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  1. Did I mention I’m 161hrs into AC Valhalla? And have 400 hours clocked in the previous two titles? cmon Ubisoft, gimme more icons. I dare you!
  2. MM3 please, as that’s the version on the og Xbox. Paris and DC! you know, if they DO announce additional bc titles the price of second hand copies will rocket. Currently MM3 is £3… but I guess, as a MS title it’ll be on gamepass/games with gold?
  3. AC Valhalla: 160 hours, lv295
  4. buy a series s console, thus proving allegiance, then you get a hand-delivered note telling you to collect the series X from the local Masonic lodge. but you didn’t hear that from me…
  5. You resurrected the old version of a current thread.
  6. SeanR


    Arsenal gonna arsenal…
  7. Crysis is a confused mess. far cry is a better game. At least fc has a semblance of an open world. Crysis is more like a series of big COD/BF maps C2 gives you powers and forgets to give you an opportunity to use them C3 is everything C2 does dialled up to 11 AND THE GUNS ARE TOO BIG IN THE FOV
  8. Mini is under £40 In places youve never heard of £50 on Amazon
  9. Incomplete set, seems to be some kind of “mile stones” collection but this version has The breyfogle mobile, so I’m happy
  10. what’s the point in being old and responsible if you can’t a few… extravagances?
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