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  1. Got stick drift on a controller that was purchased in June less than 6 months! I'm going to use the spare controller until after xmas before returning to Sony. It will take me that long to read the stupid tiny font serial number.
  2. gospvg

    Pokemon Go

    Ok thanks I thought I could do it from my lazy living room.
  3. gospvg

    Pokemon Go

    I keep trying this everyday but can't complete it? What am I doing wrong?
  4. I have always used shopto, I find them reliable. I had issues once with codes from CD Keys.
  5. Or purchase PSN credit for cheaper and buy from the PS store.
  6. I have had my PS5 vertical since launch
  7. ...... runs off to switch the PS5 from Vertical to Horizontal.
  8. Glad the final went ahead and did not get ruined by the weather. England played well and were the better team on the day.
  9. +1 for this comment it's the reason I have not been back to PC gaming for a long while. Consoles are far easier for gaming.
  10. Great batting by England. Pakistan needed 20 more runs and injured Shaheen did not help the bowling attack.
  11. gospvg

    Pokemon Go

    My daughter got me back into playing this a few days ago. I have not played since 2017. Thankfully my account is still live with all the old pokemon I collected in 2016/17. Will go back and add the friends code on the last few pages. My code is 8993 6574 0007
  12. I've always found it confusing to follow because you have to keep updating it. Will see if I can find an easy to follow guide.
  13. That's so frustrating, goal highlights should be up soon.
  14. Good result will need to catch up on the highlights to see the goals. Do 3pm games get shown on TV anywhere?
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