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  1. Anyone want a free ps5 with their £500 t-shirt from GAME?
  2. Xbox.co.UK.. Is oos but Xbox.pl still has some, £12 cheaper?
  3. Microsoft are shifting seriesX, and still had some minutes later go go go.
  4. Quite. especially if your PS Exclusives include PSVR games seriously though, my boneX should see me through until a seriesX price drop/redesign where my PS4pro is in need of a refresh.
  5. On the right like Goldrunner Or on the left, like Jupiter probe? but not on the bottom like Insanity Fight
  6. Scalpers be getting nervous, yo!
  7. Would you like to purchase an extended warranty with your pretend purchase?
  8. About 4am, judging by the alerts being 2hours old at 0600 [edit] yeah
  9. Missed the Argos drop this morning but right now there’s one to collect* at this Argos Address: Unit 3 Brighton Retail Park, Hollingbury, BN1 8LW (* order and pay online)
  10. Even Spectre? Exception that proves the rule, really.
  11. Monaco historique highlights on ITV4
  12. My code wasn’t my own. I don’t know if it’ll impact when/if I’ll get the call.
  13. Something in the magic knight series? i had to look up the games because I only remembered stormbringer, and finders keepers which didn’t have the text system spellbound knightyme
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