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  1. I've had a complete about-face on this now, glad I stuck with it. Really enjoying it for what it is and not what I wanted it to be. I'm even getting a hang of the aiming. I think it was @footle earlier in the thread who mentioned that the first gun was a huge mistake, and I'd agree. Once you get a machine gun and shotgun, it really becomes much more fun. The world is also gorgeous in some parts. Sure, there is some repetition, but when it comes to the overall package it's stunning.
  2. I've warmed up to it a little. The controls are still not to my liking, but I wimped out and set aim assist to high, got a new weapon (SMG?), and realised I had 10 skill points to spend to make my character a little more resilient/dangerous. No real depth but I think I stick with it for few more levels.
  3. What a great deal! I caved and bought it but I'm afraid I need a top 5 of which to tackle first. Any tips would be gratefully received!
  4. Managed to get a pre-order in for the middling one. That's the one to go for right? See you in a year!
  5. I've been mulling getting a one-and-done emulation machine and the fact that this is so powerful, allows for other stuff to be installed, is mobile(ish) and has a dock on the horizon makes it seriously compelling.
  6. Seemed like a South Park episode somehow. If that makes sense.
  7. It may not have been a red card according to the current rules of the game (debatable) but looking at the blatantness and violence of the foul you have yo ask, should the rulles be updated so it's a red card. I think they should.
  8. Made it as far as the last kick if the tournament . Huge respect to this England team. And Italy showed up in the second half to make it a game. I think time will be a healer on this one.
  9. You have a ticket?! Jealous. We demand at least one loud 'Bum them in the gob!". There's also still time to create a banner.
  10. So is calling out the rllmuk 'hivemind'. So very rllmuk.
  11. Now that's inspiring. Never mind the 55 years of hurt BS.
  12. Saw it at the cinema last night also. I thought it was solidly middle of the road without a single surprising moment. The core cast was really good though, but I thought the big bad was a complete waste of talent, and most certainly did it for the paycheck.
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