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  1. It's been said. Brilliant. The three leads are doing an amazing job. That line Paul bettany delivered was beautiful, when it could have been cheesy in a different series.. Also, much kudos needs to be given to the writers and production team on this show. Getting more excited for the future of the MCU TV shows.
  2. Never seen it. is it one of those films you need to have seen in the 80s first time around and now it's problematic?
  3. On that note, while I am generally in favour of shorter series runs, the longer episode count series often have a couple of bottle episodes for budget reasons which are usually terrible, but there's also pure solid gold in there too. A handful of characters in a small confined space ramping up the dramatic tension and character development.
  4. So I binged this in the last two days to catch up, and loved it from the very start. All in on the sitcom conceit.
  5. I think the Captain trilogy (First Avenger, Winter Soldier, Civil War) is great run of films for a character who was scorned and ridiculed when they were first announced to be getting a movie. I think FA is massively overlooked and becomes a much better movie in hindsight after living with Captain America through the others. It's in my top 5 MCU easily.
  6. They started shooting last week? The actor playing Holden was sporting a full on goatee/van dyke beard on his recent podcast appearance so I wonder if there is that's in the show and whether there will be a big time jump.
  7. Nice little mix which came up in my YouTube recommendations yesterday. Mostly late-90s, and thankfully light on the two-step.
  8. I love that no one, no one is a bigger Expanse fan than Wes Chatham.
  9. Wow, loved it. Naomi was a badass in the last few episodes.
  10. It's quite silly, but very slick. Really enjoyed it, but I am a sucker for charming conman/heist stuff. Very short series though at 5 episodes. Definitely left me wanting more.
  11. The last season is fantastic and the ending was totally worth it.
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