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  1. gospvg

    Clash Royale

    I have no idea how I won that match!
  2. Sequel will be Xbox Exclusive
  3. 2005 1. Harry Potter Goblet of Fire 2. Batman Begins 3. History of Violence 2006 1. Rang De Basanti 2. Children of Men 3. The Departed 2007 1. There will be blood 2. Like Stars on Earth 3. 310 to Yuma 2008 1. The Dark Knight 2. Wall E 3. Ironman 2009 1. The Road 2. Moon 3. Avatar
  4. I started this at the weekend, the item management is a bit fiddly moving from the bag to the individual. I have a side quest to perform a particular pep attack but I can't get the individuals all pepped up at the same time needed to perform the attack?
  5. Thanks for the great post @Jarik, My career at FBC is slightly delayed. My daughter finished Dragon Quest XI so I started playing that!
  6. I'm hoping to start this at the weekend, any beginner tips?
  7. My launch PS4 Pro has started to become really noisy & I have to play with headphones now.
  8. Pipe dream, I can't see that happening with the older consoles. PS4 yes but nothing before that.
  9. That was great, love it.
  10. I think it will come with a 512GB SSD, although I think they should go with 1TB as minimum.
  11. Reviews are out, Overall a solid 7/10. It's still on my shopping list to buy but not on release. Concrete Genie paints an impressive picture with delightful gameplay and heart warming characters. it's a great way to spend a few hours unleashing your creativity. A bright and thoughtful exploration of some dark and difficult themes Most of what Concrete Genie has to offer is fun and beautiful in a sort of childlike way. The game is not particularly difficult, and overcoming a puzzle or combat scenario isn't always satisfying. But it's ultimately still an endearing experience throughout. There's plenty of enjoyment to be found just from the act of exploring, and little hidden secrets along the way help make it worthwhile; I just wish Concrete Genie had more adventure waiting for me. Short and very sweet, Concrete Genie is a spellbinding experiment in player creativity. EGM don't like it! Concrete Genie’s painting tech impresses at first and its heart is certainly in the right place, but the game ultimately proves too aimless to support its already brief running time. Adorning the city in landscapes of your own creation quickly loses its luster as you realize that what you create lacks meaningful interactivity. Even the jarring addition of combat midway through doesn’t do much to counter the sense that Pixelopus couldn’t find a way to build out a full game around a simple gameplay idea. At times, Concrete Genie can be a little too pleasant, which makes the action-packed conclusion really jarring. Still, the contrast between Ash's fantasy and his reality is truly stunning. Concrete Genie has a great score and impressive art direction which leave you absolutely jaw-dropped at times. It’s a short game though, and that feels even more so when the game goes away from its core strengths and barrels towards the finish line with lackluster combat sequences.
  12. I've watched a few episodes of Raising Dion. It's not bad a single mother is learning to cope with her young son developing super powers is the main plotline but it does deal with some sub plots I especially enjoyed a recent scene where the mother had to explain to her child how certain individuals will discrimante against him base on the colour of his skin. Trailer below
  13. I was hoping the PS4 controllers would work with the new console & I also want confirmation on backwards compatibility on my digital PS4 purchases. If it is not out till Holiday 2020, are we really likely to find anything out until E3 2020?
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