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  1. They also have 1/3 size versions, presumably as a desk ornament?
  2. So I needed to update my Mac client today and noticed on the download page it now supports Chromebooks: https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4481/kw/download geforce now So I clicked on the link and it brought me here: https://play.geforcenow.com/ ...and it works not just on Chromebooks, but also my Chrome browser! This is new to me. Anyone else tried it in browser?
  3. Any plans for Chrome browser support? Specifically for Mac users, but I'm sure it'll be Windows 10 Edge long before MacOS gets it. I might mess around with Bluestacks tonight actually and see if that works.
  4. Anyone want to watch a Super Mario 3D All Stars live stream from Nintendo 's Japanese YouTube account? Edit: Er, helps if you're fluent in Japanese. :p
  5. I'm going to go Smyths. 1. They're an Irish company, so supporting the auld country 2. I worked for them in the late 90's as a part time job, and I failed to turn up on many occasions due to hangover or just couldn't be bothered. I think I owe them
  6. Xbox Series X this year as I have not had an XBOne and with Game Pass, I'll have dozens of 'new' games to keep me occupied. I was going to go with PS5 again this generation, but might wait and see for now as I only really want to play DS and Miles Morales (which is now PS4 anyway). If I can sell my Ps4 Pro and a bunch of stuff for ~£200+ I might just pony up the difference. Switch Pro? Day one.
  7. Hmm, would the obvious reason be that it might be getting a PS4 version at some point then?
  8. It's a Sony owned IP? The game came out on 360 right? Edit: Ignore, thinking Dark Souls.
  9. A little confused with PS Plus Collection. Most of those games are on PS Now (and are streamable AND downloadable). Maybe they are combining the services on PS5.
  10. What about increased font sizes for text? It's a huge bugbear of mine to see unoptimized text in console/PC -> mobile ports. I know it's not easy, but the effort would really be appreciated in many games.
  11. As a rule, all Android tablets are terrible. And something decent specs wise you're looking at iPad prices, and frankly you'd be crazy not to get an iPad if you want to spend that kind of money.... even an older model... but then they obviously do not have Xbox game streaming. However, saying all that, I'd get an Amazon Fire HD and side load the Google Play store.
  12. You mean this? https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-all-access
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