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  1. Looks excellent, strange there was no voice over giving more details though. Still, looks fantastic and can't wait for 4player 3d World with the 2 smallies.
  2. I remember doing a good few 360 spin jumps while spraying back in the day. Think thats how anyway. Day off today so spent a few hours with it this morning. Mario 64 shocked me how well it still holds up, been years. I loved Sunshine back on the GC days and although it took a bit to get used to the controls, I'm loving it again. Picked up the 6yo from school and he was super excited to play. Strangely he was best at Galaxy, no problem running upside-down, flinging himself off planets and killing goombas. I honestly thought it would have melted his brain!
  3. Just a heads up for everyone, it's 175zar on the South Africa eshop. About 9euro. Looked excellent yesterday so picked up that and A Short Hike. Didn't get a chance to play either yesterday but looking forward to Spiritfarer tonight
  4. I'd say she'll be fine with Mario Maker. Our 5yo loves it and able to make some crazy levels. Yoshi is a great choice as well. The mellow mode on it is great, gives Yoshi wings and can fly through the stages. Had a great time finishing on co-op and still going back to it months later. Very child friendly
  5. I went the replacement stick route and the 1st set of had worse drift than my normal joycons. Next 2 that arrived were perfect. When choosing the 2nd set, it was obvious that its something of a lottery if you get working sticks. Reviews were all over the place. It's a pretty easy process though, you just need to take your time and have a video of it open. Not happy I had to do it mind but my 5yo was getting annoyed at his character always walking to the right in animal crossing.
  6. I have a 3 and a 5 year old that play along with us. They love it and can do nearly all of it. The 3yo needs help sometimes but we take it in turns and its great fun. I'd say your little one would have no problem
  7. Thanks a mill Laine, left a tip by the shop.
  8. Thanks a million mate, missus was delighted! No fossils but nice tip left.
  9. They are great to watch. Some game against the Scots in a week. Definitely everyone's second team.
  10. Yeah, a definite impulse buy. Had a quick go and not sure if they were on the WiiU one, but the assists for driving are great. My little fella is going to have so much fun with this!!
  11. Yeah that's right. Bought Odyssey and DOOM off the SA shop. Took all of about 20 seconds to change my Nintendo do account to Africa and hey presto, 40Euro games! Changed straight back after the download and all grand. Had a quick go of DOOM, I keep trying to use gyro for aiming. Been a while since dual analogue for me. Will have to unlearn what I have learned...
  12. Played a few of yours Joffocakes, enjoyed a lot. Have one that I enjoy playing but only a 6% pass rate. Didn't think that hard. Feedback appreciated. 878F-0000-002C-5E13
  13. Loved the airship level, just missing a boss at the end. Just had a quick go of the creepy one. Death by timer twice.. Haven't figured it out yet. Nice atmosphere and pretty tense with the small timer. Ahhh.. very clever. Good level
  14. Really enjoying this, the minute the little fella goes to sleep i'm all over the gamepad for a few hours! Can't wait to get my teeth stuck into a few levels here tonight. Hoping for some belters
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