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  1. Good reason to make this season null and void and one that we shall never mention again It will be like Chris Benoit winning the rumble.
  2. spork


    I'm hoping it continues the day after the original ending but they all look 20 years older for no apparent reason. Only Gunther seems to notice this and thinks he is going mad as he probably looks the same as he did during the original run.
  3. Apparently Mctominay, Greenwood, Chong and Gomes are all with the squad for tomorrow and currently no sign of Lingard or Pereira Cant wait to see a fully fit Mctominay, Fred and Bruno midfield.
  4. Carragher on why Man Utd did well not to get him https://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/premier-league/manchester-united/why-man-united-were-right-not-to-sign-erling-braut-haaland-38980182.html
  5. Probably 6th or 13th of March. Season 19 ends on the 1st.
  6. No idea what the new player experience is like now, but you can move around anywhere and train up any skills (with limits on free accounts) so I wouldn't worry too much!
  7. Just bought this. I don't even know what amiibo do in AC.
  8. How can you feel like that when we have Pereira AND Lingard both starting?!
  9. A couple of years to develop in Germany before we buy him using that low minimum release clause that Raiola reportedly insisted on. Then he can be a great impact sub behind Greenwood. Sorted!
  10. My favourite moments where when we had corners and Bailly would do his little twerky dance thing to shield Maguire before the ball is crossed in Next game he'll do something stupid and remind us why he's a bit rubbish.
  11. We were out of our corner after the first game of the season too. Also something something about it only taking Liverpool fans 30 years to crawl out of theirs.
  12. You're just mad because fat Frank just got schooled by Ole. Again.
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