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  1. Yeah I use the 2 factor thing too, just thought it was weird that it still pops up every now and then. Aye that be a bit late as I get up for work at 4am gmt 5 hours of raiding brings back the good old days of mmorpg raiding.....grind....bio.....food...so on and so forth, so looking forward to that....
  2. Here's an interesting question for anyone. Since getting div 2 I keep getting random emails from ubisoft support under the title of "Suspicious Activity" anyone else had this or heard about it happening?
  3. Anyone around tomorrow evening to give it a go on PS4?
  4. Plus even if it's impossible even with solid teamwork.... at least you can test your personal build and decide where you think you need to improve, so if they realise "yeah we fucked up" and actually pay better attention to the console equivalent of the raid for aiming. At least you'll have your build ready for then. Ofcourse, I say if.....purely because if the PC players are happy who really cares if console players have to struggle. Clearly Ubisoft but only for the lack of money. But for me I'll just go on the premise of Rome wasn't built in a day
  5. Well I'm also up for it as and when, I'm on a morning shift for a week and then off for whitsun week. Even if its impossible I'm up for going in for a blast
  6. Dont worry Harsin, I'll be on at some point you can keep me alive......or at least you can try.
  7. Yeah I agree, I just wish I could finally get round to killing that last hunter I need that still doesn't seem to be fixed. I'll probably more than likely be on after work tonight about 11 if anyone around.
  8. Cheers for that I found it. Joined yesterday.
  9. So probably missed it somewhere what's the clan name exactly as I've searched for various versions of rll muk and found nothing. Also my psn Id is Karthirian
  10. So out of curiosity, whose in charge of the Rllmuk clan on Div 2 on PS4 and is there room me and a few of my mates? I get lonely with out me old mukkers to play with and my mates and I only make up 5 on PS4 as the rest are all of xbox.
  11. In terms of randoms, yes I agree I have also had some bad experiences and yet also some good ones that require no talking... Maybe a little leading. When in doubt use them as cannon fodder....I miss that game.....twas a great game.
  12. I must say I'm rather enjoying this game. Even more so when I sign into my Ps4 to see lots of peeps from the forum who on my friends playing it, I think yay people to play with..... Oh wait no I can't it's 3 man squads and everyone is already in parties playing together. So I end up playing on my own.....sucks to be me. However, I still love the game but too many spanners who don't get the whole yes im down but you can respawn me, Im not just smashing that button for fun to tell you where I am.
  13. If you get stuck I'll always be happy to help if scruff really doesn't want to do it
  14. Well I've not logged in to destiny in over a week. Have I missed anything?
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