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  1. It really is paper thin. I'm having a blast multiplayer but have a hard time recommending it if its mostly single player you'll be doing. Few mates round and it should be amazing
  2. Severely lacking any SP modes... a few cups and thats it.. not even a league. Very bare bones. Disappoing. Having said that, just put in an hour with my 7 and 5 year old playing the cups together. Absolutely magical. Huge belly laughs from the kids and some proper tight matches. Having it on auto player switching at the start was a nightmare. Switched to manual so the kids stayed at who they picked and then the whole thing clicked!! We were pulling off some amazing moves with the little fella playing at the back and destroying everyone with Bowser! Controls really well. Kept it simple for the kids, just telling them shoot, pass and tackle but there seems to be a huge amount going on on top of that. Looking forward to mum joining the action later tonight for some proper 4p action. Played 1 game online and went 3 down inside the 1st minute. Came back to win 4-3 with a last second backheel from Rosalina... very satisfying!!
  3. Played them all online, surprising that I had so much fun with football. Had some real tense games go to extra time. Great fun. Loved Badminton as well, this will be a great time with the family!
  4. If you loose your ability you suck them up and fire them at the boss. There are some challenges that have you beating a boss using only the stars as well.
  5. Played the 1st World when the little fella was at school. Really well put together, just an absolute joy really. Loved the intro as well Currently onto the 2nd World co-op at the moment, just getting better and better
  6. Yeah it looks great. Still not available on the eshop on Europe though unfortunately.
  7. Yep, they nailed it with the N64 version. It just plays an amazing game of tennis. I remember having Mario Tennis on the N64 and Virtua Tennis on the Dreamcast at the same time. Couch multiplayer heaven!
  8. Went for the pre-order on the N64 controller just in case really scarce. I'm praying ISS98 comes out, can't really be played without 6 face buttons. Konami are on board with the Megadrive games so it's not such a long shot.
  9. I managed to find 1 person playing and we had 2 games. Was pretty good actually. Be great to get a few games going.
  10. Super weird..but yeah an amazing surprise. Its perfect for a quick 10-15min blast as well. Definitely deserves more attention.
  11. Just a quick heads up for anyone that is looking for a decent footie game. Downloaded Super Arcade Football today and have put in 3 hours so far. It really scratches that Sensible Soccer itch. One button controls everything, but you can put together some great moves. The passing is excellent and shooting feels great. It's got a 50% discount on release making it only 5euro. A complete bargain.
  12. I hooked up my N64 to play some Iss98 recently, I had so much control over the ball, completely forgot just how many moves and control you had. Just superb after all these years! Would love to Konami to surprise us with a return to the Iss series and thats what they've been working on for the past 2 years... it's definitely happening... right, right??
  13. Looks excellent, strange there was no voice over giving more details though. Still, looks fantastic and can't wait for 4player 3d World with the 2 smallies.
  14. I remember doing a good few 360 spin jumps while spraying back in the day. Think thats how anyway. Day off today so spent a few hours with it this morning. Mario 64 shocked me how well it still holds up, been years. I loved Sunshine back on the GC days and although it took a bit to get used to the controls, I'm loving it again. Picked up the 6yo from school and he was super excited to play. Strangely he was best at Galaxy, no problem running upside-down, flinging himself off planets and killing goombas. I honestly thought it would have melted his brain!
  15. Just a heads up for everyone, it's 175zar on the South Africa eshop. About 9euro. Looked excellent yesterday so picked up that and A Short Hike. Didn't get a chance to play either yesterday but looking forward to Spiritfarer tonight
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