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  1. I like the look of this The latest compilation in the essential Too Slow To Disco series is undoubtedly one of the best yet. Instead of focusing on sugary, pitched-down disco, the set showcases what it calls "yacht soul" - suitably sweet, often overblown yacht rock and downtempo disco covers of classic soul songs. There's some superb material on show throughout, with our highlights including Boby Everett's jazz-rock-meets-Philly Soul take on the Beach Boys' 'God Only Knows', a hot-stepping '80s soul cover of Fleetwood Mac's Balearic classic gem 'Everywhere' by Chaka Khan, a deliciously tactile and loved up, boogie-era Aretha Franklin recording of 'What a Fool Believes' and a frankly triumphant, heavily orchestrated soul cover of Paul McCartney's 'Let 'Em In' by the brilliant Billy Paul. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/too-slow-to-disco-presents-yacht/825684-01/?utm_source=feat_email&utm_medium=feat_email_21-07-12&utm_term=feat_email_all_CD&utm_content=feat_email_header&utm_campaign=feat_email_all_cd&c=5277
  2. Lovely bit of sun soaked deep house from G-Prod & Taho. Unfortunately it’s not being released until mid September
  3. I remember seeing a demo of an Atari Falcon in a music shop around 1992-3 and being amazed when someone who worked there recorded CD quality audio on it and zoomed into the waveform and edited it. Futuristic stuff at the time. After Atari went bust music software producer C-Lab bought the rights to create their own Falcons and these are even rarer. EDIT Also Sony were “inspired” by the unreleased Falcon Microbox for the design PlayStation 2
  4. The ST was the computer of choice for early adopters of 16 Bit micros. I’m talking 1986-88, because during those years the Amiga was rare and expensive. It’s also the STs golden era where there was lots of dedicated games and the Amiga received ports that didn’t take advantage of its hardware. By 1989-90 the Amiga fell in price and started to dominate with its superior hardware and the tides turned. But those early years were glorious. The jump we made from the 48k Spectrum to the ST was huge at the time. I didn’t know anyone with an Amiga in 1987. In fact I don’t think I knew anyone with an Amiga until 1990 by which time we’d had 3 years of ST gaming.
  5. That’s the pack we had! Thanks, I couldn’t remember the name.
  6. To explain these. The first STs had external floppy drives and could only use a monitor. The F means the floppy is built in and the M means it has a TV modulator built in. The FM machines are by far the most common. EDIT Apologies if this is obvious.
  7. How not to do a holiday in Ibiza in 1988 https://fb.watch/6uLZ46i19R/
  8. I’m really happy Ten City are making music again. I love all their stuff and this is in my top 10 house records
  9. Mmm!!!....Need some Listerine!!!.....My Throat!!!
  10. Here’s a comparison video. I’d forgotten how bad the sound was
  11. Homemade DC portable. Yours for 500 EUR https://www.ebay.nl/itm/265075955375?hash=item3db7c216af:g:Oz4AAOSwDWFgYdk2
  12. I really want to know what this is too now! My only contribution is Sega’s Galaxy Force, but that was 1988.
  13. A tablespoon of Mr Naga plus all that chilli powder! I definitely couldn’t tackle that one.
  14. Interesting video on SNES development, particularly music creation (if you like that sort of thing)
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