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  1. Think I’m all caught up and this is really, really good. Cena is absolutely fantastic. I’m seriously impressed with how well he handles the switches in tone and more serious moments.
  2. It doesn’t equate to that at all. And I didn’t say it makes it ok. Just not what you might expect from a character design you’d expect to have been dreamt up by a horny teenage boy. Bayonetta never really bothered me. Apart from the silly clothes thing, she’s never actually sexualised by any of the characters in the game, and the fact that when she uses those attacks her clothes effectively disappear isn’t commented on. She’s just super powerful and doesn’t take crap from anyone. I feel more embarrassed by stuff like Halo Infinite where you have this AI waifu stroking your male ego and going “you’ll save us, won’t you chief?” and similar, like a damsel in distress.
  3. The character designer on Bayonetta is female, interestingly. The game is so OTT that I just rolled with it. And the combat depth is genuinely bonkers. That kid’s English accent in the sequel is seriously embarrassing, though.
  4. I just mentioned it in case anyone else wanted to watch this before watching the movie, and the response has been "why are you complaining?" Should have expected it from a bunch of butt-babies.
  5. How many times do I need to say I don't care? Your post is completely unnecessary. What are you talking about? Nothing in it shows why he wouldn't be dead. The last thing you see of him in the flashback before
  6. I started watching it not knowing whether it was a prequel or sequel. As I've said, I don't care, but this is pretty good and I might have gone back to watch the film but have pretty much had it all spoiled for me in the space of 45 seconds I could have skipped and it wouldn't have impacted my understanding of this one iota. So if anyone else hasn't watched the film and wants to watch this, you might like to skip the first minute or so.
  7. If you haven't seen the movie (I haven't) then there's no reason for you to think he doesn't. So not really sure who it's there for. There are what I imagine are major plot spoilers given away which don't seem to have any bearing on this.
  8. 1080p the max for this or am I not looking in the right places for 4K HDR? edit: I don't really care, but the first minute or so of this seems to be a recap which totally spoils the Suicide Squad movie, which seems a bit odd, as it doesn't really seem integral to understanding what's going on in this. Heads up for anyone who hasn't seen the movie.
  9. I think about 10 years ago I would have been over the moon to see something like this. As it is, it looks a bit like they've replaced TDK's Joker with the Riddler. Still, looks like it's worth a watch, which is more than I can say for any other DC film. Is it coming to HBO Max, and thus the internet at large, on release?
  10. Won't work for me. Be surprised if I've hit even 100h on PS5, though.
  11. I dunno about Warzone. It’s huge. In the same way it doesn’t make sense to make Minecraft exclusive, I don’t think it makes sense to make Warzone exclusive, either. I could well be wrong though, obviously.
  12. Does this guy think that Activision are one of the three studios that put out COD?
  13. HarryBizzle


    There's certainly something to that, but I've also had plenty of beans that I've just not been extracting right and fiddling about a little bit has been transformative. Very disappointed to see I can't buy more of this stuff, but I do like swapping coffees, so am hopeful some of the new ones Pact have in will be good. The one I tried at Origin is also out of stock, sadly.
  14. I imagine there are few, if any, existing agreements for future releases (we saw Deathloop in the Bethesda acquisition, but that was clearly a timed exclusive, rather than an agreement that the game would be multiplatform). I expect existing games, like Warzone, will remain multiplatform. I can't see them wanting to make Warzone exclusive, but I'm sure they could without breaking any contractual agreements by just releasing a Warzone 2.
  15. They've just had $20B knocked off their stock price.
  16. They won't have to worry, as everything will be on Game Pass soon enough.
  17. “The solution I need is broken and scattered.” Yup, it’s a video game.
  18. I get the whole working from home thing isn’t easy but I’ve just tuned into the Bombcast for the first time in ages and Grubb talking to someone off screen, Jan’s partner working in the background and Jeff looking like he just rolled out of bed are distracting and make it all just feel like a bunch of Twitch streamers, rather than something professional. And this new lady is a bit odd. In the first few minutes she’s started smiling in an unsettling way at the camera while other people were talking.
  19. I think they probably need to think about the benefits of selling £70 games to people vs £70 games becoming a stick to beat them with in "should you buy a PS5 or Series X?" comparisons, etc. Game Pass vs £70 games is quite a powerful narrative, especially if you add "Bethesda + COD" into that mix. I think the impact of losing COD is potentially huge.
  20. Anyone wanna buy a PS5? Wonder how long we see Sony hold on to its £70 games model.
  21. HarryBizzle


    I am having a very good coffee week. I was in London on Monday, which means wherever you are, you can just open the Best Coffee app and find a brilliant coffee shop not far from you. This is in contrast to opening it at home and the closest place being 13 miles away. So I hopped off the train at King's Cross and found Origin, who I've bought coffee from before, have a shop in the British Library and their batch brew was this stuff from Ethiopia. Absolutely delicious, and not at all like other Ethiopian coffees I've tried. And since then, I've cracked open a bag of this Brazilian coffee from Pact and it seems I can do no wrong with it. Clever dripper or Aeropress, higher or lower dose, even making a cup at work without my scales to measure water, nothing but fantastic cups.
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