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  1. I was thinking you had to do that and then edit
  2. Well played @Pistol your building editing skills are good I have no idea how to do that!
  3. The quest system is odd with character cards etc. I had a quick session on Monday but I'll leave it now to weekends only, don't think much of the battle pass. Carnage could be fun to play but the rest are meh!
  4. Nothing for me I have 6 games from the Yakuza series to enjoy and other titles in my backlog.
  5. Trailer is out for new season, I have updated the opening post. Will update thread title later.
  6. Exciting end sequence, new season starts tomorrow 10am.
  7. @Chindie I have spoiler edited some of the photos.
  8. Who gives a fuck about the red card, the kid has a broken lwg and is probably going to be out for the season!.
  9. Why were tbey checking for offside when a leeds player is on the goal line?
  10. Decent first half, nice goal. Leeds give us space to play and we will.
  11. The look on his face at the replay thinking fuck what a stupid mistake.
  12. Good race, Happy for Mclaren 1-2. Bottas used up all his overtakes and got stuck behind Perez but still a good drive to get on the podium. Lewis/Max drama carries on to the next race. Racing incident to me.
  13. News update. Toby Jones joins his Detectorists co-star Mackenzie Crook in the second series of Worzel Gummidge Filming is complete on the new episodes, with the comedy drama returning to BBC One this Christmas
  14. Well Mercede, that did not go to plan.
  15. Hopefully Bottas can pull off a Perez style race and overtake the drivers in front during the race.
  16. In the sprint race maybe in the GP where you get more points he will end up behind Max surely?
  17. So why did Mercedes change Bottas engine just to get some points from the sprint race to lose out on more ponts in the GP with him starting at the back?
  18. I have played for three seasons now and first seaon like you fully invested but now I just play at weekends up to level 100 to complete the battle pass after that I only play if my daughter asks.
  19. I completed Like a dragon earlier this year and enjoyed it very much that I have not stopped thinking about it, the characters in the Yakuza series are so good, fleshed out with detail. I had to know the story of Kiryu so started playing Yakuza 0 up to chapter 5 at the moment and loving every bit. It is daunting at the prospect of having to play six games in the series to understand everything but when these games are so good why not? Cost me £50 to get all six games, I purchased Yakuza 0 digital on sale for a fiver and Kiwami was given away on PS+. Kiwami 2, Yakuza remastered collection (Yakuza 3 to 5) & Yakuza 6 I purchased physical. Not sure if he has sold them but @teddymeow had some of the games in trading recently. TLDR - Play the Yakuza series, if you liked Judgement you will love Yakuza.
  20. Ok so this is qualifying for the sprint race, how do we decide the grid order for the race? Is it the outcome of the sprint race?
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