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  1. Comfort films off of NowTV The A-Team 4/5 doesn't do anything wrong, isn't a masterpiece, but is enjoyable, not mindless. Iron Man 5/5 despite being an origin story, and having a weak third act, it's the start of the modern comic book adaption in primary colours. Not grimdark. 2001 5/5 Even now, even fucking now, this fucker holds up to all but the closest scrutiny. Kubrick's distant & cold film making, with the up-close and personal soundtrack. Every sci-film that came after this, moved away from Jules Verne steampunk. It's influence is notable.Check out the in-flight entertainment on the shuttle. But didn't the Dawn of Man use to be longer than 15 minutes?
  2. Do all these posts need insincere Dave JPEGs?
  3. the Red Dwarf special is being filmed in Unreal Engine 4...
  4. Stuart Gordon, Re-Animator director, died.
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