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  1. There is a lot of content in that gameplay video. It also mentions in-app purchases at the start so will be interesting how they are going to charge for it. Also no co-op gameplay?
  2. Thanks will check that location, hopefully it will spawn.
  3. The Dinosaur's are fun, don't shoot them or they get mad! Tilted is like a Black Friday sale! Avoid at all costs. I still can't find a broken vending machine!
  4. Maybe summer. Rumours about some event next month for a relaunch (Samurai Edition) & Netflix Anime.
  5. I've lost interest in all of these events now and will just watch the trailers in my own time on youtube.
  6. Did not know this was back on, will catch up on the first episode this evening. The kids like watching the made-up drama.
  7. Gutted I am going to be missing the last race, I'm going on holiday, trying to find a potential way around viewing it by installing Nord VPN & hopefully I can then VPN back to watch via Now TV.
  8. These are what my kids have played Minecraft Terraria Lego Games Spyro Dragon Crash Bandicoot Rayman Legends Overcooked Spider-Man Knack Stardew Valley Dragon Quest Builders Lego Games - there are tons of these! Rocket League Fortnite Genshin Impact & lots more, you have a massive catalogue for kids to enjoy on the PS4.
  9. Just played for a bit annoyingly got a couple of 2nd places, how do you slide? Not sure about the guns, Sniper is good though.
  10. Starts off slow and I love Mike's comedy class. Hopefully it will get another season. Read spoiler once you have finished the season.
  11. Completed the main story, last boss was actually pretty easy. Got a bit of mopping up to do but I don't think I will bother getting all the collect-a-thon because I hate the flower grab sections.
  12. My highlights from the previous season, I'll not be around much at the beginning of the new season but will be back on after Christmas.
  13. Completed Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8, Islanders, Yoku's Island Express. That is me done for the year with 23 games completed, I've enjoyed doing the video reviews this year. Highlights for me have been Control, Yakuza Like A Dragon introducing me to the series and I'm working my way through playing the earlier games & Miles Morales whilst short was a very good showcase for the PS5. 2021 Completed Games Next Year I've got Yakuza 3 to 6, AC Valhalla, Judgement Games, lots of indie tiltes & Horizon Zero Dawn 2.
  14. New Chapter goes live from 3pm today. Opening post updated.
  15. Have enjoyed watching Monsters at Work over the past week with the kids. It has the original voice actors for Mike/Sulley and some very funny lines.
  16. It's not letting me in been trying for 30 mins, I've given up now will just watch it later on youtube.
  17. Hopefully not as long as the mountain climb. It is a fun metroidvania game with pinball mechanics.
  18. After a few more attempts I managed to climb the mountain. I hope there are no more flower grab sections.
  19. Mine fades in a matter of weeks, I will try to climb the mountain again later and listen out for any cues. Thanks.
  20. Audio Cues? I'm stuck using this flower grapple trying to get up the mountain, fun little game will try the mountian again later.
  21. Good result yesterday, felt sorry for Rafa he is under huge pressure but they were a bunch of divers.
  22. Due to the high traffic, Sony servers are experiencing issues at the moment. Please check again in 4-6 hours. Your codes will be available shortly. We are sorry for the inconvenience. On ShopTo website.
  23. I purchased some credit before black friday and retrieved the code fine under digital items.
  24. I've had issues with CDKeys on redeeming the codes & it took a while to get resolved. So have stuck with Shopto for the last few purchases, the code is available online after you purchase.
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