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  1. Double hard bastards. Ben Chaplin was great. Such a shame he left, Stuke was ok but it was never the same.
  2. Looking forward to this! Has High Noon returned?!
  3. My word that would have been terrible, Ronda has all the personality and charm of a biscuit.
  4. The Man From Toronto (Netflix) Action Comedy with Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson. A few of the comedy parts were reasonably funny but Woody was wasted here, very mediocre effort. It's fine if you have nothing else on, but it's very meh. 2/5
  5. Also gets deducted points for no Sam Elliot.
  6. CM 01/02. I still play it regularly now. At least a month or two each year. I was doing my GCSE's when it launched and I was already a massive fan of the series going back to 97/98. It's just crack in gaming form. Made me hate Roma for the past 20 years based purely on this game alone. Roma away, ugh. The legends from the original database still live on strong amongst the fanbase, mods being released all the time to keep the game up to date. Just incredible. Close second : PES 5
  7. I've been playing Virtua Tennis on the Dreamcast again with a mate on Saturday evenings. It's still ridiculously playable, you can get some epic rallies going. Graphically it still looks really nice for a 22 year old game, except for the player faces. My word, zombie Tim Henman, Yikes.
  8. Watched this with the kids at the weekend and we enjoyed it. It clearly was meant to be a film, right down to the cuts at the end of each episode but it was decent for what it was. Animated Bean is still the best thing Atkinson has done in years though, now that is genuinely great.
  9. Thanks, I'll give this a skip then I think, shame a decent story Evil Dead game would have been great!
  10. I didn't even realise this was a thing, is there a proper single player campaign, or is it a training mode for the multiplayer? I wanted to play the Friday 13th game but the lack of single player put me off.
  11. I love the Alpha series, the artwork is amazing too. Plus, Dan! I picked up the Alpha Anthology on PS2 when Woolworths was closing down for a fiver. Bargain!
  12. My kids have the Spongebob game on the Switch, it looked okay to be fair although obviously no comparison to the Mario Games. I wouldn't have minded seeing the Nickelodeon version of Smash Bros on here though.
  13. I had the same thought. I've genuinely not seen anyone talking about this since the disastrous launch. Such a shame, god knows what they were thinking. I would have been quite happy with a slightly updated 21, I thought it played a decent game of football to be honest.
  14. Looking forward to the 3rd series already. I absolutely love Goggins and McBride. Toilet Baby!
  15. Do these ever pop up on Ebay pre modded? A bog standard Xbox One would be fine? I'm too lazy to do the modding myself but would love one sitting under the tv.
  16. Master System version for me too. There used to be a shop in town that had Master System/NES games hanging in the window and the cover of DD was amazing. I begged my mum for it every time we went past the shop and one day she relented and bought it for me. Circa 91 I reckon. The music on the first stage is forever burnt into my memory. My cousin and me used to complete it regularly once we get good enough, those big blokes that used to barge through the walls we named Toffee Man. No idea why. Great memories.
  17. Not just you! I have had it too, it got so bad last night that it wouldn't find a game in FUT Champs. A little look around and seems it's fairly common on PS5 at the moment. Went back to PS4 and everything was fine again. Anyway, i spent £90 on Black Friday packs to try and either get Mbappe or either coins to buy him. Got sod all. Did an 81 plus upgrade this morning and packed the record breaker one, untradeable. Not sure if EA took pity on me, but I'l take it!
  18. What a game. I remember renting it from Blockbusters several times over and still buying it about 6 months later. The music was fabulous. Some of the team bosses were awful from memory. I think the French or Italian bloke would still moan even when you were winning.
  19. I used to love this mag. I remember looking at the Arcade games and wishing console games looked that good, wonderful memories.
  20. Trainwreck, Other Guys, 30 minutes or less, This is The End, Daddy's Home, Stepbrothers, Talladega Nights, Wedding Crashers , Pineapple Express & Anchorman - The Legend of Ron Burgundy.
  21. Episodes 1 and 2 were brilliant, great storytelling from both points of view. That 3rd episode though? Jesus wept. The Lucy character was absolutely abysmal. Van Helsing and Dracula performances were both great though. This could have been 2 episodes and done, let's just pretend the 3rd didn't happen.
  22. Baby Gullit is trash. Lacks all of the qualities that make the other 2 cards so special, do not get suckered into buying him, he's no better than Seedorf.
  23. How have you been getting on current difficulty setting? EA will up the difficulty on SB without telling you if you are continually winning. Make sure you check before you go into the next game, the sneaky bastards.
  24. Swallow, do you play online? If so, I would avoid using that team purely as pace and small agile players with good dribbling are the current meta. I'd keep Lewa and bring in Morelas or Werner. I finished Elite 3 in FUT champs, god bless Mbappe you beautiful bastard. L1 dribbling has been my calling card all weekend, seems that most people just freeze when you keep the ball tight around the edge of the area, keep working it with short semi-circle dribbles, hit open passes when lanes open up or drive towards goal if you've got some pacey players, works a treat!
  25. I sold my 88 rated PL team to buy Mbappe and Griezmann.... And it was totally worth it! Mbappe is ridiculous on this game, he literally just walks through challenges, absolutely meta. Griezmann and his finesse shots are a thing of beauty. The rest of my team is Alisson Meunier - Thiago Silva - Marquinhos - Marcelo Thiago Mendes - Fernandinho - Casemiro Lacazette Mbappe Griezmann Div 4 Rivals, currently 8-3 in WL, I'll play to 14 and call it a day for this weekend, but yeah Mbappe is insane, go sell your souls and buy him! I had Aubameyang and Aguero with KDB in the PL team and I was doing alright but Aubameyang felt incredibly clumsy which seemed to negate his pace somewhat? KDB was fantastic though, banged in 17 in 30 from CAM and about 20 odd assists too, shite stamina mind.
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