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  1. I now take back what I said, what a great match yesterday!
  2. With the Leicester win yesterday I think our chances of a top four finish is over we will have to settle for fifth.
  3. Yep I'm basicially done only doing the weekly quests to unlock the skin variations.
  4. Yep I'm glad it was only mini-series, kept me entertained for a few days.
  5. Just finished watching this, the scene you mentioned made me laugh because his son decides to walk into court and sit down when he said earlier no public was allowed.
  6. Well done @Pistol that sounds epic, almost Commando like!
  7. You need to use the youtube shortlink instead on the video address, this is usually under the share button.
  8. @memories fixed your youtube link
  9. @grounded_dreams I started a new thread with your post and added a trailer.
  10. Yakuza Like a Dragon (PS5) I have not played any of the previous Yakuza games, so why was I interested in this game? Because I enjoy turn-based RPGs, proper turn-based not like the Final Fantasy 7 Remake classic mode! Yakuza Like a Dragon ticks all the right boxes for a great RPG, first it has an enjoyable cast of characters from Ichiban your main protaganist to Nanba a homeless guy who has a complex backstory. I played with the English voice-acting and it is very good. Each character can be assigned a job which will give them a wide array of skills, these job
  11. My daughter has been playing with her school-friends now and she created this montage.
  12. Someone was happy when she came back from school. I think the new skin is ‘cool’
  13. £75 for the lot, first refusal is @Lorfarius
  14. You obviously have a lot more patience than me and mad skills to complete the Dragon Kart
  15. I ran out of patience after an hour, just felt like a waste of my time. So I carried on and completed the main quest. It's a good game I really enjoyed it but I'm not going to try for the platinum and will now move on to enjoy something else.
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