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  1. hub2


    How sad. I thought this thread had been bumped because of Christmas. RIP Mimi.
  2. Nothing new to add, but I love how one of the things this show has done is expand the musical palette of Star Wars. Goosebumps with the ending music for episode 11.
  3. Dilemma: Watch tomorrow's episode or save it up for a big blow out next week with the finale. Anyone know the runtimes?
  4. Yay. Great timing. I was about to flip a coin whether I should start Assassin's Creed Odyssey or Valhalla. Decision made.
  5. Weird login bug #3 for me: I cannot login while on cellular data. I need to be on Wi-Fi. Never seen that in any app before.
  6. Sell the code ASAP at a £10-15 discount, use the funds to buy a physical copy? Rinse it and sell it in a month... you'll only end up down £20-25 or so.
  7. I ordered one from ShopTo on Monday and it arrived today! Now hidden under a pile of clothes in the wardrobe until Christmas.
  8. hub2

    Apple TV +

    Yes, Apple TV app is basically the iTunes movie/TV store. Apple TV + is their subscription service with Apple exclusive content Probably so they can shift units of their Apple TV 4K hardware product?
  9. I keep getting errors today with the collection levels. I must have advanced a good 20+ levels and get an error when I attempt to unlock the rewards and then it resets back after a while. Known issue?
  10. Saw him in Samuel Becketts's Endgame a few years ago - one of my favorite plays - and I thought he was really great. So i have a huge amount of respect for him. Seems like a nice bloke as well when interviewed.
  11. Try it with a port wine float. Coming up to Christmas so every house will have a bottle of port right?
  12. Regarding the humans significantly outnumbering the 'aliens' and allusions to racism. Saw Gererra also commented with distain that amongst the variety of fellow travelers within the rebellion movement there were 'Human Cultists' which I read to be an explicit human supremacist faction. Along with the other perhaps less savory groups, it makes the rebels a lot more interesting.
  13. Mon Mothma deserves her own TV series once Andor S2 finishes. If Boba Fett can get one, then I think there is no reason Season 3 onwards should be the MM show.
  14. Chris Pratt living rent free in @Festoon's head. Sort it out mate. Bordering on weird.
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