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  1. So, uh, how will ps+ and the free games work? Going forward. Will there be ps5 games on offer? Or will they use it to punt out PS4 games and show backwards compatibility?
  2. what did you do!?!
  3. And hang on, I think. I’ll check when I get home
  4. always reminds me of Things to do in Denver when you're Dead...
  5. I burned my demon shirt in the car park at the end of that contract. mind you, I ended the last call on that contract with sheep noises.
  6. and me, but not in Southend. Except for that week of training... Gateway House, yeah? With the Tetris machine in the canteen.
  7. there’s an “Arcade Mode” and dlc for the fella from MediEvil, Arthur from Ghouls n Ghosts, Crash Bandicoot, and assorted PlayStation Characters. Including the bloke from C12. fact.
  8. The additional cost of the drive version will be off set by savings on physical retail price reductions. or picking up games during the ps store sales would make the TCO of a ps5 digital V. Attractive
  9. There’ll be one like that sword in Slaine, where the flesh renders itself asunder, rather than be cut by the blade.
  10. My first playstation, december 30th 1995, was from Comet. We got the £50 extended warranty, and took advantage of it, when they laser mount warped. Comet went out of business.
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