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  1. And Fate of Atlantis was in development but wasn’t released. https://segaxtreme.net/threads/unreleased-sega-cd-indiana-jones-and-the-fate-of-atlantis.15672/ It’s also had a port of Dungeon Master II.
  2. With the Mega PC you need the original monitor or a similar multi sync one that supports the PC and MD output. When they come up for sale they go for a lot of money. I used to want one as well or the sexier Japanese Tera Drive.
  3. Sad news. Stu was influential in the early house and rave scenes.
  4. That’s a relief as I really like his channel and he comes across as a nice guy.
  5. I heard Eric Clapton’s version first. Both his and Greg Phillinganes version use lyrics added to the YMO original by Michael Jackson, but it didn’t make the final cut of Thriller.
  6. I’m wonder how many rllmuk folk have played Vectorbeam’s 1979 Warriors arcade cabinet? I played it in the early 80’s in an arcade in Seattle and I loved it. According to Wikipedia the internals were really unreliable and there’s only one working cab left in the UK.
  7. I think Flicky was an obscure arcade game, I never saw a cabinet. But the Megadrive conversion plus it’s appearance on a few Mega Games complication carts made it more widely known.
  8. I only found this one out recently. It was originally written by Karl Edmund De Vere Wallinger who had a stint in The Waterboys in the 80’s.
  9. I had no idea those last two were covers, good stuff.
  10. Sorry Amiga fans but the ST intro music has the edge. I won’t mention the chip music after it though!
  11. I’m sure we all must have a few of these. You’re growing up hearing a song on TV or the radio, and to you it is the original version. Only later you realise that actually someone else released it first. For my wife it was Robert Palmer’s cover of Marvin Gaye’s Mercy Mercy Me which I considered grounds for divorce for a while I’ll start off with a couple of my perhaps less obvious ones, posting the cover version first.
  12. I love Scampi Fries and even the less beloved Cheese Moments.
  13. This is great news as I’ve had a hankering for these recently. https://www.bustle.com/life/nik-naks-scampi-n-lemon-flavour-crisps
  14. RIP Oliver and RIP another part of my childhood
  15. Not just cheats but games mags printed maps as well. The one ls I remember using were for 8 bit games like Saboteur 2, Sabre Wulfe and Underwurlde. My favourite cheat on the Atari ST was for Elite. If you typed in Sara you got to a screen with hexadecimal values and you could upgrade your ship and fill up the cargo bay. EDIT Another one I remember is on the Spectrum version of Gauntlet if you held down symbol shift you could walk through the walls.
  16. BBC History Hour. Max Pearson introduces first-hand accounts of the nightclub that changed Ibiza https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3ct39lk
  17. Yes and then posted this about a request for £500 compensation
  18. Does anyone know the tune played in the third video of this Instagram post? It’s taken from a Fabric event at the end of March https://www.instagram.com/p/Cbp70nbA8sm/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  19. aMaru’s work on improving the MD port of Ghouls’n’Ghosts has got halfway through Level 2
  20. Remember that CRTs aren’t fixed resolution displays like modern flat panels, so they don’t need to scale to fit the screen. In the case of a Earthworm Jim and other ports, you see less of the playing area on the SNES due to the lower resolution.
  21. I used to pop into the Rathbone Place CEX in the late nineties. I remember drooling over rare stuff in the glass cabinet in the basement. The only things I can actually remember are an Altair 8800 and Hello Kitty Dreamcast, but I’m sure there was other cool stuff.
  22. The song has aged better than the video
  23. That’s crazy. I watched the development of the Konix Multisystem through magazines like The Game Machine and always thought it looked cool.
  24. This was released just yesterday which is well timed for the nice weather.
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