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  1. That’s the pack we had! Thanks, I couldn’t remember the name.
  2. To explain these. The first STs had external floppy drives and could only use a monitor. The F means the floppy is built in and the M means it has a TV modulator built in. The FM machines are by far the most common. EDIT Apologies if this is obvious.
  3. How not to do a holiday in Ibiza in 1988 https://fb.watch/6uLZ46i19R/
  4. I’m really happy Ten City are making music again. I love all their stuff and this is in my top 10 house records
  5. Mmm!!!....Need some Listerine!!!.....My Throat!!!
  6. Here’s a comparison video. I’d forgotten how bad the sound was
  7. Homemade DC portable. Yours for 500 EUR https://www.ebay.nl/itm/265075955375?hash=item3db7c216af:g:Oz4AAOSwDWFgYdk2
  8. I really want to know what this is too now! My only contribution is Sega’s Galaxy Force, but that was 1988.
  9. A tablespoon of Mr Naga plus all that chilli powder! I definitely couldn’t tackle that one.
  10. Interesting video on SNES development, particularly music creation (if you like that sort of thing)
  11. I took a punt on this compilation as I’ve been after the UK 12” mix of Aurra - You and Me tonight for a while. Fortunately it’s the mix I wanted. Most of the other tracks aren’t known to me (except for the BB&Q Band, Chaka Khan etc) so will have to give it a proper listen. Just listen to that funky DX7 baseline
  12. Glad you’re enjoying it. Don’t forget about volume 2 which is contains more belters.
  13. I can’t think of any others that have had the same treatment. It just goes to show how much love Outrun gets.
  14. There is at least a colour hack of the Megadrive version to make it look more like the arcade https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2083/
  15. @bplus There’s a port to the Sega Saturn that’s better than the arcade because you can switch it from 30 to 60fps. I’ve no idea if it can be emulated though. Then there’s the version on the Dreamcast on Yu Suzuki’s Game Works. Probably the most interesting is a fan enhancement called Cannonball.
  16. I finally got round to watching the Teddy Pendergrass documentary that was on last year and wow, it is fantastic. If ever there was a story begging to be made into a film, this is it. So I thought I’d post the best mix of one one of my favourite songs featuring him on vocals, and let’s face it one of the best soul records ever made. Harmless released a Mike Maurro compilation a few years ago that’s worth seeking out if you don’t already have it.
  17. Agreed. Although there was some debate about whether this should be included in the full set if it didn’t get a proper release in Europe. I’ve always been more into the Japanese releases and I’m surprised how much some people are willing to spend on PAL games. The Japanese box art is usually 10x better.
  18. Saw this for sale on a Facebook group. Apparently £3k is a great price for this game. Tons were sold in the US but the PAL version had a very limited run of less than 200 copies. Not sure if it was pulled due to licensing issues. It seems crazy to spend that much for a Megadrive rather than Genesis logo for what is an average game.
  19. That one is on my radar but I haven’t picked it up yet. I think I will now. EDIT - Ordered!
  20. I’m amazed at how much some compilations, even relatively recent ones are going for on discogs.
  21. You can get it on the Jumpin’ compilation. Volume 2 is fantastic and arguably better than the first. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Jumpin-Original-Full-Length-Classics-From-The-Disco-Underground/master/53685
  22. I remember this making the charts in 1991 but I didn’t hear any of the remixes at the time.
  23. Sure, its on the first Beats and Pieces compilation on bbe under the artist name Restless Soul. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Beats-Pieces-Volume-One/release/25320
  24. And look - space to dance!
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