like and I honestly don't see why they're making us wait so long when we already know so much about the console and when it's coming.
  3. We can have endless discussions about which console is right for different people but Revival’s subjective opinion doesn’t change that the original point made was valid.
  4. This doesn't really change the fact that if you want access to exclusive games on both Playstation and Xbox, the PS5 makes more sense to buy.
  5. They do a trial. Personally, I’ve never really been interested in any of their video content.
  6. I hate motion blur and am always puzzled by how much Digital Foundry like it. It looks absolutely terrible.
  7. Season 3 of DS9 gets off to a great start, but there are some real duffer episodes in there. Some of them are like they two duff side plots and put them together. Meridian was a real struggle to get through. And The Orville did the whole "planet split between two dimensions" thing better. Then "Defiant" comes along and it's an absolute banger, thank goodness.
  8. It’s just a poor bit of writing in an otherwise great show. It adds nothing. Sisko has what he wanted from Quark and just makes him kiss the staff for his own kicks. Which is quite out of character for him, anyway. It just highlights that nobody has any real respect for Ferengi culture - not even the harmless bits. Quark is a great character with lots of depth. He’s often written quite poorly though and his scheming just serves the plot or as comic relief. This is one of those latter occasions but coming straight after the previous episode (which is after a season break, to be fair) it just feels horrible and like Sisko learnt nothing.
  9. The episode in DS9, where they first meet the Jem Hadar, has a wonderful little moment in it. After repeatedly making the (entirely valid) point that humans (and most of the galaxy) look down on the Ferengi, Quark finally loses his cool with Sisko and tells him the Ferengi have never stooped the the levels of Humans: The next episode, Sisko basically then demeans him by asking if he's forgetting something when leaving the room (i.e. you need to kiss the Grand Nagus' staff) and then smirks when he actually does it. Poor show.
  10. Loads of companies said they were going to do their own digital events anyway. Geoff seems to have just neatly swooped in and put his badge on it.
  11. I'm not familiar with the actress but both the Twileks were chewing the scenery.
  12. Someone needs to convert them now, package them all up into a torrent and put 'em out there.
  13. Couple of old shots I hadn't got around to uploading: And one from my new drone: I've been umming and ahhing about whether to buy a new camera or go for a drone for a few years and decided on the latter, as in truth, I don't use my DSLR much and there's not much wrong with it. I'm excited to see what I can do with it.
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