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  1. How does one join the Xbox clan? If new members are welcome that is.
  2. I have been disassembling everything. Armour and weapons alike. Is there a hard and fast rule on what to keep and upgrade? Exotics only? I made the decision to upgrade my chest armour and then the very next drop was a new chest armour with a significantly higher value. I'm about 1200-ish.
  3. That episode was directed by Carl Weathers. Really keeping the episode directors in the family!
  4. I've only had one issue with quick resume (other than somes games not supporting it) which was that it started QR, then went "Naaahhh", and started loading from scratch. happen to anyone else?
  5. I played a lot of Destiny 1 and hardly dipped my toe into the Destiny 2 water, so it's all a tad overwhelming right now with a lot to catch up on... Gambits, Triumphs, ways to upgrade weapons and gear, soft caps, other caps, new quests structures, etc. Although also familiar starting in the Cosmodrome. Is there a good 'Story so far' article anywhere I can read? One thing which is a game changer for me is the load times on a Series X. I recall the game taking ages to load previously which really discouraged dipping in and playing a few quick rounds of Crucible or finishing off a fe
  6. Just played this for the first time thanks to Game Pass. I think this is just a perfect two player game. Best thing I have played so far this year. The pub is tricky though.
  7. Hmm, I might be screwed with my cross save. I have an old Xbox account already linked to bungie.net, but I do not have my old Xbox login details, so I am unable to UNLINK it in favour of my new account. Bizarre decision, but I'm sure there is a reason. Now, I had not played seriously in years, so I'm not sure it's worth persevering with trying to reclaim the characters as it seems they are 1050, but the new character I created earlier is 1050 also and (automatically?) level 20. Basically, someone tell me not to sweat it and start from scratch. :p
  8. Yes It's working for me on Tetris Connected for sure. I think games may need to be patched to allow for Quick Resume. @Hitcher has also hypothesised that online games may not be quick resume compatible due to their always online nature.
  9. The Lego expansion pouts a smile on my face. Is the Fortune Island expansion worth it? I own it, but at another 8 gigs or so to download, I'm wondering if it's something to dip into now, or wait until I progress further in the regular game.
  10. hub2

    Xbox Game Pass

    Which Battlefield is the best one to download for multiplayer?
  11. PS4 exclusive last gen, and haven't played an Xbox since 2012. Random thoughts: The controller feels so so good to hold, but I have taken umpteen screenshots fumbling for the option or menu key or whatever it's called I initially put the batteries in the wrong way so was wondering for about 5 minutes why If I had I duff controller Never had a controller firmware update before! The controller/devices options in the OS should detect I have a blue controller and color code them in the OS The OS is fast, but a little confusing, I need to get my head around it still
  12. Is it just me or does this not control quite as well as Tetis 99? Might just be me not used to the new pad or rotations on different buttons. I bet it feels perfect after a few hours with it.
  13. I had 10 minutes with this. Wow. I'm now waiting until everyone has gone to bed so I can turn off all the lights, put on the headphones, and sit 2 feet from the telly.
  14. Woop! Played a little bit of Minecraft Dungeons with my son while we wait for more stuff to download. The UI/home button is going to take some getting used to with my PS4 muscle memory needs to be unlearned. Also, how do you set up a child account, do they need their own email address? Seemed that way when I was tinkering around in settings.
  15. Out for delivery Arriving today by 11 PM 11 PM?!? Better late than never I suppose. (Amazon, W London)
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