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  1. Looking forward to playing this but along with TLOU2 I am going to wait to play it on the PS5.
  2. Good performance could and should have scored more. Impressed by the 19 yr old Brighton right back. I am sure Mane gets the most decisions against him in the league yellow card was harsh.
  3. Dier banned for four matches, that is probably an advantage to Spurs.
  4. @Opinionated Ham Scarecrow @BubbleFish recently completed it, will ping them to reply. I will start playing probably tomorrow.
  5. After spending quite a few hours in The Outer Worlds time for something much shorter. Looking forward to starting Concrete Genie, it even has a VR mode.
  6. Completed this yesterday, it’s really good. Ending is gearing up for a sequel just hope it is not Xbox exclusive. Reminds me so much of the fallout game just with better story threads.
  7. Blade Runner 2049 HD & 4K version & Blind Fury have been added.
  8. Thanks @Boothjan that was a good read and equally sad to see the potential demise of Wigan.
  9. I have put it back in the title, let's leave it with this until the new season starts. Was good to see Klopp fuming after the match.
  10. I remember paying £69.99 for ISS Soccer on the SNES ( Lost a bet with my brother).
  11. It is a poor performance with our first team, we have not been at it. Defence is asleep. Not taking our chances.
  12. WTF was that? Yes we have the title but 3 goals in one half!
  13. @CheekyLee that is very good, well done.
  14. The excellent Knives Out is being added 17th July & Rambo Last Blood 10th July
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