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  1. Your fullbacks don't even seem to be doing anything at the moment. Can't defend and can't attack.
  2. Imagine if he had spent the last few years playing like he has done recently!
  3. We need to start making anyone watching on proper TV to only post with spoiler tags.
  4. You can say this with any Premier League referee.
  5. Fred, Pogba and Bruno in the middle!
  6. Everyone's sleeping on Villa with their 3 games in hand.
  7. See you all again for the replay next Sunday?
  8. Cmon, he's not that ba... My stream just caught up.
  9. Wait for those long balls from Lindelof for Rashford to run onto
  10. I hate it when they list the lineups in number order
  11. The worst part is that he was reportedly recently offered a testimonial but turned it down as he didn't think anyone would turn up.
  12. That's still 4 free kicks scored out of 7 which is pretty good going.
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