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  1. Does anyone know if this music is copied from an original song?
  2. I can’t offer much help, but I’d say it would be better to look for a good consumer CRT. A 20” PVM is going to cost a lot of money.
  3. Not sure. I know it does DoDonPachi.
  4. Apologies for the crappy photo but I’ve never played in tate mode at home and got excited. I found a vga cable in a drawer and now have dual output over hdmi and vga. It’s easy to rotate my 2007 vintage Dell monitor I bought from eBay for £30 so gave it a quick blast. Are there any other games I should try out in vertical mode? There must be a fair few shoot-em-ups.
  5. Talking of Sharon Redd there’s a nice Shep Pettibone mix of Beat The Street. I’m also partial to this early nineties mix of Never Give You Up by Dimitri from Paris. It turns a bit housey half way through so folk in here may prefer the Francois Kevorkian original.
  6. Thanks I’ll give it a go. I setup the samba share this morning and transferred loads of roms onto it. I don’t have any Neo Geo yet but have the other consoles covered.
  7. Which shadow masks can people recommend? There’s a few folders worth provided in the update all script but a lot of them are too intrusive for my tastes. I’m looking for some nice scanlines with a bit of glow.
  8. If you still decide to get one I’m happy to help you out. I only set mine up yesterday and it was very easy. Using the Mr Fusion SD card image and the update_all script makes it a piece of cake. I had everything built and connected up in less than an hour. Then I just left it while the update_all script did its stuff. Not sure I need all the alternative versions, but the fact it pulls the arcade roms is excellent.
  9. I just assumed the DE-10 itself had wifi built in. That could be why it didn’t work Jonnyalpha is right, you need Bluetooth dongles as well. I setup a 2.4ghz 8bitdo M30 controller and had very quick go on Ghouls ’n’ Ghosts and I’m really impressed so far. It feels a lot snappier and lag free compared to my Retropie and the shadow masks look really good.
  10. it’s alive! The included Wi-Fi script fails with a syntax error so running over Ethernet for now. I’ve added the update_all script to SD card so will run that next. Next comes the messing with display settings and getting controllers working. Then adding roms.
  11. There’s fan in the case. RMC posted a video using a case made with plastic that changes colour with temperature and its apparently fine.
  12. Not sure. Work is getting in the way of me making any further progress 😀. There is a heat sink and fan included.
  13. Footage of an early version of a Metal Slug port to the Megadrive.
  14. I’ll put some pictures up when it arrives. I’m not expecting the 3D printed case to be that great but we’ll see. LGR posted a video on it yesterday.
  15. My RMC Multisystem has been shipped and should be with me on Monday. I also have a 512Gb SD card on the way. I’d better start reading up on how to set the thing up and getting some roms.
  16. I don’t see how that can be true seeing as Japanese carts are bigger than other regions. Unless they mean Japanese machines that still have the cart lock. All grey import machines have this removed as its only one screw to disable.
  17. I played an awful lot of Batman and Head over Heals on the Spectrum. RIP.
  18. I will definitely give those a listen. I played a lot of Rambo III on the Megadrive in 1989. The song when you’re rescuing the prisoners on level 2 is really atmospheric.
  19. Yeah I’ve ordered the version without the hole as I’ll be using HDMI or VGA. As @robotattack pointed out - the case includes a fan that can be run at 3.3v or 5v to deal with the heat. I just have the DE10 at the moment so I guess I’ll also need to buy a heat sink for the cpu. Not sure tbh.
  20. I can’t wait to get mine. The version of the case without the hole on the top for the scart socket will also have a mount for at 2.5” drive.
  21. I’ve ordered one plus a case in grey.
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