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  1. I got my pre-order in on the day they were launched but even then it was a struggle lots of online shops just died trying to either add the console to the basket or during checkout. Got lucky with Amazon but my Smyths order got cancelled. There needs to be some system to stop scalpers grabbing these consoles.
  2. Any further updates from playstation support or the retailer? Going to be difficult to get a replacement unit I think until the new year.
  3. Whilst troubleshooting echo issues on voice party chat yesterday evening (Playing Monster Hunter World with friends) I went back to my PS4 to test party chat and the controller felt odd and small. Can't believe how my hands already perfer the new controller so quickly! Issues on party chat were resolved by going into settings and adjusting the microphone down to zero. I'm assumming the inbuilt mic was fighting with my headset mic.
  4. Played a couple of hours of Monster Hunter World yesterday, had issues with party setup with an echo coming from my headset (found a post on reddit that said to turn down mic level on settings to zero & that fixed it). Game ran fine with super-fast loading. I still have no idea what I am doing though in the game
  5. Lie, go back to page 1 and give me my pos Ok that rules out Cyberpunk getting any votes for me then, I won't be playing that until the PS5 update at some point next year.
  6. Teenage daughters have a language I cannot understand On the to-do list need to pick up some cable sleeves when I am next in the office.
  7. @Jolly Do we have a cut-off for games released this year? I was watching the EZA podcast yesterday and they mentioned that for The Game Awards they have a mid November cut off so any games released later like Cyberpunk did not qualify for any nominations.
  8. Looking at the Game Awards nominees I’ve done pretty well in playing 4/6 of the games listed in the actual year they were released usually I’m playing catch-up and play a year later.
  9. @teddymeow From 4 minutes onwards you can see my setup. Vertical, behind the TV with the rear vents not bouncing off any wall but going into the room. It’s easy access to the disc drive. Apart from the annoying disc drive spinning every 45 minutes touch wood I’ve not had any issues. Like @FiveFootNinja & @Fully Aspel I’ve also avoided the two most reported issues in external storage and rest mode.
  10. Whose idea was it to get rid of the empathy reaction, we need more not less bring them all back including negs.
  11. Was watching my daughter enjoy this yesterday and she was laughing at all the voices for the various creatures.
  12. I've still not watched it yet, it's on my list but I'm enjoying playing Ghost of Tsushima more at the moment.
  13. I'm sat on the floor crying my eyes out, I've not been able to sleep for three days now worrying about it!
  14. Not long maybe 15 to 20 seconds it's just annonying that it happens every 45mins to an hour. Has not stopped me enjoying Ghost of Tsushima (I play with headphones anayway). I'm sure it's on Sony's to fix list. Yeah, I just take the game disc out now.
  15. Yes I would expect it once when starting but not every 45 minutes when you are playing the game or even playing something else. Hopefully Sony will have a fix soon.
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