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  1. No you're right it's old and a bit shite, but it does NTSC etc, so it'll do for now. Oh and that weird looking stain on the TV stand is candle wax. Honest
  2. How smug am I? I've got the day off work and as luck would have it, a big box from Japan arrived plus a smaller parcel with Ghouls 'n' Ghosts for the Super Grafx . I'm going to have a good afternoon, but first I need to go out and get hold of a psu for the NEC machine, the Wondermega works with an MD2 psu (thanks Dreamcastmaster). The motorised lid is pure sex!
  3. See now if someone had of told me there'd one day be an Edge article about it I wouldn't have passed up on the opportunity! (and just out of interest what was the final end cost per unit?) I think it was £46. A bit of a bargain.
  4. Eh? Do you mean a Megadrive in 1989 DCM? That's when I got one. BTW Can I use an MD1 psu on a Wondermega?
  5. It mentions the MegaJet bulk buy . I started that, I did. But Droo did all the hard work. I suppose I'll have to buy it now!
  6. But Elite on the Speccy did have one of the stupidest copy protection schemes ever....LensLock!
  7. Welcome to the 80s house! Do you also all have spikey hair and listen to Duran Duran while eating your pot noodles
  8. When I was 5 my Dad bought us an Odyssey 2 (Phillips G7000). Yes I'm that old! This thing was worse than a VCS, but I loved it. After that we went to a Speccy 48k then an Atari ST and a Megadrive. I used to love going into Boots and buying games having no idea how good they'd be. Of course everyone knew Sabrewulf was class, but I clearly remember buying stuff like 3D Ant Attack and being well chuffed when I got home to play it, and they were actually good. I also remember sitting in a bakery waitning for my mum in the queue while I read the instructions to Jack the Nipper wishing for her to hurry up so I could go home and play it.
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