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  1. Are those numbers worldwide or just USA? If its worldwide and includes boxed copies for fallout, then aren't those numbers pretty poor considering Bethesda announced sales of 5 million at the beginning of November. That would mean pc accounted for about 6% of sales.
  2. Oh god, does this mean garnett's going to cry again
  3. I see Shawn Elliot has taken it upon himself to take down EvilGarnett with some rhymes. He seems to be losing though, which is a bit embarrassing
  4. I think the thinking is that apart from having to pay for Xbox live, it is a better service than what the ps3 offers, especially when the ps 3 launched. If you don't have to pay for it, then that coupled with things like the ps 3 coming out later, gaining achievement points etc meant that Xbox live became embedded as the go to place for that particular community.Therefore whenever a multi-platform game was being discussed on podcasts etc, frequently it would be the 360 version.
  5. No, he said that microsoft gave out free xbox live accounts to all journalists. Because they all know each other, this quickly meant they had 40 people on their friends list. Therefore if a gaming journalist was going to be playing something, they'd be more likely to play the 360 version, because all their friends were there. Sounds fair enough.
  6. The Gamers With Jobs podcast is usually a good listen. seems to have some decent guests on it as well. Ken Levine & Jeff Green have both been on a few times and seem to be there just because they like the show rather than to sell something. This week had the lead designer from Civ 4 whose now working on Spore (forget his name).
  7. Chorlton

    Too Human

    The latest Developer Diary for this is up on Xbox Live. Got me really hyped about this. It has some fake documentary as part of it, but I really want to see the next part of it!
  8. Tried this when Factions came out, but for some reason only got to Lvl 8 before giving up. However I've cancelled my Wow subscription and want to get into something else, so am going to give this another bash. Hopefully will get hooked this time.
  9. Had hoped this summer to clear my unfinished games before the q4 releases, however, currently I'm playing Zelda TP, RE4 Wii, Bioshock, FFXII, Okami, Paper Mario Thousand Year Door and Titan Quest. Given there's only about 3 weeks until Halo3 comes out, it's fair to say I've utterly failed. At least I think I've finally managed to shake my Wow addiction, so things should start to move now.
  10. Chorlton


    For those living in Glasgow, I picked this up in GForce on Union St today
  11. Chorlton


    For those living in Glasgow, I picked this up in GForce on Union St today
  12. Just ordered mine. Thanks for this.
  13. Chorlton

    Viva Piñata

    It's a bit shit that you can't have more than 1 game save. One of the reasons I bought this was because my wife loved Animal Crossing, but we can't both have our own games of this.
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