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  1. I’m currently mucking about the Research department and am still really enjoying this. I like the combat, I love the style and art design, and I’m intrigued by the stuff going on. I like that there are NPCs who are decidedly mundane, despite working in this place. The Oldest House seems to be the star of the show, though. It’s remarkable.
  2. I didn’t realise, but Fallen Order has had a patch released on Series S|X to bump the framerate up to 60fps and improve performance. Brilliant! I’ve been thinking about returning to that.
  3. I saw that, but thought it might be a bit rubbish if it's meant to be a multiplayer co-op game and I play it on my own. Worth it for single player?
  4. I'm sure it looks great, I'm just not sure I want to pay £28 for slightly better graphics on a Series S. It does include the DLC, but I understand that the response to that has been quite mixed.
  5. What a palaver. So despite buying UK codes from CDKeys, my account region was set to Brazil, because I bought a game from there recently, and the codes were somehow able to be redeemed over there and registered as a Brazilian sub on my account. This, plus the fact I had 2 months of normal Game Pass set to UK, meant I couldn't upgrade to either UK or Brazil Ultimate because of a region mismatch with one of the subs that was going to be converted. I tried both a cheap code from eBay and buying the £10.99. Anyway, long story short, Xbox Support kindly confirmed my codes we UK, cancell
  6. CD Keys are currently doing 12 Months of Live for £34.99. So I've stacked up two lots of 12+1 months of that. I seem to remember someone recently posting that they used a cheap code from eBay to convert to Ultimate (I've already used the £1 offer before), but can't seem to find the post and all the 14 day codes on eBay seem to say you can't have an existing sub of Gold or GP to use them. Anyone got any more info on this before I go for the £10.99 upgrade?
  7. I just got to the Hotline and am still really enjoying this. Apparently the next gen version is out Feb 3rd. Have they said what the Series S version will be like? I seem to remember seeing the Ultimate Edition on sale for next to nothing but it’s £28 digital and I don’t think I care enough to shell out that kind of money for a graphics upgrade. I sort of think the graininess of the Xbox One version quite suits it:
  8. Ubi make some good games. Give it to one of the AC studios and I’d be very keen to see what they produce.
  9. If I were Jim From Finance, I’d probably be wondering what the point of releasing an exclusive like R&C is, without any hardware to sell along side it. Maybe they’re waiting until April or whenever they can satisfy demand and then can release it to drive more sales.
  10. I had a lot more fun with 4 than I did with 3. I don't really see them as that different, except 3 runs like crap and 4 has some weather stuff.
  11. I was going to put off playing this until the next gen version but feel like I’ve exhausted Game Pass so made a start on this. Playing on Series S, so looks a bit rough but runs smoothly. Anyway, I really like it so far, which is great, as I’ve never really got the fuss over Remedy. The aesthetic seems right on the money. There was this bit where I came out of the Director’s office and there was this blue silhouette of him on screen, and the whole thing felt wonderfully surreal. I just hope it’s all in service of a good story and not just style over substance.
  12. The Ares' Hammer upgrade, or whatever it's called trivialised the combat in the game for me. When it's fully upgraded, it does a huge amount of damage and I had the attack potion upgraded to do 200% damage. That plus a bonus that generates stamina from sword hits just let me do a few whacks and then hit 'em with the hammer.
  13. Dunno if you've mentioned it, but some of that placement looks pretty tight. I don't think that Series X has got enough room for air to get out (or urine to get in). I think Microsoft recommend 5cm on each side.
  14. When it comes down to it, I prefer playing games on my couch, rather than sat at a desk, so it's TV for me. But it seems to me that the monitor market is more of a mess than the TV one at the moment. The TV market has an easy get out, if you've got the money to spend. If you have £1300 to spend on a telly, just buy an OLED and that will tick all the boxes. If not, then you've got a confusing mess of real/fake HDR, poor black levels, inputs, etc to pick from. All made the more difficult by TV manufacturers using different names in different regions (or the same name for different TV
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