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  1. Space games like X-Wing and Star Wars Arcade (and Frontier as above) seem to lend themselves well to the flat shaded look for some reason.
  2. My first console was a VCS, it lived at my Nans house who was a heavy smoker so a stink of smoke goes hand in hand with these for me. If you figure out how to get the smell out of the rubber joysticks let us know.
  3. Watching with interest, I don’t think I have ever seen one of these in the flesh and I love the PC Engine for its ability to punch well above its technical weight.
  4. I dunno how it will run on the Mister but on my 030/50Mhz A1200 it's still pretty choppy, I think the framerate locks at a certain level like F1GP does. The WHDload version has a "turbo mode" that improves things significantly.
  5. Having recently acquired an AES via this very forum (broken then fixed it), and being aware of the expensive nature of the games since forever, I was still shocked by the prices of some of them. If you want to actually play the games rather than put them on a shelf and show them off to people on the Internet, real hardware is not a sensible way to do it. MVS games to be played via a converter (which generally are by no means hard to come by) are now climbing in price also. When they were actually obtainable for sensible money in the early 2000s I ignored them as I had played most of the games
  6. I looked at this listing two or three times, failed to spot the Nomad and didn't think twice about the weird looking silver thing.
  7. I had the Tiger Double Dragon 2 in the early 90s which was rubbish, and this thing I got around the same time (car boot, probably about a quid) which was great: https://pacman.fandom.com/wiki/PacMan2
  8. Thanks for the offer - I don’t think I would be able to get the chips off and back on without making things rather worse so I think I will look out for a working board. I will also check out the PSU as I haven’t actually tested that properly - games definitely take longer to be recognised than they do on my working Saturn.
  9. I think it’s clear that what people are interested in when it comes to nostalgia varies so much by the person’s age and what they experienced that there is no way you can can create stuff to keep them all happy all of the time. Also I would question whether there are that many tales left to tell in the time period you mention.
  10. Www.amibay.com is the best place to buy and sell Amiga (and other old computer) stuff in my experience.
  11. I would be after the original Plus to install my A1200 into rather than the Mini. I think by "new generation" he means new compared to classic Amiga hardware, e.g. Mister FPGA setups.
  12. I am still tempted to get the new version of this.
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