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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever watched Taekwondo before, but it is really quite odd. Silly outfits, zany head heigh kicks while seemingly trying to use your arms as little as possible. Looks a bit like a silly indie party game.
  2. Work got me some coffee from a local roaster and it’s fantastic stuff: https://www.newgroundcoffee.com/ They got me a Rwandan Bourbon and it’s absolutely delicious. Really looking forward to trying more of their stuff. Going to have to put my Pact sub on pause for a little while.
  3. I find it quite difficult to put into words but they just don’t feel tight or responsive to me. A particular frustration is rolling and then trying to slash in a direction other than the one I was rolling in, seems very hit and miss. Rolling in general just doesn’t feel great to me, possibly due to the short delay after rolling. Maybe increasing the agility stat will improve things by reducing the cooldown on the roll. And the sense I get from the controls is that this is just how the game is, rather than me not quite getting how to play it/getting the input timing wrong. But I could be wrong.
  4. I really hope it grows on me. I like the visual design and some of the secrets are very clever, but the combat is very dull. All the enemies are very basic and the main challenge seems to be manoeuvring around them while dealing with controls which are not quite as responsive as I’d like.
  5. I’ve just got to the basement of the Ceramic Mansion or whatever it’s called and I’m not sure how much I’m enjoying this. The combat feels pretty clunky to me and none of the puzzles have been particularly clever. The fights against standard enemies are all pretty tedious enough without having you fight the same mini-boss three times with mild variations. Still early days, though. And I do like the Dark Souls references.
  6. Despite being very early on, I'd agree with this. Even the couple of times I died to the cathedral boss, I managed to get lost on the way back to him and it felt like I was taking the long way round. It'd be less of an issue if the areas weren't so visually similar and basically designed like mazes. I can 100% see where you're coming from with the Hob comparison, @Jamie John. I was hoping this would be much more polished than it is, though. It still seems slightly rough around the edges. Is it a Unity game? I can't see anything about that when it boots up, but it seems to suffer from Unity's ugly-menu syndrome and doesn't seem to support Quick Resume, either.
  7. I’d forgotten about that. How’s that one game a month rule going? Although, I crumbled and bought this yesterday, too. Seems nice so far, and makes a very nice change from Returnal. I beat the cathedral boss yesterday. Lovey so far, though I do find the movement and roll ever so slightly less responsive than I’d like them to be. Totally get the complaints about no health bars, too. Stops you from taking more risks, which I think is a bad thing.
  8. ActiBlizzion is a horrible company that censors protest in eSports, doesn't pay its employees fairly and sacks staff whilst execs get pay rises. And now they're outed for horrendous workplace sexual harrassment. Buying Intention COD +10
  9. I think I might still cheese him from a distance but only finish him off up close. Need a day or two off before I’m ready to actually hit that reset button, though.
  10. I really enjoyed Hob. It was a bit simple and clearly hamstrung but budgetary constraints, but still great. If this is in that vein, that’s very encouraging.
  11. Yeah! But that dirty bugger chased me out into the area where you run in, killed me, I reformed and he was so aggressive that I killed him from a distance, as you say. He ran at me in the area you can see from the “cross the gap” bit. That must be the issue. There’s no way to kill yourself in that room, so I think my options are restart cycle or fling PS5 into the bin. Leaning towards the latter at present. I’m feeling quite mixed about the game in general. I’m not enjoying it as much as I thought I would, but the highlights are just magnificent. B6 is wonderful to explore and feels so tense. I think it’s going to end up in a “I’m not sure if I like it, but I respect it” place in my brain.
  12. This seemed to pass without much commotion. Kind of incredible when you check the article - that 67% down on Q1 2020, not the previous quarter, so that’s not Cyberpunk sales falling off in consecutive quarters, it’s them making way more money a year ago, pre-Cyberpunk. Bonkers. ”Parallel developments” sounds like a recipe for even worse working conditions at Crunch Demanders Projekt Red.
  13. I think I’m stuck in B6: There doesn’t seem to be a switch to open this gate, no way out and a quick google suggests it’s a bug and I need to restart. I think this run has taken me about 2 hours, the mini-boss was nightmare, and I really don’t want to start over because of a bloody bug.
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