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  1. Definitely get a splitter that supports 2.1. It's primarily a bandwidth issue, and a splitter will almost certainly not support 48Gbps.
  2. That animation put a big smile on my face. Just magic. Isn't Spiderverse coming to Prime video soon?
  3. That table makes me think of GOTY. Is Abby leaving before then? I like Abby but she's awful on GOTY. So was Dan.
  4. Slightly long winded explanation: Internal rendering resolution can be anything, but it seems PS5, like PS4, can only output to 720p, 1080p or 4K. This means that if a game renders at 1440p, it either scales it to 1080p, or to 4K, and then outputs that to your monitor. It can also scale >1080p outputs to 1080p using the supersampling option on the console. The reason this matters is that lots of 1440p monitors will not accept a 4K signal, so you will run into situations where a game internally renders at, say, 1440p, but cannot be displayed at that resolution on a 14
  5. If I can get a PS5, it’ll be Miles Morales. No idea about Xbox. Horizon 4, I guess? Tetris Effect as well, but that’s not very next gen.
  6. The point of dynamic resolution scaling is to prioritise framerate. Given they pegged the resolution of the last demo at 1440p, I would expect it to maintain 60fps.
  7. Oh dear. Pay £70 and still miss out on content. They really are desperate to nickel and dime whatever loss they’re taking on the console back as soon as possible.
  8. I think it’s partly down to art style, partly down to scope and other design decisions, like prioritising frame rate. To my mind, GoW was the best looking game of last gen and Horizon was also up there, too. Despite being checkerboard 4K, they look incredible to me. But Gears 5 isn’t all that far behind despite being 60fps. Nor is Forza Horizon 4.
  9. How does this sort of stuff fit into reviewing a game? Edge gave Dark Souls a 9, despite it sounding like he had a pretty horrible time with it in places. At what point do you start to worry that your review score reflects less what your actual experiences were and what the support group says and what you trust From to put out? I often wonder about the narrative/hype that develops around games and how that reflects reviews. To think reviewers are immune to it doesn't seem sensible. I remember reading some RDR2 reviews that felt very much like they were trying very hard to not say t
  10. Yeah, it's a license fee. One off. £9.99 on Xbox, I think. has a 7 day free trial so you can see if you prefer it over Windows Sonic.
  11. Yeah, of course, but you'd be paying it anyway if they included it with all units - it's just built into the price of the unit. And £10 to add the functionality beats spending a couple hundred on a UHD player. "Tempest" audio is probably closely linked to Sony not wanting to pay an Atmos license for every unit. Bit like MS giving you a choice of Sonic (free) or buying Atmos. The advantage with Xbox is your license for the latter works on all your MS devices (including W10 PCs).
  12. Xbox has the Dolby Access app that you can buy an Atmos license through. I’d be surprised if they don’t add a Vision license to that.
  13. Anyone tried Unruly Heroes? Looks cool.
  14. -4K30 or "Dynamic" 4K60 -World Tendency remains unchanged, except for some UI changes to tell you which state you're in -Camera changes -They talked about doing the 6th broken archstone, but didn't -Fractured mode is basically a mirror mode - levels are mirrored -Photo mode pauses the game, but if you get invaded, it boots you out of photo mode
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