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  1. Chuffed with this. Original Sonic Cd soundtrack on triple vinyl. New Jack swing and house bangers galore that still stand up.
  2. Cheers. Tried it and still getting crackling. Maybe I'm just a dusty motherfucker. All the brush seems to do is move the dust around the record!
  3. Yes. (Only have three of them!) No. No. My amp has the 'GND' input but my turntable (Rega Playa 2) doesn't come with a grounding system. (Reading up on it, apparently Rega put the ground on the left channel of their audio cable) Been looking at one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Behringer-PP400-Microphono-Compact-assorted/dp/B000H2BC4E?th=1. Could using this to convert to a line signal be a possible fix? Looks like it has grounding option too. Sorry, this is all very annoying. I feel so stupid!
  4. Yeah, had a clean, didn't make a lick of difference. Fucks sake! Gonna try rebalancing tonearm to see if that helps. Otherwise I might have to start thinking about new amplifiers.
  5. Lovely album this. I was ready for more of the same boring and plain indie-girl pop that the Guardian seems to love. But I found this so much better than Mitski and the like. Probably should relisten to her earlier stuff.
  6. Deeeep Jazz funk. Fucking love this album.
  7. For an obsessive that's listened to a deranged amount of music, my vinyl phase has come embarrisingly late. No better place to start than the most perfect pure pop LP that nobody has heard of. Probably my favourite album ever tbh.
  8. Yes it's a 'crackling' kind of noise. Brand new sealed LP and I'm hearing it during tracks. Also using the felt mat that came with the Regina. Cheers for the help. Just purchased the brush. Hopefully a nice clean will do it.
  9. Got the player! Problem is I'm hearing more static than I'd like. Keep getting crackles throughout even a brand new record. Could it be a set up issue? Will I have to 'ground' it? Or am I just going to have get a new amp? (I love my current one. Old (probably late 80s) but works fine for everything wlse). Please help! Very frustrated.
  10. Had a shop the other day. Classics the lot of em. Love the Shirley Collins disc in particular. Not only my favourite Shirley album but it has a lovely booklet.
  11. Sweet. Sorry to be a pain, but whats the difference of' phono' vs 'line'? I use line for other stuff because the quality sounds better.
  12. Indeed! Also has 'Line' to if that makes a difference.
  13. If I can just piggy back off this question; I literally just ordered my first proper player (Rega Plana 2!) and am now hearing about preamps. Do I buy one? I use speakers with an old school (90s?) Pioneer amplifier. Thanks!
  14. Man, 2021 was a TREMENDOUS year for music. Discovered so much weird and wonderful stuff this year that rounding it down to 10 feels unfair. Thanks to @ngchol for both putting this together and for hipping me to some great LPs that just missed my 10. Easy choice for my number one. Holy fuck, where has this been all my life? It's so me. This lush, ghostly, kaleidoscopic, fucking magical house music. It's ridiculous, but I must have welled-up four or five times listening to this thing. It's so pretty and bittersweet. Also, playing Makin' Magick II while half-way to sleep with the headphones on was an otherworldly experience. A personal all-timer.
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