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  1. I think the only time I really 'collected' games (OK, extensive backlog) was when the Dreamcast went bust, and you could have an amazing collection of games for 4 quid a pop.
  2. My game 'collection' usually hovers around the 4/5 mark and then I get rid as 99% of games I do not re-play. I also do not collect anything like comics or memorabilia, BUT I did have a slight pang of envy when he mentioned his complete set of C+VG mags. However that segment of the video leads me to a VERY important question which might just mess up my entire world view: "C and VG" OR "C plus VG" I need to know.
  3. hub2

    Nintendo Switch

    I know! They really should have added Bluetooth headphone support.
  4. hub2

    Nintendo Switch

    OK. I only ask because, I go to My Nintendo and it has my region as United States and I cannot change it. If I can just change the store to UK, and add a UK CC then I'll not sweat it.
  5. hub2

    Nintendo Switch

    You can change your Nintendo region on the device itself right? Just not on their website. Any consequences I need to be aware of? I understand I may lose some purchases.
  6. hub2

    Google Stadia

    Thanks to @Hass I've been able to play Thumper on Stadia, one of the 'free' games. Why have I not played this before?! As was my experience on the beta, it was 90% excellent, 10% dropped frames and audio glitches. I'm on Wi-fi and not a wired connection, so that might be a contributing factor. The website and app experience is actually pretty good, albeit bare bones.
  7. I'm pretty sure my (nearly) 5 year old could watch Hellraiser and not raise an eyebrow - not sure i've ever seen him scared of a movie (Ghostbuster 1 fridge scene is an exception). Looking forward to watching a few of these with him as many will be new to me too. I like how they're pacing them out. We should do a spin off thread and do a Ghibli film club.
  8. LOL, I was thinking of selling my PS4 Pro and gettings a Switch again. This nails it... just need confirmation it's a launch PS5 game. I had a feeling this was on the cards as it's been pretty quiet lately on the news front.
  9. Gaming confession: This is my most played game of 2019. I think it's great.
  10. You mean you don't like the garish neon lights around the analogue sticks?
  11. I finished this last night, and was very pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I loved the monster of the week/side-quest element, and the interwoven timelines.I also thought it was a brave (and earned?) decision to sideline Geralt a bit for the finale. needed a little extra budget for the battle, but hey ho. As for the Triss actress complaints, she had nothing to work with really, so am reserving judgement until season 2. Fringilla on the other hand was terrible.
  12. Recently Mr Robot nailed the ending and finished after four seasons. I’m always amazed at the economy of a well written and directed movie. A 2 hour film paced correctly can feel more epic and dense than a multi series TV show. Really goes to show what is really important to telling a good story.
  13. I think this might be an accurate size comparison, but it's the only one I've seen:
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