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  1. 15 GAMES UNBEATEN! 11 WINS 4 DRAWS 38 SCORED 4 CONCEDED 11 CLEAN SHEETS Stolen from Reddit hence the enthusiastic use of capitals. 3 of the 4 conceded have also been down to keeper errors too. Solid!
  2. https://www.whoscored.com/Players/346300/Show/Jadon-Sancho https://www.transfermarkt.com/jadon-sancho/profil/spieler/401173 https://smarterscout.com/articles/jadon-sancho-borussia-dortmund-bundesliga-premier-league
  3. He generally plays on the right for Dortmund but I think he can pretty much play either side.
  4. We thought that too. Seemed like a bit of an odd ending Looks like it will have 12 episodes all together!
  5. How long did it take for the games in Germany to start getting good after they started playing again? I haven't watched any of the Bundesliga since it came back but I'm assuming it did actually get better at some point after a bit of a rubbish start?
  6. Look how quickly Norwich can take goal kicks now!
  7. At least we've got 4 players on the pitch we know can take penalties, plus we won't have to see Phil Jones take one.
  8. Does this mean we might have an extra 30 minutes of this?
  9. Season 3 is out today. Are there any decent recaps on Youtube that people would recommend?
  10. Makes me feel like I'm watching Soccer AM.
  11. Are you seeing what actually happened just then? He swiped at the ball with his hand to stop a goal.
  12. Has he scored all three from pretty much inside the six yard box?
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