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  1. “Chelsea’s player of the season” etc etc...
  2. SeanR

    Fall Guys

    But then this happened and maybe I don’t understand the rules
  3. SeanR

    Fall Guys

  4. I thought He was asking for £3 back...
  5. how much video do you have to watch to know the answer is “pc, if you spend enough money” every time?
  6. not until someone blinks on price...
  7. he sold the last of his fucks for 4 billion dollars.
  8. How about a LEGO Star Wars holiday special? https://www.empireonline.com/movies/news/a-new-star-wars-holiday-special-is-coming-in-lego-form/
  9. Not for 3 games that I own, apparently https://etim.net.au/smsfm/smsfm.html
  10. SeanR

    Fall Guys

    I tried the sides, it was full of fruit!
  11. Is that fm sound mod worth it. Or should I keep the wife’s master system as is?
  12. 505... are they THQ in disguise?
  13. SeanR

    Fall Guys

    Stupid balls stupid fruit
  14. SeanR

    Fall Guys

    Also can we remember that a “serious” version of this game exists. It’s called Mirrors Edge. that, but with multiplayer
  15. SeanR

    Fall Guys

    or just moved splatoon into this genre, wholesale.
  16. that was a mumble mumble from the script
  17. you think it’ll be ready by June? /american
  18. Once the disc is ripped it’s no longer needed...
  19. an xbox launching without a Halo game? not actually unusual
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