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  1. I'm pretty sure he can't tell anyone who sits on the Iron Throne because the plan all along was that Westeros was going to become a constitutional republic with an elected representative parliament using a bicameral system of upper and lower houses. And proportional representation as the voting system of course. No idea what plans he has for the judiciary. Maybe the spin offs can handle that, and the formation of the the civil service.
  2. I like how he made school shootings even more depressing than they already are by CORRECTLY (/Tim Rogers voice/) describing them as being perpetrated by quote/unquote (/Tim Rogers voice/) "Suicidal Children".
  3. I saw The Exorcist in the cinema on rerelease way back in 1998 (wow, that long ago? Had to look it up) but I had the same experience as you - was stunned with how good it was. There are several movies from the 70's that you can see a clear through-line from them and their influence on modern cinema and blockbusters, and The Exorcist is clearly one of them. I have seen most classic movies on a small TV, but great movies just hit you around the head when you see them on the big screen in a reparatory cinema or on rerelease (super rare). I think my favourite was a Blue Velvet / Lost Highway double bill at the Curzon Soho many years ago.
  4. I've seen every single film mentioned in this thread so far except Capernaum. I'm wondering where I have found all that time over the years! I will admit however that I only watched Commando for the first time 6 months ago. (sorry @Loik V credern) My blind spot is definitely the 'famous' Foreign movies, like those from Kurosawa, Fellini, Bergman, et al. I've seen a few of their movies but still not many of their famous ones.
  5. Dune's genre, and I'm sure I have seen this mentioned elsewhere, is more of a mythological ancient history epic, than a sci-fi or fantasy story. I can easily see the same story being as interesting if set in ancient Greece and the space ships were sailing ships, and spice was. er, spice. Curry powder perhaps.
  6. Finally saw this last night and caught up with the thread. Not read the book. I'm in total agreement with the many posters who said they could have gone straight into Dune 2. It's rare that such a long and epic movie seems to fly by. A testament to the director, editor, writers, and the way it was all brought together. I was really impressed by the ending as well, which eschewed the typical blockbuster bombast, for a more sombre personal moment for Paul. A scene based on tension and character rather than showy CGI. Shows other ways are possible.
  7. Not seeing anything wrong with that other than being a bit earnest and cheesy.
  8. This has Day One written all over it for me.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n88vcBwdzXE Deserved!
  10. I agree that the acting is by far the biggest problem with this. Harry Seldons' 30 second hologram blast from the past was an acting masterclass compared to the quality on show elsewhere. The inconsistent, or rather uninspiring, directing not far behind at this point, but fundamentally, it's a flawed adaptation of the source material. It's just not doing anything interesting.
  11. hub2


    Don't forget the deep-seated guilt of contributing to the western world's obesity and diabetes health crises. Perhaps like the tobacco industry, covering up decades of research. Except he is performing his research on his sub-minimum wage chattel labourers. Based on his previous work, I'm guessing social realism is the direction Paul King is going with this quasi-documentary.
  12. Thanks, that looks great and added to the wishlist! As for, 'in the same vein', I guess I mean proper audio drama rather than just a book being read by a narrator. My exposure to audio drama is basically nonexistent, but listening to The Sandman it seems to be more of an adaptation than just an audiobook, so am on the look out for that type of content, not just fantasy.
  13. Anyone else listening to The Sandman Act II? https://www.audible.co.uk/pd/The-Sandman-Act-II-Audiobook/B098TXQCJW I just finished the Emperor Norton chapter, so just about half way through and loving it just as much as Act I. Based on the audiobooks, I cant wait for the TV show. Neil Gaiman is also a superb narrator. The production values are so far beyond anything I have heard before but that's probably because I mostly listen to non-fiction. Anything else in the vein I should check out?
  14. Really glad I played this. Won't be touching it until it's on EA Play. Massively disappointed.
  15. Well that was fucking amazing. So glad films like this are still getting made.
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